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I absolutely LOVE your site. I am a home room mom, prayer coordinator, on the board of a volunteer group, soccer mom, etc. and this makes my life soooo easy. I would gladly pay and can't believe you do this for free. 

Cynthia Morris - Dallas, TX

Used SignUpGenius for the first time. What an awesome tool!! Already looking at other projects where it will make my life so much easier. Thx

Suzanne Colby - Germantown, MD

I felt like I had to thank you for this incredible website.... When my neighbor lost her son in a tragic accident, we wanted to provide meals, but did not have a way to contact all their different circles of friends. Your program is amazing. I could select an appropriate theme, allow people to sign-up just by clicking on a link which we forwarded via e-mail and posted on Facebook, modify the amount of food depending on the date, and add additional dates later. Folks could sign-up for one item or multiple items. People were able to easily contact me and I could easily track the sign-up traffic. This website handled every aspect of this process beautifully. My work schedule doesn't allow a lot of extra time, so your website was instrumental in making the coordination of meals doable. I have only basic computer skills, but could figure out everything I needed to set this up quickly. I don't usually send thank yous like this, but felt compelled since SignUpGenius has been so helpful. Thank you so much.

Ellen Ellis - Walnut Creek, CA

Thank you for the great information in your privacy policy. One of the reasons I have always liked using your site is your commitment to our privacy and it shows in the details you clearly present and link in your policy. Keep up the good work!

Cindy M. - Carlsbad, CA

Best tool ever! I am sharing with all my friends. It's our "easy button" for the holidays! Love it! 

Devan Allen - Tennessee

This is such a great tool! Evite is well-known and great, but if you need to coordinate responses as well as volunteers and potluck items... this is the thing!!! What an awesome service you are providing. I’m in the process of planning a potentially large open-house party to celebrate life with a very sick friend in our neighborhood.... Evite could in no way handle what I needed. I’m so grateful to find your service. After only a couple hours of the sign up going live, I was already so relieved I used it! 

Jen Niemo - Concord, CA


We absolutely love this online signup site. You are saving us hours of phone calls, and I get nothing but great feedback from those that are new to the site.

Inger Latreille - Napa, California

We started using (SignUpGenius) last year for our school fundraiser and other school activities. Volunteerism is up significantly....And it's so much easier to organize too...I like that you're always adding little features that make things more efficient and customizable. Great site and great service.

Terri Topez - Silver Spring, MD

I have always believed that any program or app is only as as good as its customer support. Let's face it, that is one area that is generally lacking, but not so in this case. Your quick response to my emails, positive and thorough communication, and ability to resolve the problem are noted and appreciated. I will highly recommend SignUpGenius to my friends — for use in both professional and personal situations. What a great product you have!

Kim Ferrera - Winchester, CA

I am a teacher... What a great way for me to organize my parent volunteers. It was very easy to use, looked great and has saved me lots of time! Thank you for making such a fabulous resource! 

Donna Guzman - Teacher - Snohomish, Washington

Our school used SignUpGenius this semester to book Parent-Teacher Interviews. The parents loved it, and I, as the administrator of the sign up, found the SignUpGenius interface very easy to work with. The designers did a great job of anticipating the needs of administrators: Whenever we thought we needed something from the system, we found that it was there! 

Scott Inrig - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I am a school counselor and this site has made my job infinitely easier. I can't tell you the many ways that I use Sign Up Genius--every single day....If I knew where you guys were I'd bake you cookies and send them to you!!!

Maureen Becker - School Counselor - Belgium

We are having our first activity period tomorrow! Over 300 kids signed up for clubs and activities the last couple of days, and they LOVED it! Thank you so much for all your help in getting this started. It's hard to believe that I haven't paid a dime for it .... how do y'all do that? All of you have been very helpful!

Annie Cherry - Principal North Caddo Magnet High School - Vivian, LA

I...want to thank you for this site! As a PTA president, this has really simplified communicating with volunteers when we need help.

