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5 Ways Sign Ups Help Nonprofits

Nonprofit leaders enact change in local communities and the world, inspiring people to support their cause and serve others. Many nonprofits make a big impact with limited budgets, challenging their teams to make the most of their resources. Smart organizing tools help nonprofits streamline their work so they can focus on making a difference. 

Nonprofits use online sign ups to simplify volunteer and event organizing by reducing administrative tasks, such as updating schedules and sending reminders. Sign ups make it easy to bring people together for everything from interviews to service projects - giving nonprofits more time to spend where it matters most.

Here are five ways sign ups help nonprofits accomplish more and grow their mission. 

Recruit volunteers  

Cultivating a strong group of volunteers is essential to a nonprofit's success. Volunteers are the lifeblood of most nonprofits, leading the board and helping with needs such as administrative work, construction projects and mentorship.  

Online sign ups help nonprofits simplify volunteer management including recruiting and scheduling. Our software makes it easy to create a schedule for volunteer opportunities. Anyone can create a sign up - making it a much easier to use tool than many other software. 

When nonprofits hold fun runs or other charity events, they often need every volunteer they can get. It's easy to ensure volunteers remember the day of the event by advising them to sync their commitment to their digital calendar. Our system will also automatically generate email or text reminders to sign up volunteers. 

If you're planning an event with a number of dates and times, you can simplify the process by auto-generating time slots. This feature eliminates the need to set up individual slots, populating appointment times or shifts based on the details you submit. 

Want to engage more volunteers to support your group? Check out these recruitment ideas for nonprofits.  

Schedule trainings 

Once you have volunteers on board to help, you can invite them to a training or orientation session with a sign up. These events give nonprofits a chance to show appreciation and share everything volunteers need to know before starting their work. This is also a great time to introduce your team and connect volunteers who will be serving together. 

If you are planning a virtual event, you can easily include a video conference link on your sign up with our Zoom integration. Capture volunteer information by creating custom questions. You can attach these questions to your sign up for participants to complete when they register for the training. 

Want to help volunteers get to know each other at your event? Get people talking with these icebreaker questions for groups

Organize fundraisers 

Nonprofits count on financial contributions to sustain and grow their work. Fundraising events give leaders opportunities to share their impact and connect with supporters in person. Online sign ups simplify planning for these events. Whether your guest list includes a small group or hundreds of guests, you can save time by coordinating volunteers, tracking RSVP's and selling tickets on your sign up.  

It's simple to add slots for tickets and process purchases with SignUpGenius payments, our new online payment technology powered by Stripe. You'll have access to advanced features such as payments data and insights with the dashboard functionality. 

Sign ups help streamline organizing so your team can focus on other fundraising activities. It also frees them up to better connect with donors. Every sign up is easy to share. See this list of ways to promote your sign up and event. 

Looking for inspiration to plan a memorable fundraiser? Check out these ideas that go beyond bake sales.  

Request donations 

Nonprofits use online sign ups to request a variety of donations to support their cause. You can organize a food drive or collect essential supplies with a sign up, listing items and specifying desired quantities for each slot. For the holidays, many groups use sign ups to fulfill holiday wish lists for families in need. 

Sign ups are ideal to meet urgent needs such as providing items for families in crisis or homeless animals. You can update your sign up by adding or deleting slots to show your community the latest opportunities to help in real time. This ensures you don't get donations of the same products but rather an even distribution of supplies. 

You can coordinate an auction fundraiser with a sign up by requesting donations such as gift baskets, gift cards and professional services. Check out these tips and ideas to plan a fun auction that brings in money for your group. 

Simplify operations 

Sign ups simplify administrative work such as scheduling meetings and job interviews. Save yourself time and set up schedules for conference rooms or desks on a sign up, so remote team members and volunteers can reserve space to meet or work at the office. Sign ups are easy to create and manage. You can even assign office volunteers as admins who can help create and manage sign ups. 

For example, streamline the hiring process by creating an interview schedule with a sign up, so people can select a time to meet that is convenient for them. Hide names on slots to ensure privacy for candidates, and only sign up administrators can view personal details. You can also add more security settings such as requiring an access code to view the sign up. 

You can also collect RSVP's to plan accordingly for nonprofit team events and board meetings. Looking to bring new leadership and vision to your board? Check out these tips to organize nonprofit boards

Nonprofits leaders take on many roles as they grow their vision for a better future. Sign ups help simplify organizing in a variety of areas so there's more time to invest in your community. 

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