4 Sign Up Tools for Hybrid Events

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As COVID vaccines reach the general public and the world begins to work its way into a new normal, many events have embraced a hybrid operating style that gives both in-person and online attendance options.

To start you on your quest to manage hybrid events, we've compiled a list of our best sign up tools to help you tackle any challenges that may pop up along the way.

With a little bit of bravery and a lot of your genius organizing skills, you will craft an event that your audience can enjoy live and in person or from the comfort of their own homes!

Attending Online with Zoom

We offer a number of ways to add meeting links to your sign up in order to share it. You can post the link directly on your sign up page or even send it in the confirmation email after someone signs up.

screenshot of a confirmation email for water coloring class with Zoom link

With our Zoom integration, you can easily embed the meeting link in the location area. Zoom also enables you to record your livestream, so you can look back on your event or post it to your site for anyone who was not able to attend.

Make sure to interact with the virtual participants by encouraging questions and addressing any concerns they may have. When you are recruiting volunteers, consider looking for a tech-savvy recruit to take questions and mingle with the virtual audience in the chat!

Two Sign Ups, One Event

You can create a seamless hybrid event experience and eliminate confusion for in-person and online viewers by duplicating your sign up.

This tool enables you to create a general sign up for the event and then duplicate it to have one sign up for in-person attendance, and a separate sign up for online viewing. Each sign up will have the same information, but now you have separate locations for managing the audiences of your hybrid event.

To further consolidate the information surrounding your event, you can group together the virtual viewing sign up and the in-person attendance sign up with the Sign Up Tabbing feature.

screenshot of tabbed sign ups for in person and virtual concert attenders

This tool links sign ups together so participants can see all their options in the same place. Don't worry — you can color code and title your tabs so people note the difference between the sign ups!

Add Quantity Limits

Sometimes administrators on sign ups need the power to limit the number of slots people can sign up for. With our premium subscription plans, you can limit sign up quantity to put restrictions on attendees.

For instance, if you have a limited number of in-person slots and you want to make sure new people get the chance to attend your event each week, you can restrict each individual from signing up for more than one slot. This is the perfect way to control in-person capacity and encourage new people to attend in-person as long as it is safe for them to do so.

screenshot of setting that limits slot quantity to one for the entire sign up

Attach the Essentials

Give your participants further clarity on in-person event rules and include any necessary forms and waivers by attaching files to your sign up. Once you have added your file, it will be displayed at the top of page and available for download when you send it out.

Genius Tip: When it comes to waivers and forms, it is essential for participants to read through and acknowledge that they understand the documents. Try adding a custom question on your sign up so people can recognize that they have read or completed the attached files.

screenshot of adding a new custom question asking if you have completed the waiver

We've given you the tools to start planning your hybrid event, and now it's up to you to fulfill your genius organizing destiny!

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