Noel Keen - PTA President - Chambersburg, PA

I used SignUpGenius for our school book fair, which is a 5-day fund-raising event with multiple tasks covering approximately 30 time slots, which requires dozens of volunteers. Scheduling the volunteers was a thing of BEAUTY because of this website! I can't imagine the agony of sending and receiving all of the e-mails it would have taken to keep up with everyone's availability; SignUpGenius did that for me, providing updates as things changed. I was able to focus on managing other aspects of the event while SignUpGenius took care of the scheduling details, including sending e-mail reminders to the volunteers. I have recommended this website to everyone else in our PTA as well as to our church, and am thrilled to see them getting the same great results for signups both simple and complex. Thank you, SignUpGenius, for this well-designed, FREE service.

Anne-Marie Lofton - Dallas, TX

This tool is awesome. I have been volunteer coordinator for the CHS Titan Band for the past 3 years. It's always been a bear to scramble for parent volunteers the week of an event; doing everything via email. This year we started using SignUpGenius and every single one of our events are completely filled. Its so easy to set up and use. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.  

A Kullenberg - Band Volunteer Coordinator - Frisco, TX

This is one of my favorite websites and is catching like wild fire at my daughter's school for all the various sign-ups. I've tried other websites and this by far is the simplest to use with a clean interface.

Michelle Boston - Highlands Ranch, CO

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! This is awesome. You just made my job so much easier. I LOVE IT! 

Sandy Hartman - Pius X High School

As a mom, I'm such a huge fan of SignUpGenius! It's one of my can't-live-without websites for navigating school life with my kids and I think that every mom I know would agree.

Katie Kavulla - Seattle, WA

Just wanted to let you know what a HUGE time-saver SignUpGenius has been to me in planning numerous classroom parties and school events as well as some personal social gatherings. It's really a great tool, and I so appreciate you making it available for others to use.  

Julie S. - Garland, TX

After using SignUpGenius for our Bookfair and Oktoberfest we received lots of positive feedback from parents saying how easy it was to use. Chairpersons for other committees were anxious to use the sign-ups for their events, and now it’s become routine for us. The parents are used to signing up this way and also appreciate the automatic reminders they receive prior to the event.... I’ve tried other list sharing websites, but your excellent customer service and list features convinced me early on that SignUpGenius was the right choice.

Sherry Dixon - Bucks County, PA

I can't tell you how excited I was when I stumbled upon your site! I serve on the PTO at my sons school which has approximately 300+ staff and part of my responsibility is to coordinate luncheons once a month. Your site will give me the ability to connect with parents on a whole new level and not receive numerous "meatball crock pot dishes". Your name says it all... this is truly genius!!! Thank you soooo much!!! 

Jessica Score - Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Recruiting, scheduling, and keeping track of 80 volunteers each month to work in our school cafeteria used to take hours! Sign Up Genius simplifies it all. Our parents like it too because it's easy to sign up with friends and they don't have to wait for me to get back to them to get on the schedule. Thanks you for creating this site! You make my job look easy.

Shari Hartman - Wilmette, IL


I feel compelled to let you know how SignUp Genius has literally changed my life (can't believe I said that but it's true)! I am involved with scheduling food as well as activities several times a year for church related business and fun. The amount of time Signup Genius has saved me is huge!!! It's very user friendly and intuitive. Thank you!!!!!!!

Carol Tisdale - Austin, Texas

I love SignUpGenius and have introduced it to my entire staff here at First United Methodist Church in New Braunfels! I have become much more organized, and have saved a lot of paper in the process! Thank you for offering this great service and we plan to use it for years to come! Thank you again!! 

Terri Hartman - Youth Director, First UMC - New Braunfels, Texas

Our church hosts a huge one-day food packaging event requiring over 700 volunteers. All of them sign up through SignUpGenius, which allows for a streamlined, nearly flawless check-in experience at event time. I run a report at the last minute to show who signed up on what shift at which table and how many people are coming with them. I also run one that shows the same information in a different format which shows me where any empty spots are that need to be filled in. I literally don't know how this event could be run without SignUpGenius.

Mary Margaret Koch - Memphis, TN

I am in charge of planning meals for our church small group and the annual church picnic. Evite and other organizing sites just couldn't cut the mustard, so we were forced to do everything through multiple emails - what a pain.... I found you a few months ago and our small group LOVES the site - and I do too.... Thank you for making this incredible tool!!

