4 Signs You've Outgrown a Free SignUpGenius Plan

Are you finding yourself creating more and more sign ups? Is your volunteer base expanding? Have you been searching for new ways to manage your sign ups? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might've outgrown your free SignUpGenius plan.     

SignUpGenius is a powerful platform that enables you to create sign ups, organize events, and coordinate activities with ease. And while we do offer a free version that provides basic features and functionality, as your needs grow and evolve, you may find that the free plan is no longer sufficient.  

See if you recognize these four signs that you have outgrown a free SignUpGenius account and need more organizing power! 

1. More messaging options 

More sign ups and participants mean you're sending more invites and messages. A free SignUpGenius plan provides only 1,000 messages each month. Every invite, reminder, and message you send to your group counts towards that amount, so it's easy to quickly reach that monthly limit. 

If you find you're reaching the message maximum each month on your free account, it's likely a sign you need to upgrade to a SignUpGenius premium subscription. Each subscription level offers additional messages each month to allow you to send as many invites, reminders, and general messages to your group as you need.  

Want to send emails and text messages to your group? SignUpGenius premium plans also offer text messaging! Participants can easily opt-in to receive new messages about your event via text.  

Upgrading to a premium plan gives you more messaging options so you can truly set and forget your sign ups. 

2. Automated sign up settings  

If you are managing hundreds - or even thousands - of participants on your sign ups, it might be time to upgrade to a premium plan. Your free plan is suitable for small groups and events where it's easy to manually keep track of sign ups and participants. But if you're organizing larger events or have a growing community, you will need a plan that offers automated features to simplify sign up management. 

Premium plans offer more features to streamline your organizing such as Start and Stop Dates and Sign Up Locking. These features are perfect for sign ups where slots are limited or in high demand. With Start and Stop Dates, you can set your sign up to automatically open or close at a specific date and time. Sign Up Locking prevents participants from signing up, editing, or deleting their slot, so you can more easily keep track of participants and sign ups.  

Another way to automate your sign ups is by using the Hide Past/Future Dates feature. If your event has recurring dates or a long list of time slots, this feature helps you show participants only the most relevant opportunities. The best part? You can set this feature to hide slots a specific number of days in the past or future, so you never have to worry about manually adjusting what participants can see day to day. 

3. Limited customization options 

When you organize more complex events, you'll likely find you need more customizable features in your sign ups. With the free plan, you are limited to the basic design templates that can be customized to some extent, including adding your own images. However, these themes have less options for branding and custom designs. With a premium subscription, you can get access to hundreds of exclusive sign up themes in addition to themes offered with the free plan. Some subscription plans offer robust customization of your sign up theme design, including 12 layout options with multiple image designs, fully customizable color schemes, and the ability to upload your own images or logo. This means your sign ups can completely align with the branding of your event or organization.  

A premium plan will provide you with more advanced customization options so your sign up can reflect your branding and design preferences. 

4. Need for multiple administrators 

When every team member is managing their own sign ups for the same event, things can get disorganized - fast. This means it's time to leverage the multiple administrators feature included with a premium plan.  

With the free plan, the only person who can access the account is you, the account owner. This can be restrictive if you have multiple organizers or team members managing different aspects of your event or group. 

The number of administrators who can have access to the account varies with different levels of premium plans. You can customize the roles and permissions for your administrators, allowing admins to create and manage sign ups and groups, view reports or just monitor sign up slots.  

With the ability to add multiple administrators to your account, you can easily collaborate with your team and share planning responsibilities for your event. 

Upgrading to a premium plan is easy! See which advanced features work best for your needs on our pricing page.  

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