Genius Hack: Add Links to Sign Ups

If only we could read other people's minds! It would be easy to share the exact location of a video conference or point participants to a site to visit as a part of your meeting or event. Unfortunately, most of us don't have that superpower. But you can add the link to your website or video conference directly on sign ups — making it easy for participants to locate this information.

There are a number of ways to place a link on your sign up and each has its advantages. So, here are a few helpful ways to provide this information to participants.

Paste the Link in the General Details

Get started by creating your sign up. In the Design step, click the pencil icon next to the default description and paste your link in this field.

Once the text editor populates, you can edit your description and even place a hyperlink in the text body. A hyperlink is when the link is embedded into specific text and clickable for directing someone to a website. For example, "click here" could have an underlying link in that text. This is sometimes helpful for a clean look on sign ups — instead of a long URL.

To do this, simply use your cursor to highlight the text you wish to be clickable and select the hyperlink icon. Then, you can paste the URL in the next screen to make your text clickable.

screenshot of adding a hyperlink to sign up descriptionGenius Tip: Another way to keep your sign up looking clean and professional with our Premium feature to remove all advertisements from sign ups.

Paste the Link in the Location Field

If you are hosting a video conference, it makes sense to place the link to the video conference in the location field. Even if your sign up is not a video conference, you can paste any link in that field. This can be done when you are in the Slots tab of the sign up creation steps.

Select the option to Add Dates and then select the appropriate tab along the top for selecting dates or generating recurring dates or times. When entering the dates and times, enter your link in the location field. The link will appear next to each date and time you enter.

screenshot of adding a zoom link to the location field

Enter Link in Custom Confirmation Email

With our Premium features, sign up creators can create custom confirmation and reminder emails. If you'd prefer not to make your video conference link, or any link, visible to everyone, create a custom confirmation email and place the link in the text body. Once someone signs up, the confirmation email will be generated and include your link.

screenshot of email with a link to video conference

Need to send different links to people who have signed up for different slots? You can create email messages and select an option to email specific people on the sign up. This way, you can share different links with participants for different time slots. However, you will need to be a Premium subscriber to include the link in the message body. Don't worry! We have monthly subscription options and you can cancel at any time.

screenshot of selecting custom people to communicate with

Knowing how and where to include a link on your sign up is a game changer. People still might not be able to read your mind, but they'll easily be able to locate the link to your website or video conference. No superpowers needed!

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