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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a sign up?

Welcome to SignUpGenius! We're glad you're here.

To get started, you'll want to create a SignUpGenius account on our registration page or log into your existing account. From there, click the green Create a Sign Up button.

Our sign up builder will guide you through designing your sign up, setting dates and time slots, choosing preferences or security options, publishing and inviting, in an easy 4-step process.

To see detailed instructions for each step, view our create a sign up guide.

Do I need different accounts for different groups?

No. You can use one SignUpGenius account for all of your personal and professional sign up needs. Many of our users create and/or participate in sign ups related to work, school, church and volunteering all in one account.

So, whether you are creating a sign up related to work or signing up for your child's classroom party or registering for a conference via a sign up, you can do all of these from a single SignUpGenius account.

What if some of my participants don't have email?

Our sign ups can be accessed in a number of ways, but it's important to note that the sign up creator or account administrator can always add/edit/delete people from the sign up. Additionally, group members do not need an account to sign up!

We make it easy for sign up creators to add people to slots before the sign up is even sent out to the group, or add in sign ups later.

How many sign ups can I create in an account?

Up to one billion! Actually, we don't limit the number of sign ups you can create in your account. So, feel free to create as many as you like for potlucks, volunteering events, donations and all other group organizing needs.

Additionally, you can duplicate sign ups if you need to create a sign up that is similar to one that you've created in the past.

How do people find my sign ups?

Once you've created your sign up, you can share it with group members in several ways. Use SignUpGenius' handy messaging tool to email people directly from the website, or copy/paste the URL of the sign up into an email or on a webpage. You can also share your sign up on social media or create your own web button to embed a link on your own website.

For more how-to tips, visit our share your sign up hack.

How much does it cost to collect money?

It's easy and convenient to collect payments directly on your sign up. This is helpful for collecting registration fees, selling tickets or even organizing group gifts!

Sellers can add the option to collect money directly on the sign up slot during the creation process, adding images or buyer discounts if applicable. Transaction fees equal 5% of the purchase plus $0.50 per transaction.

As the group organizer (or "Seller"), you'll have the option to choose whether the buyer or the seller will pay the service fee. Learn more.

Can multiple people manage the same events?

Absolutely! With a paid subscription, you can assign additional administrators to help manage your sign ups. The subscription level you have will determine the number of additional admins you can assign.

Our multiple administrator tool is found in the Tools area of your account. There you can create customized roles with specific permissions for each role type. To learn more about setting up admins and get started, visit our multiple admin how-to.