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Your program is amazing.

When my neighbor lost her son in a tragic accident, we wanted to provide meals, but did not have a way to contact all their different circles of friends. Your program is amazing. I could select an appropriate theme, allow people to sign up just by clicking on a link that we forwarded via email and posted on Facebook, modify the amount of food depending on the date and add additional dates later... People were able to easily contact me and I could easily track the sign-up traffic. This website handled every aspect of this process beautifully.

Ellen Ellis
Walnut Creek, California
What an awesome service...

This is such a great tool. Evite is well known and great, but if you need to coordinate responses as well as volunteers and potluck items, this is the thing. What an awesome service you are providing. I'm in the process of planning a potentially large open-house party to celebrate life with a very sick friend in our neighborhood. Evite could in no way handle what I needed. I'm so grateful to find your service. After only a couple hours of the sign up going live, I was already so relieved I used it!

Jen Niemo
Concord, California

Best tool ever! I am sharing with all my friends. It's our "easy button" for the holidays. Love it!

Devan Allen Tennessee

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Thanks for continuing to improve!

I've been using SignUpGenius for three years and have really valued the way it streamlines the process for recruiting and tracking parent volunteers of swimmers and soccer players. I wanted to thank you for the new option of sending emails to people signed up for specific slots. I needed to do just that today and it really saved time, again! Much faster than sorting emails and creating a "group" just for the message. Thanks for continuing to improve your wonderful tool!

Pamela Smitherman, Volunteer Coordinator
Cincinnati, Ohio
You have saved my sanity.

I just want to thank you for coming up with this SignUpGenius. You have saved my sanity this football season for our carb fest dinner sign up (the evening before game day), concession stand sign up and tailgate sign up. I can add you to my "Favorites" list along with Post It Notes and Sharpies!

Becky Campbell
McCordsville, Indiana

Our feedback was consistent: "The site was so easy to use."

Lisa Spitz Carmel, Indiana

School Organizing Made Easy


What our users are saying

It was very easy to use

I am a teacher... What a great way for me to organize my parent volunteers. It was very easy to use, looked great and has saved me lots of time! Thank you for making such a fabulous resource!

Donna Guzman
Snohomish, Washington
My project has been rainbows and unicorns ever since.

I LOVE you guys! My book fair volunteer effort was the pits — hundreds of emails with tons of overlap and random problems. Then I found you guys and my project has been rainbows and unicorns ever since. No more multi-day long email threads to discuss a two-hour time slot, no more toggling between emails, drives and Excel, no more dealing with people when I have a million other things to do! Thank you for your service to an overworked community of teachers.

Nancy Rountree
North Salt Lake, Utah

I've tried other websites and this by far is the simplest to use with a clean interface.

Michelle Boston Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Business Organizing Made Easy


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Nice privacy settings.

Today was the first day on my sign up sheet and unlike my usual makeup days, everyone showed up! They said they found the site fast and easy to use — no problems from anyone. I also liked the fact that I could assure them that there was no risk in using it. Nice privacy settings. They didn't even see the names of the others signing up and didn't feel obligated to add their email addresses or even last names. Fantastic.

Kandice Kreutner
Kitchener, Ontario
I am a HUGE fan.

I am a second career nurse in northern Virginia at a large teaching hospital where I work on (the) labor unit with 120 fabulous coworkers. The nurses have to "sign up" for eight hours of "call" each schedule of four weeks. After two months of getting the staff prepared mentally for "online call," I'm pleased to say our maiden voyage was a huge success. Peace reigned on the west side where the paper sign up used to be. All 84 nurses signed up within 24 hours — unheard of.

Max Engler
Burke, Virginia

It is really intuitive. I went on the site and got what I needed set up in no time without any instruction.

Shawn Rauhala TripAdvisor, Needham, Massachusetts

Club & Group Organizing Made Easy


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...helps us work more efficiently.

SignUpGenius has made this youth theater director a very happy person! I have utilized this tool so often, and I can't imagine trying to manage our productions without it. We use it for everything from schedules for ushers, ticket takers, backstage volunteers, cast party potlucks — so much! It's helped us keep track of our volunteers and their hours too, which we need to report for our grant applications and to our sponsors. SignUpGenius helps us work more efficiently and make our program look so professional and organized. Thank you so much for creating it!