Kendra Riffe - Dallas, TX

I wanted to write you and let you know I love this website. I was so impressed to know you were also from NC and started this to organize church functions. (Yeah!) I work at a church in Raleigh that has a large Children's Ministry and we need a lot of volunteers and we had been organizing them on excel spreadsheets and sending out reminder emails manually, so this is beyond awesome! I can not believe I have not seen this sooner. I am going to use this next fall for my kid's classrooms at school too.

Nikki Greytock - Raleigh, NC

...I cannot really tell you how much easier and more efficient SignUp Genius has made so many things. I work part time at the church, and we have used it for a variety of events. I have also used it as a team mom for several different sports and as a Room Parent. We appreciate the service!

Ingrid Gleason - Springfield, VA

I just posted a Facebook message about how wonderful your website is! Our whole church uses your site for various things (meals for the sick, committee sign ups, etc.) and I've used it for many other groups of which I'm a member. Thank you SO much for your wonderful site!

Phala Rasmussen - Madison, AL

Just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate your site. I love it even more now that I just read the FAQ section...I literally laughed out loud several times. It's nice to see a company with a sense of humor!

I usually shy away from volunteering to organize events because of logistics headaches but this site just eliminates all of that and makes it so easy. Bravo!

N. Cox - Chattanooga, TN

This is the most outstanding site I have found in my seven years as chairperson of our volunteers. Compared to using paper sign up sheets....NO COMPARISON! Not only did we get 20% more volunteers than in previous years, the whole process of scheduling, tracking and reporting was so much easier. Thank you!

Jan C. - New Berlin, WI


I can't tell you how much I love your site! I coach two different swim teams and have hundreds of volunteers needed to run my summer league. This is going to save so many people time! I have spent weeks looking for something just like this, simple yet affective. I look forward to using it over and over!

Renee Nowaske - Swim Team Coach - Plymouth, MI

SignupGenius has been incredible. Nothing but praise from all of our parents. We have 236 swimmers and 9 meets in an 6 week period. We managed 706 volunteer slot without an issue.

Rich Young - Bel Air, MD

I just coordinated a giant rowing event using your site. I was able to manage the 142 volunteers quite effortlessly thanks to you all! The event went beautifully! I was able to email the folks I needed to easily and the reminder email was perfect. Thanks for creating a really wonderful site.

Cam Sutter - Oakland, CA

This is the first time I have used SignUpGenius as a creator and I absolutely love it! I am the team mom of the Churchill Varsity Basketball Team and the Basketball Representative for the Freshman, JV and Varsity teams - a lot of players, a lot of parents. What a fantastic, easy way to communicate with all of them when it comes to signing people up for items and hours. I am telling all of my volunteer friends about your web site!

Cindy Bigley - Basketball Team Mom - San Antonio, Texas

I just set up two snack sign ups for our school's water polo teams. I love how easy it was, how professional they look, and how dynamic the tool is. Now, everyone thinks I'm an Internet genius!

Lee Sichter - Kaneohe, Hawaii

Just dropping you a line to let you know that I have used your site for several different teams this season. One group had never seen it before and thought *I* was a genius for introducing it. So, thanks! 

Andrea Blakemore - Falls Church, VA

This season, I reluctantly undertook the role as "Softball Mom" and was tasked with recruiting parents for concessions and gate duty for home games as well as refreshments for all games. It was so great to set up the entire schedule on SignUpGenius, along with what positions were needed for each game, and just let everyone sign up on their own. With all the different reports, I was able to see right away who was bringing what, what we needed, who hadn't signed up, etc. It was so easy, and everyone was so impressed with the site! I love that I can print out a sign up sheet for those not internet savvy and add them in myself! You've really thought of everything!

Lisa Schneider - Softball Team Mom - Collierville, TN

We are a team of 125 swimmers and ask parents to do 5 jobs each season. This season we went "Green" by using SignUpGenius. The site helped us streamline our volunteer sign ups and saved us so much paperwork!

SignUpGenius allowed us to manage and track volunteer commitments, create sign ups for each swim meet, to have parents sign up online, allowed them to edit and change their jobs if their schedule changed and sent reminder emails to all parents before their events.

We would highly recommend this site to all swim teams.

Lauren Mannella - Gaithersburg, MD

This was our first year using SignUpGenius to coordinate volunteers for our...swim team season. We absolutely loved it. It was so easy for volunteers to use and gave our coordinators the tools they needed to effectively manage the 240 volunteers for the multitude of activities throughout the 5 month season.

