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volunteer park clean up31. Ecology Walk 
A walk-a-thon that has a twist – pick up trash along the way. Get pledges for each bag of trash you fill up. Award prizes to the top trash collector. 

32. Duct Tape the Principal or the Boss 
Participants pay $1.00 per strip about a yard’s length to tape their principal or boss to a wall. 

33. Dress Down Day 
Apply a charge to staff members who want to participate, but be sure to provide a clothing restriction list. 

34. Enrichment Classes 
Ask adult volunteers who are experts in their field to teach a class in cooking, yoga or dance. Charge participants a small donation to attend.  

35. Fashion Show 
Approach a few retail stores that can provide clothing and accessories that will be shown in exchange for free advertising. Promote the show, charge a fee at the door, and serve refreshments for added sales. 

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36. Floating Affair 
Find an outdoor rafting company to see if the cost of a rafting adventure could be reduced to benefit your organization. All proceeds would benefit charity. 

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37. Flower Sale 
Reach out to nurseries for donations or reduced prices. Set up shop and start selling. 

38. Flowers in Red 
For Valentine’s Day, sell flowers in every shade of red to raise money for your cause. 

39. Funniest Home Movies 
Encourage participants to submit their funniest home movie and compete with others to win prizes. 

40. Golf Tournament 
A well-organized golf tournament can be the most profitable fundraising event you’ll ever do. Period.  SAMPLE 

41. “Guess Who” Baby Photo Contest 
Display baby photos of staff, teachers, and even throw in some celebrities. Those who wish to guess make a donation and those who guess correctly win a prize. 

42. Guest Speaker Seminars 
In every community, there are individuals who stand out for their service and their achievements. Ask these individuals to speak for an hour to help your organization raise money. Sell tickets to anyone who wants to attend. 

43. High Heel Race 
Runners don high heels to be a part of a big race. Charge an entry fee and award the winners. 

44. Hold a Sports Clinic 
Have a high school or college team put on a clinic for young players. It will raise money and bring enthusiasm to their team. 

45. Home Brew Tasting Event
Contact a local brewing group to see if they’re willing to partner together for a sampling fundraiser. 

46. Indie Film Festival 
Have participants enter their own unique productions. Attendees can give a certain amount of money to cast their votes for their favorite films. 

47. International Dinner 
Organize individuals from various ethnic backgrounds to make traditional foods. Charge an admission to an international feast. 

48. iPad Raffle 
This fundraiser is simple and effective. Sell tickets to raffle off one or more iPads. 

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49. Ironman Contest 
This is not the traditional athletic competition, but rather, men ironing the most shirts the fastest. Have audience members pledge money per shirt ironed by a contestant. 

50. Lego Night 
Invite kids and adults to make creations with an assortment of Lego blocks. Charge an admission that covers the cost of food, beverage and supplies. Give prizes to winning creations. 

51. Line Dancing Party 
It’s easy for everyone to participate in a line dance. Hold a line dancing party and charge for tickets. 

52. Long Chain of Paper Clips Competition 
Participants compete to create the longest chain in a given amount of time. Charge an entry fee and award the winners. 

53. Lunch and Learn 
Recruit individuals with a given talent that are willing to share it. Ask them to volunteer during a lunch hour. Charge admission for each class and attendants can eat lunch while they learn something new. 

54. Master Chef Competition 
Contestants create their best dish with a specific ingredient. People pay to taste and cast their votes. 

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55. Mini-Golf Tournament 
Ask a mini-golf course manager to sponsor a tournament to help raise money for your group. If they’re willing to donate the use of the course for free or reduce the cost, it will help your fundraiser to be more profitable.  

56. Mystery Dinner Theatre 
Enlist teen actors and sell tickets. Collect food donations to make the most out of this entertaining “who dunnit” fundraiser. 

57. Noodles & Doodles 
Host a pasta dinner and art auction. In advance, sell tickets to attend. After dinner, hold an artwork auction. 

58. One-Day Vacation 
Choose a popular destination within 2 or 3 hours of your hometown and organize several one-day outings to that location. Sell raffle tickets for a chance to win. 

59. Pancake Breakfast 
It’s not surprising a pancake breakfast is one of the most commonly used fundraisers. It is ideal on a weekend morning and can be held in a large facility with a kitchen and plenty of seating. 

60. Photography Competition 
Charge people to enter. Get a local camera shop to donate a prize and judge the competition, which will be good publicity for them. 

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61. Picture Yourself with a Local Celebrity 
Recruit a local celebrity and charge admission for a meet-and-greet, luncheon, or photo op. 

62. Pitch-a-thon 
Rent a radar gun and measure how fast individuals can throw a baseball. Charge per try and give a prize to the fastest individual. 

63. Plant Trees 
Ask a nursery for seedling donations and get individuals to sponsor a tree.


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