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As a mom, I'm such a huge fan of SignUpGenius! It's one of my can't-live-without websites for navigating school life with my kids, and I think that every mom I know would agree.

Katie Kavulla - Seattle, WA

I have recommended SignUpGenius to many of my friends. The site is really a work saver, and it is going to help to make the world a better place one bake sale at a time. Cheers. 

Tim Riley - Redwood City, CA

SignUpGenius is wonderful. You have no idea how easy you have made my life. Seriously! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Tracy Zoblisein - Acworth, GA

I love SignUpGenius' ease of use and functionality. In just the last few weeks, I have used SignUpGenius to help manage Girl Scout outings, Secret Santa sign up, a potluck and a volunteer opportunity at our preschool. The possibilities are endless. I've tried other sign up websites and find SignUpGenius by far the best fit for my purpose.

Diane Crockett - Arlington County, VA

SignUpGenius is the best tool ever. I am sharing this with all my friends. It's our "easy button" for the holidays. Love it! 

Devan Allen - TN

I love SignUpGenius! I was going crazy managing people for Cub Scouts, Brownies, room parent. ... Thanks for helping to stop the insanity.

Laura Foyle - Gastonbury, CT


Our school started using SignUpGenius last year for parent teacher conferences. This site has saved our teachers and parents so much time, and best of all, it saves paper. SignUpGenius should be the only way to sign up for parent teacher conferences.

Michelle Zaloudek - Enid, OK

We absolutely love SignUpGenius You are saving us hours of phone calls, and I get nothing but great feedback from those who are new to the site.

Inger Latreille - Napa, CA

Recruiting, scheduling, and keeping track of 80 volunteers each month to work in our school cafeteria used to take hours! Sign Up Genius simplifies it all. Our parents like it too because it's easy to sign up with friends and they don't have to wait for me to get back to them to get on the schedule. Thanks you for creating this site! You make my job look easy.

Shari Hartman - Wilmette, IL

SignUpGenius is amazing! I've used it for a few years, but this year we upgraded to (premium), and it has been a game changer for our school! Being able to have that summary page with all the school sign ups together and being able to have multiple admins is well worth the cost of the yearly membership. ... Each time I think of ideas for new features, I find that you are already way ahead of me. Thank you so much for all you do!

St. Joseph's Catholic School - Moorehead, MN

As a PTA president, SignUpGenius has really simplified communicating with volunteers when we need help. It is a great resource for anyone needing an effective communication tool.

Noel Keen - PTA President - Chambersburg, PA

SignUpGenius is one of my favorite websites and is catching like fire at my daughter's school for all the various sign ups. I've tried other websites, and SignUpGenius is by far the simplest to use with a clean interface.

Michelle Boston - Highlands Ranch, CO


Our whole church uses SignUpGenius for various activities, (meals for the sick, committee sign ups, etc.) and I've used it for many other groups of which I'm a member. Thank you so much for this wonderful site! 

Phala Rasmussen - Madison, AL

I feel compelled to let you know how SignUpGenius has literally changed my life — even I can't believe what I said, but it's true! I am involved with scheduling food as well as activities several times a year for church-related business and fun. The amount of time SignUpGenius has saved me is huge. It's very user friendly and intuitive. Thank you.

Carol Tisdale - Austin, TX

Our church hosts a huge one-day food packaging event requiring over 700 volunteers. All of them sign up through SignUpGenius, which allows for a streamlined, nearly flawless check-in experience at event time. I run a report at the last minute to show who signed up on what shift at which table and how many people are coming with them. I also run a separate report that shows me where any empty spots are need to be filled in. I don't know how this event could be run without SignUpGenius.

Mary Margaret Koch - Memphis, TN

I love SignUpGenius and have introduced it to my entire staff here at First United Methodist Church in New Braunfels! I have become much more organized and have saved a lot of paper in the process. Thank you for offering this great site. We plan to use it for years to come! 

Terri Hartman - Youth Director, First UMC - New Braunfels, TX

SignUpGenius is the most outstanding site I have found in my seven years as chairperson of our volunteers. Compared to using paper sign up sheets, there is no match! Not only did we get 20 percent more volunteers than in previous years, but also the whole process of scheduling, tracking and reporting was so much easier. Thank you!

Jan C. - New Berlin, WI


This is my second year using SignUpGenius, and I absolutely love it. I have been in charge of concessions as a cheer mom for many years, and these two years have been by far the easiest. It makes dealing with high school parents much easier.