Kimberly Jongejan
Northglenn, Colorado
More sold in less time.

We are doing more and more (Girl Scout) cookie booths, as they are an easier and safer way to sell cookies — more sold in less time, plus several girls together having fun while selling. Last year, the Brownie troop sold about one-third of their total cookies at booths. This year both troops are selling more via the booths than girls selling directly.

Tracie Dugdell
Raleigh, North Carolina

I love this service. I have scoured the web for a service like this, and I have found nothing that compares in ease and functionality.

Carmel My Council Carmel, New York

Nonprofit Organizing Made Easy


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I was hooked the very first time.

Love, love, love this! Volunteering is my second job to motherhood/womanhood, and I was tired of frustrating efforts to make life a little easier, so when a fellow mom introduced me to SignUpGenius I was hooked the very first time. I want to let the SignUpGenius creators and workers know how grateful I am for this amazing tool. It has increased the joy and decreased the stress!

Anne Johnson
Tokyo, Japan
I can focus on coaching instead of organizing.

SignUpGenius has made organizing and coordinating our (Team in Training) season so much more efficient than before. I simply take the training calendar and create sign up events. It makes it easy to publish our entire training event calendar in one single, accessible place. It removes the administrative burden of tracking and reporting RSVPs. It reduces errors. It encourages participation because everyone can see who else is signed up. I can focus on coaching instead of organizing. I simply cannot imagine coordinating the team training without SignUpGenius.

Art Saffran
Madison, Wisconsin

SignUpGenius is the best thing since sliced bread. It makes organizing volunteers and food assignments a breeze!

Katie Vanhoven Lafayette, California

Church & Temple Organizing Made Easy


What our users are saying

Great job on creating a full-service, easy-to-use product!

I am sorry to say that I created a HUGE sign up for our church's VBS on another group's sign up site. It was cumbersome and difficult to use. It was so hyped in lingo and didn't clearly lay out the necessary steps to get your sign up created and email sent. (Why is it that websites are cloaking things that should be obvious in crazy descriptions?) I created another sign up for our Sunday School classes in a fraction of the time and with a million times more ease!

Holly Coble
Birmingham, Alabama
I literally don't know how this event could be run without SignUpGenius.

Our church hosts a huge one-day food packaging event requiring over 700 volunteers. All of them sign up through SignUpGenius, which allows for a streamlined, nearly flawless check-in experience at event time. I run a report at the last minute to show who signed up on what shift at which table and how many people are coming with them. I also run one that shows the same information in a different format that shows me where any empty spots are that need to be filled in. I literally don't know how this event could be run without SignUpGenius.

Mary Margaret Koch
Memphis, Tennessee

Not only did we get 20% more volunteers than in previous years, the whole process of scheduling, tracking and reporting was so much easier.

Jan C. New Berlin, Wisconsin

College Organizing Made Easy


What our users are saying

An absolutely invaluable tool.

SignUpGenius allowed my student organization and me to recruit and organize over 200 volunteers for a charitable event. We were able to double our volunteer force from last year thanks, in large part, to SignUpGenius. An absolutely invaluable tool that we will continue to use for years to come. Thank you so much for a perfect site and service! The ability to export the volunteers and their information to Excel saved me untold amounts of time.

CJ Quillian, Mississippi State University
Starkville, Mississippi
We can duplicate an old sign up.

Using SignUpGenius we can also keep a tab of how many volunteers we had participate in TEACH modules every year, and we can even organize the data by medical center (location) or date. Also, since we have many events at each location every year, we can duplicate an old sign up and simply adjust the date instead of creating another sign up from scratch!

Michael Shavolian, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
New York City

It's a great system that meets our needs most efficiently, and I plan to use this website in the future for many events."

Kara Boester Illinois

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Olympic Figure Skater
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Olympic silver medalist Paul Wylie trains the next generation of figure skaters, teaching them to get back up when they fall. He simplifies his business with SignUpGenius.


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Christmas in Honduras provides presents for orphans in Honduras who are living in poverty. Volunteer organization is critical to the success of the event.

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SignUpGenius helps Hawk Ridge throw its popular Hawkfest spring carnival, organizing more than a hundred volunteers and raising money for student needs.

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Thousands of volunteers each year help make the Ronald McDonald House of Charlotte a home for families of sick children by baking, cleaning and much more.


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