Lisa Spitz - Carmel, IN

I just had to tell you how in love I am with SignUpGenius! I recently volunteered to be the parent coordinator for my daughter's tennis team. I just do not have the time to do everything via phone & e-mail. Oh my gosh, you have made it so easy! Thank you, thank you!

Joyce Gabbert - Burnsville, MN


Your staff is always super helpful and responsive and we have no idea how we could ever live without Sign Up Genius! We use another software for some things called Planning Center Online and it's great, but very complicated and our volunteers can never figure it out. So our staff has to run it. We have 3 locations and they can all use SUG. It's a pretty awesome program."

Deborah Robitaille - Charkston, Michigan

Love, LOVE, LOVE this program!!! Volunteering is my second job to motherhood/womanhood and I was TIRED of frustrating efforts to make life a little easier so when a fellow mom introduced me to SignUpGenius I was hooked the very first time! I want to let the SignUpGenius creators and workers know how grateful I am for this amazing tool. It has increased the joy and decreased the stress!!!
Anne Johnson - Tokyo, Japan

The Maple Grove Fire Department has several functions each year that require the coordination of our volunteer firefighters. The SignUpGenius system makes that so convenient to our firefighters. They all have full-time jobs and the fire department is something they do for their community. It is so nice to be able to send a group email to them announcing signup sheets for our events. This allows delivery to everyone at the same time and eliminates having multiple paper trails to have to reconcile.

We are extremely grateful for this miracle of electronic scheduling. Nearly all of our firefighters have access to the internet and this allows them to sign up without having to remember to go up to the station and do a whole bunch of coordinating among themselves.

We are huge fans of SignUpGenius!

Tim Bush - Assistant Fire Chief - Maple Grove, MN

What a great tool! I am the co-founder of a dog shelter and learning center and this makes life so much easier! I will tell everyone I know about it.

Renee Harlor - Brownsburg, IN

I am overwhelmed with how incredibly nifty is! THANK YOU!

What a relief from exploding "reply all" inboxes, volunteers double booking slots, boring sign-up email pitches, complicated paper compilation of replies, reminder management and oversights, forgetfullness of sign-ups, contact information disconnect (emails and names don't match at all), paper sign-up form generation headache, personal calendar management, etc. I could go on and on.

Thank you, again!

Kim Bishop - Seattle, WA

Signupgenius is the best thing since sliced bread. It makes organizing volunteers and food assignments a breeze!  I save so much time not having to make phone calls and follow-up calls (the email reminder feature is great!). 

Katie Vanhoven - Lafayette, CA

This is the best free tool of its kind that I've come across on the internet. It is highly versatile and much more robust than any of the other tools that I have used. I manage groups and projects and this offers the ease of use for "non-technical types", thus making it a viable substitute for manual spreadsheets loaded from a zillion email responses. A huge timesaver!

Angela Newton - Peachtree City, GA

I have recommended you to many of my friends. Your site is really a work saver and it is going to help to make the world a better place one bake sale at a time. Cheers

Tim Riley - Redwood City, CA

Clubs & Groups

As a highly organized person, I cannot say enough about the efficiency SignUp Genius provides. Gone are the days of my phone, tablet and computer constantly buzzing with e-mails from people who want to sign up for whatever I'm in charge of. No more duplicate items or deciding who responded first to bring the juice boxes. No more reminders to myself to remind other people of the obligations they signed up for. No more entering of e-mail groups for tons of different functions. The amount of time saved by your site is incredible! People say they want more hours in a day, to that I say - USE SIGNUP GENIUS!

Amy Siepp - Lynchburg, VA

Nothing Compares! I ran a gift wrapping booth for our high school drama department for one month and this site saved me hours and hours of time....This was convenient, efficient and easy to manuever. What a lifesaver!!! I have recommended it to others and they have nothing but praise also!

Lynn Behan - Fort Lauderdale, FL

I love SignUpGenius' ease of use and functionality. In just the last few weeks I have used SignUpGenius to help manage Girl Scout outings, Secret Santa sign-up, a potluck, and a volunteer opportunity at our preschool. The possibilities are endless.... I've tried other sign-up websites and find yours by far the best fit for my purpose.

