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5 Popular Ways to Collect Payments on Sign Ups

Planning events for groups can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to collecting payments. Between monitoring different money transfer platforms, juggling deadlines, and keeping track of who sent what, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Fortunately, our collect money feature streamlines the process, making it easier for different types of organizations to manage registrations and fees efficiently. Whether you're organizing events for schools, planning a gala for your nonprofit, or planning family gatherings, sign ups have you covered.  


Schools frequently host events such as fundraisers, carnivals, and field trips that require collecting payments. Our payment feature provides a simple way to collect money for various activities, so participants can sign up and pay in one place. For example, a school hosting a fall festival can create slots for parents to purchase tickets for rides, games, and merchandise online. This eliminates the hassle of handling cash payments on-site and provides a convenient way for attendees to secure their spots in advance.


Nonprofit organizations support their causes and initiatives with fundraising events such as auctions, gala dinners and 5K races. Sign ups streamline the busy work of planning and offer an easy-to-use payment solution to process donations, ticket sales and more. A nonprofit organizing a 5K fundraiser can create a sign up where participants can register for the race and pay for their entry fee, including additional donations if desired. Now, you can focus on making your event a success and let sign ups handle the rest! 


Businesses often host workshops, training sessions, and networking events that require attendees to register and pay for admission. With our payment collection tool, businesses can create customized sign ups to streamline the registration and payment process. For example, a marketing agency hosting a social media workshop can create a sign up where participants can register for the event and pay online. This eliminates the need for manual payment processing and provides attendees with a convenient way to secure their spots. 

Groups and clubs 

Dance teams, sports clubs, and other serious hobbyists often organize events and activities that require collecting dues or fees from members. With SignUpGenius, you can quickly and securely collect payments for any need. For instance, a soccer team can create a sign up where players can register for the upcoming season and pay their registration fees online. A dance team may need to create a sign up for their winter recital, allowing guests to buy tickets and purchase flowers. This eliminates the need for paper forms and manual payment collection, making the registration process more efficient for both organizers and participants.  

Family gatherings 

Family events, such as reunions, holiday parties, and vacations, can be lots of fun and a great way to build lasting memories. However, planning family gatherings often involves coordinating expenses among multiple family members. Instead of figuring out who still needs to pay, finding their number, reaching out, and repeating - sign ups make it easy to collect contributions for shared expenses and activities. For example, a family planning a vacation can create a sign up where family members can indicate their participation in various activities (excursions, dining reservations) and contribute their share of the expenses. This helps avoid misunderstandings about costs and ensures that everyone pays their fair share upfront. 

From ticket sales to donations, payments fuel the success of many events, so adopting a seamless system is essential to avoid chaos. With SignUpGenius, you never have to stress about handling cash or chasing people for payments. Enjoy your hard work and rest easy knowing your sign up is taking care of the rest.  

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