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Why Use SignUpGenius?

It's Easy

Intuitive wizards make it simple to set up and simple to sign up!

It's Convenient

Parent volunteers and school staff can see all needs at once and sign up 24/7.

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It's Efficient

Automated text or email reminders ensure no one forgets a task.

It's Green

Say goodbye to paper sign ups and annoying reply-all emails.

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It's Flexible

It's easy to swap dates & make edits for schedule changes.


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Case Study:
Red Devil Reading Marathon

The students at Hinsdale Central High School are marathoners-in-training. Each school year, students, teachers and administrators at Hinsdale are invited to participate in a Reading Marathon, earning "miles" with each book they read. Organizing more than 300 students across five different levels of reading participation was a challenge.

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School PTO or PTA volunteer coordinators save time and money with online sign ups. Find helpful tips and ideas whether you're a seasoned book fair organizer or a first-time volunteer. Here are just a few uses:

parent teacher conferences Organize Any Book Fair Need

fundraisers Coordinate Committees

book fairs Collect Donations

lunch duty Manage RSVPs

carpool Manage Multiple Dates

teacher appreciation Schedule Volunteers

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