5 Tips to Organize Your Next Festival

Festivals bring your community together for food, music, and fun. There are lots of rewards to planning a festival but keeping everything on track can be a challenge. With so many moving parts, it's important to use smart tools to streamline organizing for everything from volunteer scheduling to ticket sales. 

SignUpGenius helps you easily coordinate volunteers and register vendors while simplifying communication and administrative tasks. Let sign ups handle the busy work and free up time for you and your team to focus on your top priorities. 

Check out these five tips to organize your next festival with SignUpGenius. 

Custom sign up branding 

Make your festival sign ups stand out with a cohesive design that matches the rest of your event branding.  

It's easy to customize your sign ups to reflect the look and feel of your festival. SignUpGenius provides hundreds of sign up designs, so you can quickly find a look that suits your event. Get more custom by adding your own image to the sign up. This could be your organization's logo or even an image from a previous year's festival. 

Want to go a step further? Our premium plans offer the option to build your own custom sign up designs. Pick your layout, choose any color combination, and add your own images to ensure your sign up aligns with your festival's brand.  

With our Enterprise plan, you can remove SignUpGenius branding from your sign up entirely and embed the sign up on your festival's website, so participants have an even more seamless experience signing up for the event.  

Take advantage of customized sign up options to help create a professional and unique look for your festival. 

Multiple administrators  

Make it easy for others to be involved in coordinating sign ups for your festival with the multiple administrators feature. This feature allows you to share the work of managing sign ups by giving your team access to the main account with their personal SignUpGenius login credentials.  

You can create different roles for each team member, grant varying levels of permissions, and even assign sign up notifications to send to specific people. Your account admins can create, remove, or edit sign ups, messages, or Groups depending on the role permissions you assign.  

Use the multiple administrators feature to collaborate and take the pressure off festival organizers. This feature is available with our premium plans.  

Custom questions 

Need specific information from festival participants? You can easily gather information when people register by including custom questions on your sign ups. Create optional or required questions for participants to complete when they sign up and quickly download a report of their answers when you need them. 

Add custom questions to your sign ups for things like: 

  • Vendor and volunteer t-shirt sizes 
  • Vendor information  
With our premium plans, you can create between two and ten custom questions.

LumaPay for ticket sales and vendor fees 

Need an easy way to collect ticket fees, charge vendors for their booths, or sell raffle tickets? Collect payments right on your sign up with LumaPay, our online payments tool.  

LumaPay makes collecting money simple with the power of Stripe. Your participants can pay directly through the sign up with their credit card or digital wallet and don't need to create a Stripe or SignUpGenius account.  

It's easy for sign up creators to get started with LumaPay by using an existing Stripe account or by setting up a new account in just a few steps. No SignUpGenius subscription plan is required to collect payments.  

You can also get detailed payment reports from your sign up to confirm payments and gain insights for next year's event.  

By integrating payments with your sign up, you minimize the headache of in-person transactions at your festival, allowing attendees and vendors to hit the ground running. 

LumaPay also integrates with other Lumaverse Technologies brands such as Fundly and Membership Toolkit.

Simple data reporting 

Make it easy to plan for next year's festival with simple data reporting from your sign ups.  

After the festival is over, use SignUpGenius to generate reports that show online ticket sales, volunteer hours and other key data points. This helps you evaluate the success of the festival and make any necessary changes for the following year.  

You can also use these reports to share information with sponsors, vendors, or other stakeholders in the event. It can also be helpful to show your festival's success with data-backed metrics for achieving budget approval or engaging donors.  

Organizing a festival can be a lot of work, but with SignUpGenius, you can simplify the process and make sure everything runs smoothly.  

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