How to Boost School Fundraising with Sign Ups

Many schools count on the generosity of donors to support programs that enrich students throughout the year. Parent volunteers often lead fundraising efforts; giving their time to organize events and inspiring people to give from the school community and beyond. 

Fundraisers can become favorite school traditions that bring families together for a great cause, from bingo nights and color runs to auctions and food sales. Sign ups automate many administrative tasks related to organizing events, so you can minimize the busy work and enjoy the fun!  

Organize volunteers 

School fundraising efforts count on volunteers to help with everything from strategy and accounting to managing events. It’s easy to share your volunteer needs with a sign up, so you’ll have plenty of support for your activities. You can set up a schedule to request specific roles and quantities, using the time slot feature to create recurring shifts. Parents can review opportunities at their convenience and sync their commitment with their personal calendar. 

Save time and help volunteers remember the event by setting up reminder messages to automatically send by email or text a few days in advance. With our premium plans, you can share the latest details with customized confirmation and reminder emails. 

Collect donations and sell items 

Skip the hassle of handling cash and checks for school donations, event tickets, spirit wear and more by adding online payments to your sign up. It only takes a few minutes to set up an account to collect money, so parents have a fast and secure way to pay, and you’ll have access to the funds you need.? 

You can add images to your payment slots to display spirit wear, merchandise, auction items and more. 

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RSVP’s and event registration 

Make sure you know how many people to expect at fundraising meetings or events by choosing the RSVP format for your sign up. You can track RSVP’s and create slots to request any items needed, so you’ll have everything set up for success. 

You can also register attendees for events like fun runs with a sign up, creating slots for participation and collecting money for entry fees. Save time on race day by attaching waiver forms or other documents to confirmation emails.

We offer several ways to display multiple sign ups together so that people can view all of your opportunities in one place.  

Grow engagement 

Communication is key to engage your school community in the fundraising mission and grow volunteer support. Organizing your events online gives families a convenient way to get involved and stay up to date with the latest opportunities. Sign ups are easy to share through our site and promote through digital platforms like social media and email newsletters.  

Our new QR Code Generator gives you the option to create a custom QR Code for your sign up that can be displayed on print materials at open houses, PTA meetings and more. 

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There’s a lot of time and heart that goes behind school fundraising, but the rewards are priceless. With the help of sign ups, you can simplify organizing so your events raise more money and create special moments for your community. 

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