40 New Hobbies to Try

Discovering a new hobby is a wonderful way to connect with others, relieve stress and improve health. Whether your idea of fun is being in nature, creating something beautiful, making a difference, or something in between – check out these ideas for inspiration. Go solo or invite a group to join you with an online sign up form!

There is no right or wrong way to try something new, you just have to get started. What are you waiting for?

  1. Run/Walk Club- Grab your best pals, find a nearby park or greenspace, lace up your shoes and get moving.
  2. Puzzles - Keep your mind and hands busy and see how quickly you can put together a colorful jigsaw puzzle. Make new friends at local puzzle swaps.
  3. Container Gardening - Dig in the dirt and boost your mood! Fill colorful pots with soil and plant vegetables, herbs and flowers. Place the pots on your deck, windowsill, or any place you need a little green. 
  4. Crochet - All you need to get started is a crochet hook and yarn. Find a starter kit online or at a craft store and make beautiful works of art you can share. 
  5. Supper Club - Bring friends and food together with a monthly supper club. Take turns selecting different restaurants and dig in.
  6. Hiking - Enjoy time alone in nature or find like-minded outdoor enthusiasts at your church, community center, or outdoor stores. Don’t know where to start? Create your own group! Start with easy trails then challenge yourself to take on the big one.  
  7. Writing - Carve out 30 minutes a day to write and stick to it. Keep a journal, write your memoirs, pen letters to friends and family, or use a guide with writing prompts. 
  8. Beekeeping - This buzz worthy hobby isn’t as intimidating as it seems. Order a basic kit to start and watch online how-to videos or join a local beekeeping group. Impress your friends with fresh honey and beeswax from the backyard!
  9. Paint by Number - Put brush to canvas and feel the stress melt away. A paint by number set is an easy way to get started. Order one online or visit a hobby store.
  10. Reading - Tackle nonfiction, historical novels, the classics or go around the world with authors from different countries. Keep a list of the books you’ve finished and chart your progress. Don’t want to go it alone? Start a book club.
  11. Calligraphy - Whether you prefer Copperplate, Italic or Neuland (or have no idea what any of that means), you are only a few lessons away from creating elegant homemade cards and gifts.
  12. Learn a Musical Instrument - Pick up where you left off in high school or try mastering something completely different. Take private lessons or join a class and make wonderful music together. 
  13. Photography - Smartphones and photography apps make it easy to go from amateur shutterbug to seasoned professional. Select a different subject each week and share your work with friends. 
  14. Learn a New Language - Sign up for an online course, take a class in person, listen to foreign language podcasts or meet up with a group to practice real life conversations. Reward yourself with a trip to show off what you’ve learned. 
  15. Blogging - Sharing stories, knowledge and experiences via an online platform is easier than ever. Start by researching blogs you enjoy reading, narrow down your topic and start typing. 
  16. Magic Tricks - Amuse and delight guests at your next party with a complicated card trick or disappearing coin! Study online tutorials then practice, practice, practice. As you master one skill, try another. 
  17. Canning - It’s fun, delicious and economical. Create new and tasty ways to make the season’s bounty last all year long.
  18. Baking Bread - Be healthy, save money, wow friends and make your home smell amazing. Try a starter kit then get to work creating a signature “starter.” 
  19. Charcuterie Boards - Perfect for an impressive appetizer spread or creative weeknight dinner, the only limit is your imagination. Take pictures of your edible creations and note your favorite items. Ask friends to join you for a charcuterie party. Yum!
  20. Bird Watching - Purchase a birding book or download an app to easily identify winged creatures. Head outdoors with binoculars or place a few bird feeders outside your window and see who comes to visit. 

  1. Genealogy - Dive into family history and learn about the colorful characters that make you “you.” Start with an online ancestry program or take a trip to the local library and see where the trail leads. 
  2. Volunteering - Foster shelter dogs, build homes, tutor school children or teach a class at the community center. Invite people to be part of your good deeds.
  3. Dancing - Shake your tailfeather for the ultimate serotonin rush. Take dance lessons, learn different styles, or work out and sweat to your favorite tunes. 
  4. Geocaching - It’s simple, free and fun! Download the geocaching app, pin your location and set off to find the cache. Perfect as a solo activity or challenge family or friends to see who can find the prize first.  
  5. Collectables - What’s better than one item you love? An entire collection! Scour garage sales, social media sites and vintage stores and add to your stamp, coin, stuffed animal, watch or salt and pepper shaker collection. 
  6. Disc Golf - All you need is a frisbee, sneakers and a disc golf course to participate in this healthy and budget-friendly hobby. As you improve, take day trips to try new courses. 
  7. Star Gazing – Make nighttime the right time! Learn the stories behind the constellations, chart the evening sky and note the phases of the moon.
  8. Origami - Who knew folding small pieces of colorful paper could be so relaxing? Put your mind at ease and create birds, animals, flowers and delightful works of art. 
  9. Scrapbooking - Start small by organizing family photos and memorabilia then graduate to beautiful albums to share with family and friends. 
  10. Thrifting - What’s old is new again. Visit second hand and vintage-themed stores and add one-of-a-kind pieces to your wardrobe or upcycle clothing and other items as a side hustle. Find fellow thrifters and make it a party!
  11. Butterfly Gardening - No matter how big or small your outdoor space, creating a habitat for these beautifully painted creatures is worth the effort. Head to your local nursery for large plants for the yard or potted flowers for the deck.
  12. Family Cookbook - Collect treasured family recipes and organize them in a print or electronic cookbook to share. Include a family tree as well as quotes and stories from the contributors. 
  13. Couponing - IYKYK (If you know, you know.) Explore the world of couponing and see how much money you save on groceries, entertainment and items for your home. There are tons of online (and IRL) clubs and resources where enthusiasts share tips and tricks.
  14. Fun and Games - Become the master of beloved board game favorites like checkers, chess, Clue, Chutes and Ladders and more. Invite others to play and host game nights in your home or at a local coffee shop or brewery. 
  15. Postcard Collecting - Go on a virtual road trip every day of the year. Start by visiting antique and collectable stores and see how long it takes to find one postcard from every state. 
  16. Hollywood/Sports Memorabilia - Search for posters, pictures and interviews from your favorite movies or sports teams and start building an enviable collection of memorabilia. 
  17. Camping - Spending time outdoors is a fantastic way to slow down and connect with nature. As you improve your tent savvy, fireside cooking skills and ghost stories, travel to campgrounds across the country and have a big adventure whenever the mood strikes.
  18. Life Skills - Make a list of tasks you want to learn how to do and tackle them one by one. These could include how to change a tire, sew on a button, make (and live) within a budget, update your will, etc. 
  19. Meditation - Truly relax your mind and study the art and science behind this ancient practice. Five minutes or an hour, explore what works best for you and reap the benefits of reduced stress and increased focus.
  20. Mixology - Impress friends and family with innovative cocktails (and mocktails). Experiment with a variety of herbs and spices, fruits and unique presentations. Start with the basics then work towards creating signature concoctions. 
Choose activities that are most appealing or start at the top of the list and work your way through. Make a hobby of trying all 40 hobbies or stick to one or two you really enjoy. Let’s go!

Courtney McLaughlin is a freelance writer in Charlotte, N.C. She gratefully shares her life, home and heart with her daughter and their dog.