Make the Most of Thanksgiving: Ways to Celebrate

The weeks leading up to Thanksgiving can fly by, leaving you with little time to plan. Get festive this year and organize your fall schedule to include fun activities, community service events, and quality time with your loved ones! 

Start a new tradition 

  • Get creative and do something new by checking off a fall bucket list. It can be as simple as cheering on your favorite football team or more thrilling like visiting an amusement park! 
  • Host a game night with friends and see who comes out on top! If you’ll be throwing a Friendsgiving party, make things interesting by putting the losers on dish duty.  
  • Enjoy quality time with your family before things get even busier. Try any of these family-friendly activities and save a few for next year too!  

Plan for potlucks 

Give thanks by giving back 

  • Not sure where to start to make a difference in your community? Get inspired by volunteer opportunities and ideas that are perfect for everyone. 
  • During this time of year, many organizations need food donations more than anything else. Plan a food drive and help those less fortunate have a happy Thanksgiving. 
  • Take care of neighbors in need by organizing meal deliveries with sign ups. A small gesture can go a long way for families that are going through tough times. 

Celebrate Thanksgiving with ease 

  • Start the season by using our Thanksgiving checklist to keep you on track. On turkey day, you’ll be ready to gobble up dinner. 
  • Keep things interesting during your road trip to grandma’s house - share interesting Thanksgiving fun facts and get in the turkey day spirit. 
  • Have a blast with your family by playing some Thanksgiving games that are sure to work up an appetite! 
 With these ideas, your Thanksgiving can be more memorable than ever. Whether you’re gathering with family or celebrating with friends, it’s easy to carve a good time into your schedule!  

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