Group Organizing for Churches and Temples

A Simple Church Management Software

Organize volunteers and events with online sign up sheets and forms for churches.


Empower Weekly Ministry

Minister more effectively with online sign up forms. Recruit volunteers for VBS or organize meals for someone after surgery, a birth or for a family in need. Plan outreach projects and create a sign up for volunteer roles. Online sign ups make it easy to empower people for ministry needs.

Add a Sign Up to Tab Group

Customize sign up confirmation and reminder emails to communicate additional information or instructions.



Organize Worship Service Volunteers

Recruit and manage volunteer service roles. Schedule volunteers for serving in the nursery, ushering, communion, offering, music, sound and coffee shop attendants. Automate reminder texts or emails to shift volunteers.

Capital Campaign sign up show hide dates

Keep sign up opportunities current by automatically hiding past dates and displaying future ones.



Recruit Volunteers for Outreach and Mission Projects

Create a schedule of volunteer service opportunities for your church, small group or Sunday school class. Provide instructions, project location and any other information on the sign up. Our site will automatically send reminders to volunteers.

volunteers iPhone messages

Send text updates or reminders to volunteers with updates about the project.


Features Fit for Ministry

Sign Up Tabbing

Sign Up Tabbing

Combine multiple sign ups into selectable tabs. This consolidates multiple sign ups into one location - allowing participants to select various tabs and to view the sign up opportunities listed.

Additional Admins

Additional Admins

Assign other people their own login to the shared account. Customize each admin's permissions allowing them specified levels of permissions within the account. Give admins full or partial controls on one or more sign ups.

Integrate to Directory

Integrate to Directory

With our integrations, you can export sign up related information to other applications. Additionally, integrate with our family brands Fundly and Membership Toolkit - allowing you to manage sign ups and integrate with fundraising, database and CRM related tools.

Custom Question Fields

Custom Question Fields

Create custom questions that serve as fields for participants to complete on a sign up. Customize the format and answers to meet your needs. Build surveys, forms or registration fields to collect information. Export all collected sign up data to reports.

Helping Others Make an Impact

Activate all our Features to Supercharge Your Sign Ups

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