Teri Burke - Hazel Green, AL

SignUpGenius has saved my sanity this football season for our carb fest dinner sign up, concession stand sign up and tailgate sign up. I can add you to my "Favorites" list along with Post-it Notes and Sharpies!

Becky Campbell - McCordsville, IN

I just had to mention how in love I am with SignUpGenius! I recently volunteered to be the parent coordinator for my daughter's tennis team. I just do not have the time to do everything via phone and email. Oh my gosh, you have made it so easy! Thank you, thank you.

Joyce Gabbert - Burnsville, MN

SignUpGenius has been incredible. Nothing but praise from all of our parents. We have 236 swimmers and nine meets in a six-week period. We managed 706 volunteer slots without an issue with this site. 

Rich Young - Bel Air, MD

I just coordinated a giant rowing event using SignUpGenius. I was able to manage the 142 volunteers quite effortlessly thanks to you all! The event went beautifully. I was able to email the folks I needed to easily, and the reminder email was perfect. Thanks for creating a really wonderful site.

Cam Sutter - Oakland, CA

This was our first year using SignUpGenius to coordinate volunteers for our girls Carmel High School swim team season. We absolutely loved it. It was so easy for volunteers to use and gave our coordinators the tools they needed to effectively manage the 240 volunteers for the multitude of activities throughout the five-month season.

Lisa Spitz - Carmel, IN


I'm a huge fan of SignUpGenius and have been able to accomplish so much with it. It's always quick to load and easy to use. I have used SignupGenius to coordinate hundreds of volunteers, and it's always easy and reliable for both me and them. Thank you for your wonderful product!

Heidi Carson - Cupertino, CA

Love, love, love this program! Volunteering is my second job to motherhood and womanhood, and I was tired of frustrating efforts to make life a little easier. So when a fellow mom introduced me to SignUpGenius, I was hooked the very first time. I want to let the SignUpGenius creators and workers know how grateful I am for this amazing tool. It has increased the joy and decreased the stress!

Anne Johnson - Tokyo, Japan

I just wanted to say thank you to the SignUpGenius team for such a fabulous website. I have been organizing a Christmas giving event at my office for almost 15 years. When I first started, I printed off "angels" and typed in wish lists for each kid and mom to be adopted for Christmas gift. ... Last year, I used SignUpGenius for the first time for my event. It has made a significant impact on organizing this event, saving me hours and hours of time. Plus, it allowed me to easily distribute information about the event. It has taken away much of the stress of coordinating this event, and I am able to reflect more on why I do this rather than stress over the details.

Myra B. - Atlanta, GA

I just love using SignUpGenius. It works so well, especially with the ability to create reports. You guys really know how to put this kind of support site together because I have been looking for a very user-friendly and 'do all' volunteer-hours tracking system. After checking and trying to use eight different ones, yours is definitely the top! The Knights of Columbus Council and our parish are quite impressed with your system! Thanks so much for making my life a lot easier! 

Deb Ramirez - Puyallup, WA

SignUpGenius is the best thing since sliced bread. It makes organizing volunteers and food assignments a breeze! I save so much time not having to make phone calls and follow-up calls, and the email reminder feature is great.

Katie Vanhoven - Lafayette, CA

Just a note to say how much I love SignUpGenius. I'm coaching a team from Team-in-Training that is fundraising and training to ride 100 miles around Lake Tahoe to benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. We have weekly training rides that need volunteer support and a need to get RSVP's from the cyclists so I know who will show up at team rides. Using SignUpGenius, I have ride support volunteers for almost all our rides through early May. This has been like pulling teeth in the past. It was so simple to set up and send out and easy for the volunteers to sign up.

Art Saffran - Madison, WI

Clubs & Groups

Nothing compares to SignUpGenius! I ran a gift-wrapping booth for our high school drama department for one month, and this site saved me hours and hours of time. Previously, it had been coordinated by email and Excel and took forever. SignUpGenius was convenient, efficient and easy to manuever. What a lifesaver! I have recommended it to others, and they have nothing but praise also. Thanks so much.

Lynn Behan - Fort Lauderdale, FL

I love SignUpGenius. I have scoured the web for a service like this, and I have found nothing that compares in ease and functionality.

