Make the Most of Your Summer with These Ideas

Summer is a special time to relax with family and friends and plan fun activities to fill your schedule. From backyard cookouts to pool parties, it's easy to get your group together to make new memories. So, pull up a lawn chair and check out these tips and ideas to help you beat the heat and make this your best summer yet.

Have fun and relax

  • Start dreaming about summer and create a bucket list of the things you want to accomplish this season. At the top of our list: Plan a summer getaway.
  • Throw a block party! Nothing says summer like an outdoor event that brings friends and neighbors together. Genius Tip: Try some of these 20 outdoor games for your backyard party to boost the fun.
  • Organize a backyard movie night and break out the popcorn and snacks to make the event feel extra festive. Genius Tip: Play one of these 35 movies that are perfect to watch over summer vacation!
  • Host a backyard BBQ! Get started with these tips and ask friends to bring items for some of these 30 best cookout foods to make your meal a hit.
  • Have a pool day! Let the kids try these 20 fun swimming games while you soak up the summer sun!

Get out and explore

  • Plan a road trip to a fun destination. Be sure to try some of these 20 car games or 30 road trip trivia questions to quickly pass the time.
  • Plan a staycation and find all of the incredible possibilities in your own town. It will feel like you've ventured out without the long travel time and expenses.
  • Go to Disney World! A visit to Disney is sure to make your summer a memorable one. Be sure to check out these 50 Disney trivia questions to help keep kids of all ages entertained while you travel to your magical destination.
  • Plan a camp out in the backyard with these helpful tips and ideas! Build a fire, make smore's and play a few of these campfire games to keep the fun going!

Keep the kids entertained

With these tips and ideas to organize summertime events, you'll be ready for the best season ever. Grab your sunglasses and get started today!

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