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Schedule Parent Teacher Conferences Easily

Coordinate school conferences and appointments with simple online sign up sheets.


Schedule Conferences

Create an online sign up in minutes and invite parents to sign up at their convenience. No more hassle with paper sign ups or email exchanges to book your conference times. With online sign ups, parents select from your available time slots and schedule.

Sign Up Locking

Prevent last-minute schedulings or cancellations without notice. Lock slots to prevent last-minute changes to your conference appointment bookings.



Automate Sign Up Communications

With online sign ups, you can set it and forget it! Select the number of days in advance for reminder emails to generate and we'll automatically send conference appointment reminders to parents. Additionally, customize sign up confirmation or reminder emails to provide additional information to your audience after they sign up.

online conferences sign up on iPad confirmation email

Schedule video conferences with parents and provide the link on the sign up or in a customized confirmation email that automatically generates after they sign up.



Secure your Sign Ups

All sign ups are private and only searchable to those who know your email address. Sign ups only display names and comments and do not make any other information collected publicly visible on the sign up. For those needing advanced security, additional features allow you to hide names on the sign up or add an access code so that only those with the code can view the sign up.

Add Features to Boost Sign Ups


Add a professional touch to your sign up by removing advertisements. No more worry about the types of ads showing to parents. With our ad removal feature, parents won't see any ads on your sign up.


Sync all your parent conference sign up appointments to your personal calendar. When someone signs up, the appointment will automatically be added to your personal calendar as well.

Customize Email Notifications

With custom notifications you can communicate additional information, attach files or include a link to a webinar or video conference. These emails are automatically generated to parents in the confirmation email after they sign up or in the reminder email.

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