4 Ways Your School Needs to Use SignUpGenius

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SignUpGenius helps schools power their organizing with online sign ups. From coordinating events and volunteers to selling spirit wear, sign ups make it easy for people to support their school. If you’re looking for ideas to simplify school operations, check out these four ways that every school should use SignUpGenius.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Online sign ups are an easy way to simplify parent teacher conference sign ups. You can create a sign up with a list of the dates and times available for meetings and send the invite to parents. From there, parents can sign up at their convenience for one of the listed time slots. Our system is able to automatically generate reminder emails to prevent them from forgetting about the meeting. This way, you can “set it and forget it” when it comes to scheduling conferences.

Genius Tip: When adding dates and times, be sure to select the Add Time Slots tab to automatically generate your slots in time increments. That way you don’t have to manually enter all of your times. Check out our tutorial video for additional tips and help.

screenshots of sign up builder - add time slots

Additionally, our sign ups are packed with helpful features for conferences. You can hide names to maintain privacy and use the comment field to have parents enter their child’s name when they sign up.

With our Premium features, you can polish sign ups by removing ads or creating a custom design. The tabbing feature enables you to link sign ups by grade or school so parents of multiple children can sign up for several teachers at once. With Enterprise features, you can create a Portal Page, a single landing page where you can host specific sign ups to share volunteer opportunities.

screenshot of sample elementary school portal page

School Fundraisers (Festivals, Carnivals and Fun Runs)

School fundraising events require a lot of planning and volunteers to help. With online sign ups, you can recruit the help you need by listing all of your volunteer needs and then promoting the sign up. You can even use a sign up to recruit planning committee members to help organize the event. But, the real key is promoting your sign up to power it with volunteer help.

Need to collect money or sell tickets? With our collect money feature, you can sell tickets online without worrying about the hassle of collecting cash or checks from parents. You can even create an event registration sign up and collect necessary information from participants with our custom question feature.

To get started, simply create your sign up and in the Slots tab, create the roles you need volunteers to fill. Then, assign specific times to create shifts. You can also enter parameters for collecting money when entering information about a slot.

Book Fairs

Nothing helps kids discover the joy of reading like a book fair. Even with a Scholastic book fair, there is still a lot of planning and coordination that needs to take place.

You’ll need to start planning early to ensure you have a strategy for successfully executing the event. Be sure to create a sign up with various roles and shifts for volunteers — including setup and takedown of the book fair. This way, you can staff volunteer help before, during and after the event.

screenshot of book fair sign up with locked slots

With the sign up locking feature, you can ensure that volunteers don’t sign up or delete their sign up at the last minute without giving you notice. Need to track volunteer service hours? With our volunteer hours reporting feature, you can create reports that total volunteer hours on sign ups and export the information to Excel.

Classroom Events (Parties, Readers and Helpers)

Need to collect classroom supplies, food for a class party, or volunteers to read books to students? It can be a big task to organize all those classroom events and activities. Fortunately, we make it easy to get the word out about classroom happenings and request volunteers at the same time!

An online sign up allows you to list the event time and date along with a list of supplies that are needed. This way you can manage RSVPs on a sign up or just list the items you need.

With our tabbing feature, you can create all your classroom event sign ups and combine them into selectable tabs — making it easy to plan events without sending numerous invite emails.

screenshot of multiple elementary school sign ups tabbed together

Plan your next classroom event, field trip or activity with an online sign up. You’ll love how easy it is — allowing you to focus on more important tasks instead of constantly emailing and calling parents. There are so many opportunities to organize groups that make a difference for your school!

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