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Create an Account
1. Create an Account

Set up a seller account and enable it to collect money through our quick process.

Create Sign Ups
2. Create Sign Ups

Build a sign up with our step-by-step wizard to sell event tickets and collect money. Payments can be optional or required.

Collect Money
3. Collect Money

Buyers can pay for items with a credit card or debit card. The money will be deposited into the seller's bank account.

Fees and the Fine Print

  • Buyers do not need to create a SignUpGenius account to make a purchase.
  • Fees equal 5% of the purchase plus $0.50 per transaction.
  • The seller decides whether fees are paid by the buyer or seller.
  • Sellers can add images to sign up slots for product sales.
  • Sellers can set up buyer discounts based on the date or quantity purchased.

Don't just take our word for it

Learn how the Akins High School band took advantage of its largest fundraising partnership opportunity ever and raised $70,000 and coordinated hundreds of volunteers. "The site has eliminated the numerous emails that used to drive us all crazy," said band parent Elisa Delph-Barnes. "With this system, there is no confusion and it gets right to the point."

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