4 Types of Sign Ups for Churches to Create

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Churches organize a variety of events and most require the help of volunteers. Recruiting and managing volunteers is always a challenge. First, you need to spread the word to make your congregation aware of volunteer needs. Then, it takes time to organize and assign those volunteers to various tasks. It's no easy feat and can leave church leaders scrambling to fill volunteer spots at the last minute. 

Fortunately, sign ups help simplify organizing and communication for so many church events! Start seeing the benefits for your church with these 4 types of sign ups to create. 

Volunteer coordination 

A sign up is an easy way to recruit volunteers in your congregation. You can post all your needs or shifts and share the sign up via email or on the church website.  Here are a few common sign ups for recruiting and managing volunteers: 

No matter what you are planning, a sign up is a helpful tool to simplify your scheduling coordination. Your sign up can serve as the hub for your volunteer opportunities and gives people the flexibility to sign up throughout the week. It's a proven way to increase volunteer response. Communicate with volunteers by sending reminder texts and emails which can include all the details necessary for their scheduled volunteer shift.

screenshot of VBS youth helper volunteer sign up

Event registration 

You likely need people to register for some of your church events and want to skip the hassle of a paper sign up list or spreadsheet. An online sign up is a simple way to coordinate registrations for a variety of events such as:  

When hosting bigger events at your church, it is important to keep registration convenient for everyone involved. By creating a sign up, you can track how many people to expect, while also collecting any other information you need from participants. Adding custom questions to a sign up provides the information needed prior to the start of your event, from collecting T-shirt sizes to asking about food allergies. 

Streamline payment collection by selecting the option to collect payment directly on the sign up. This simplifies the process for church administration.  

screenshot of men's retreat sign up

Outreach service projects 

People want to help but often don't know where to start when it comes to serving those in need. Many churches plan outreach events and service projects, and even small groups can benefit from coordinating volunteers online.  Many churches use online sign ups to plan a day of service and effectively coordinate large groups to serve their community. 

List a variety of service projects, dates and volunteer shifts on your sign up. Then promote your sign up to make everyone aware of opportunities to serve. Use our location feature to link to Google Maps and provide an easy way for volunteers to find the event location. 

screenshot of serve week volunteer sign up

Donation collection 

If your church collects donation items for food drives, coat drives or a holiday Angel tree, sign ups can simplify your efforts and help you keep track of donations.  You can list out each child or family member as a slot so that volunteers can easily select a particular individual for whom they will purchase items.  

You can set up locked time frames for these sign ups so participants are not signing up late for time-sensitive collections. You can also send out custom reminders to participants with details about drop-off locations and how you would like donations to be packaged.

screenshot of angel tree toy donation sign up

Sign ups are a great way to simplify group coordination and event planning at your church. Next time you need to schedule nursery volunteers or have a youth event to plan, consider sending a sign up out to your congregation! 

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