Diane Crockett - Arlington County, VA

SignUpGenius has revolutionized my communication with my troop parents. We can all see at a glance where the "holes" are, and who is doing more than their fair share. It even lets me "target" my reminders to people who have, or have not signed up, so I don't spend everyone's time and patience repeating myself. It takes a lot of the nagging and begging right out of my job, I love that! It really helps all of us (kids and parents) work together more smoothly as a team. And isn't that what Scouting is about? 

Carlyn Pfeuffer - Girl Scout Leader - Southwest, TX

This tool is an absolute godsend. I have been doing sign ups for numerous volunteer events for years and this has simplified my life tenfold. I just found out about this through another volunteer organization and have already used it four times for PTA and Cub Scouts. I look like the hero! Everyone loves it. Thanks so much!!!

Celesta Lewis - Sterling, VA

....I received nothing but great feedback from our club members complimenting me on how efficient and easy to use the site is! It has made my task much easier. It is great!!

Rob Dick - Newport News, VA

I love your site! I was going crazy managing (nagging, mindreading) people for cub scouts, brownies, room parent, CCD, and default coaches-wife multi-sport snack duty. Thanks for helping to stop the insanity!

Laura Foyle - Gastonbury, CT

SignUpGenius has made this youth theatre director a VERY happy person! I have utilized this tool so often, I can't imagine trying to manage our productions without it. We use it for everything from schedules for ushers, ticket takers, backstage volunteers, cast party potlucks... so much! It's helped us keep track of our volunteers and their hours too - which we need to report for our grant applications and to our sponsors.

We also use it a lot at my children's school too. It's so helpful - what a coordinator's treasure... and secret weapon.

Sign up Genius helps us work more efficiently and make our program look so professional and organized. Thank you so much for creating it!!! We <3 you.

Kimberly Jongejan - Theatre Director - Northglenn, CO

I love this service. I have scoured the web for a service like this, and I have found nothing that compares in ease and functionality.

Carmel My Council - Carmel, NY


This site has made my work life so much easier! As the training director for a large law firm we hold monthly trainings for different departments and wanted to restrict how many people could sign up and who we wanted to come and this site does it all! Thank you!

Hollie Cummings - Training Director - Little Rock, AK

Today was the first day on my signup sheet and unlike my usual makeup days, everyone showed up! They said they found the site fast and easy to use – no problems from anyone – amazing! I also liked the fact that I could assure them that there was no risk in using it. Nice privacy settings. They didn’t even see the names of the others signing up and didn’t feel obligated to add their email addresses (unless they wanted reminders – and I was happy to see that some did… LOL) or even last names. Fantastic. Thank you…so much!

Kandice Kreutner - Kitchener, Ontario

I am a HUGE fan. I am a second career nurse in northern Virginia at a large teaching hospital where I work on (the) labor unit with 120 fabulous coworkers. The nurses have to "sign up" for 8 hours of "call" each schedule of 4 weeks. After 2 months of getting the staff prepared mentally for "online call" I'm pleased to say our maiden voyage was a huge success... peace reigned on the west side where the paper sign up used to be. All 84 nurses signed up within 24 hours - unheard of - we usually have to stalk and threaten. Thanks SUG. I'm a fan forever.

Max Engler - Burke, VA


SignUpGenius ROCKS!!! I use it in a University clinic setting to sign up everything from observations, to volunteer time to organizing the dept camping and baseball outings. Thank you SignUpGenius!!

Kara Boester - Illinois

Sign Up Genius is a truly fantastic website that has been incredibly useful in helping to organise participants for an undergraduate project. It is simple and intuitive to use and I would certainly recommend it for use in similar projects.

James Hall - Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, United Kingdom

SignUpGenius allowed my student organization and me to recruit and organize over 200 volunteers for a charitable event. We were able to double our volunteer force from last year thanks, in large part, to SignUpGenius. An absolutely invaluable tool that we will continue to use for years to come. Thank you so much for a perfect site and service! The ability to export the volunteers and their information to Excel saved me untold amounts of time.

CJ Quillian - Mississippi State University

I recommended SignUpGenius to my wife, an event planner for Madison College and she is going to use it. You have saved me so much time and stress! It's fantastic! Thank you!

Art S. - Madison, WI

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