Carmel My Council - Carmel, NY

This tool is awesome. I have been a volunteer coordinator for the CHS Titan Band for the past three years. It's always been a hassle to scramble for parent volunteers the week of an event, doing everything via email. This year we started using SignUpGenius, and every single one of our events is completely filled. It's so easy to set up and use. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

A Kullenberg - Band Volunteer Coordinator - Frisco, TX

SignUpGenius is an absolute godsend. I have been making sign ups for numerous volunteer events for years, and SignUpGenius has simplified my life tenfold. I just found out about this site through another volunteer organization and have already used it four times for PTA and Cub Scouts. I look like the hero! Everyone loves it. Thanks so much.

Celesta Lewis - Sterling, VA

I love SignUpGenius! I am a Girl Scout leader, and we use this site each month to get parents to sign up to help. We also just started using it for our cookie booths, and it has worked wonderfully. Parents and girls can sign up, check and keep track of when they are working, and because it stays in real time, we dont get any double shifts. Thank you for making my life just a little less stressful.

Erin Sarte - Bally, PA


SignUpGenius has made my work life so much easier! As the training director for a large law firm, I coordinate monthly trainings for different departments and wanted to restrict how many people could sign up and who we wanted to come. This site does it all. Thank you.

Hollie Cummings - Training Director - Little Rock, AR

Today was the first day on my sign up sheet with SignUpGenius, and unlike my usual makeup days, everyone showed up! They said they found the site fast and easy to use — no problems from anyone — which was amazing! I also liked the fact that I could assure them that there was no risk in using it with the nice privacy settings. They didn’t even see the names of the others signing up and didn’t feel obligated to add their email addresses or even last names. Fantastic. Thank you so much! 

Kandice Kreutner - Ontario, Canada

I am a huge fan of SignUpGenius. I am a second career nurse in northern Virginia at a large teaching hospital where I work on the labor unit with 120 fabulous coworkers. The nurses have to sign up for eight hours of "call" each schedule of four weeks. After two months of getting the staff prepared mentally for online call, I'm pleased to say our maiden voyage was a huge success. All 84 nurses signed up within 24 hours, which was unheard of. We usually have to stalk and threaten. Thanks SignUpGenius. I'm a fan forever.

Max Engler - Burke, VA

We use SignUpGenius for a variety of things — trainings, volunteer sheets for almost all our events on property and group interviews for potential team members in the hiring and interviewing process. It is an easy way for us to keep all the sign in sheets electronically in one place for admins to access the account instead of having a paper system.

Abby Brown - Toledo, OH

(Online sign ups are) in high demand from the large companies we work with — Quicken Loans, Nielsen Company, Cox Communications to name a few. Most companies prefer an online method for employees to sign up. It actually increases participation rates and decreases the time our client spends on managing their event and team.

Koko Klipper - Massage by Design

SignUpGenius has been a huge boost for our organization. It allows us to be organized and efficient when scheduling our customers. It also gives us to the opportunity to include our customers in the scheduling process, leading to much better participation. We’ve heard nothing but positives from our customers about SignUpGenius’ easy calendar view and sign up features.

Kevin Cook - Clinton, TN


(SignUpGenius') simplicity, practicality and efficiency is what constantly has us coming back. Using SignUpGenius has allowed us more time to focus on other tasks rather than trying to facilitate scheduling and other factors related to hosting events.

Vicente Sanchez, Stephen F. Austin State University - Nacogdoches, TX

SignUpGenius is a truly fantastic website that has been incredibly useful in helping organize participants for an undergraduate project. It is simple and intuitive to use, and I would certainly recommend it for use in similar projects. 

James Hall - Staffordshire, United Kingdom

SignUpGenius allowed my student organization and me to recruit and organize over 200 volunteers for a charitable event. We were able to double our volunteer force from last year thanks, in large part, to SignUpGenius. An absolutely invaluable tool that we will continue to use for years to come. Thank you so much for a perfect site and service! The ability to export the volunteers and their information to Excel saved me untold amounts of time.

CJ Quillian - Mississippi State University

Using SignUpGenius we can also keep a tab of how many volunteers we had participate in TEACH modules every year, and we can even organize the data by medical center (location) or date. Also, since we have many events at each location every year, we can duplicate an old sign up and simply adjust the date instead of creating another sign up from scratch!

Michael Shavolian, Albert Einstein College of Medicine - New York, NY

SignUpGenius rocks! I use it in a university clinic setting to sign up everything from observations to volunteer time to organizing the department camping and baseball outings. Thank you SignUpGenius.

Cara Boester - Normal, IL

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