4 Ways to Make Halloween Extra Thrilling

When the leaves begin to change and the breeze turns chilly, it's a warning that spooky season is near. This Halloween, prepare to make your mark as a true ghoul by hosting a few events, whether they're downright eerie or frighteningly fun. From extravagant costumes to treats with a twist, Halloween brings out the creativity in everyone.

During the month of October, you can organize activities that summon even more excitement for Halloween. Just check out these four ways to make this year's holiday extra thrilling!

Haunt your neighborhood

Fall weather and plenty of inspiration for spooky events make October the perfect time for gathering with neighbors. It's easy to break the ice with Halloween jokes and host a few family-friendly activities. You can turn your street into an otherworldly neighborhood by setting up a 'scary' scavenger hunt or make a haunted forest out of your backyard.

Get volunteers to act as guides (or monsters) by creating a sign up. If you're inviting guests outside the neighborhood, attach a map so everyone can know exactly where the fun is. Make sure you choose a Halloween theme to make your sign up even more wicked!

Bring a spooky spirit into school

Bringing Halloween to school can be tricky, especially when creepy costumes tend to be a big distraction. Luckily, there are other ways to make the holiday fun. PTA members can throw a 'Fright Night', where students can gather in the gym to play school appropriate games and enjoy themed snacks. Get creative with naming dishes, you can serve haunt dogs with baked zom-beans!

If you're in the classroom, see who's scary smart by holding a Halloween themed trivia competition. Parents can volunteer to bring in party snacks for a small celebration after the winner is announced. Coordinate who's bringing what by sending out a sign up through email the week before, or by adding it to your school's portal page.

Have fangtastic fun with family and friends

One of the best parts of Halloween is having every reason to be silly. Finding ways to have fun with your loved ones is easy, and you don't even have to leave the house! Invite your friends over for a costume contest where the kids are the judges, and the winner gets year-long bragging rights. Or plan a night to gather your favorite ghosts and goblins for an adults-only Halloween party.

Planning a killer event doesn't have to be complex. Make sure you know how many people are coming by requesting RSVPs with a sign up. Need partygoers to bring an item for entry? Just include a custom question. If you have a few friends who are notoriously late, set up custom reminders so you aren't waiting on sodas all night!

Make your co-workers say boo

Even at the busiest offices, you can make time to add some frightening fun to your workday. Host an after-hours office party, bring in treats everyone can enjoy, or encourage everyone to wear costumes and vote for the best. Remote teams can join in and send pictures of their costumes, or you can challenge them to see who has the spookiest workspace decorations.

Whatever you choose to do, remember that it should be easy for everyone to participate and be certain to spread the word early. Generate a QR code for your sign up and print it out, then post it in a common area so your co-workers can scan it at any time. Before you know it, the whole office will be caught in your web.

All of these activities are sure to send a tingle up your spine, and getting started is a no-brainer! With sign ups in your cauldron, you can brew a magically good time.

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