4 Tips for Organizing Church Nursery Workers

Volunteers are vital for a church congregation, and nursery workers have a very special job! Taking care of the little ones requires a lot of organization and planning. You must guarantee there are enough people to watch over the youngest members of the church and that each age group is accounted for.  

Using sign ups to help streamline the communication and coordination of volunteers will ensure that children of all ages are in good hands while their parents attend services and other church events.  

Try these tips for organizing nursery workers so that each volunteer is prepared for their shift, and you know who to count on each week! 

Set a schedule  

Make sure you organize your sign up with the dates for shifts, the time frames that worker coverage is needed, and specific age groups you need help with. Outlining the details up front will help your volunteers select opportunities they are most comfortable with. 

Plan months in advance for volunteer needs by auto-generating time slots. This feature eliminates the need to set up individual slots by populating times or shifts based on your details. You can also use our tabbing feature to group nursery opportunities together, whether by monthly sign ups or by age group. 

Lock sign up slots so that participants aren't able to back out of their assigned shift at the last minute, leaving you without ennough hands for childcare.  

Share nursery opportunities 

Spread the word about your open nursery shifts by sharing sign ups with your church. In order to fill your open spots and have enough nursery workers to watch the youngest ones in the church, your congregation must know there is a need so they can help.  

You can recruit more volunteers when you include your sign ups in newsletters, on social media, or embed them onto the church's website.  

Send reminders 

It's important to keep volunteers and workers informed about when they are helping and what their duties will be. 

Sending reminder messages is easy with our automated reminder and confirmation messaging feature. Select to send emails or text messages to volunteers when they sign up and follow up with another when their nursery shift is coming up. 

Customize your messages to nursery workers and remind them of their shift, where it will be located and any important information pertaining to their responsibilities while they help. Nursery helpers will also have the option to reply with any questions they may have for you.  

Offer calendar sync to nursery workers 

On top of automatic reminders, calendar syncing is a great way for nursery workers to keep track of the upcoming dates they are serving. People are busy and calendars get filled, so make sure they keep their commitment top of mind.  

Make a note in your sign up description or confirmation message for volunteers to sync their shift with their personal calendar so they won't forget about it! 

SignUpGenius is a great resource for churches who want to simplify the organization and management of volunteers and events! Using a sign up to coordinate nursery volunteers will help streamline the necessary communication, so start simplifying your organization today!