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General account questions

I can't remember my password! Help me!
How do I change my name, email, or password?
Unsubscribe me or I will sue the pants off you!
Do I have to register for your site to sign up for something?
I have two accounts at SignUpGenius. Can I combine them?
Do you sell or pass on my information in any way?

Questions about signing up for something

I share an email with my spouse. How do we both sign up?
Help! Why do I see Edit/Swap/Delete buttons next to my sign up?
How do I sign up more than one child for activities with one account?
My plans changed. How do I edit my sign up or RSVP?
I get an error message when I try to sign up! What's the deal?
I signed up with my name only, then created an account, but still can't edit.
I'm having trouble signing up from my phone!
How do I receive my reminders via text message?
Why do you need my phone number and/or address in order for me to sign up for a slot?
I need to change my comment from my sign up slot. How can I edit that, or remove my name completely?
Can you help me find the sign up for Country Day School's Fall Festival?
How can I view all of the sign ups my organization has?

Questions about building a sign up page

How do I find the RSVP function and should I use it?
How do I set up a potluck so people can tell what they are bringing?
Can I have a sign up with both volunteer jobs and food? Which type of sign up do I use?
What security setting would you recommend for my sign up?
How do I allow more than one person to sign up for pickled tuna?
Why is there only one sign up button showing on my slot for lasagna? I entered "5" for QTY...
I added my dates, but they aren't showing up in the preview. Am I going crazy?
How can I change the order that items are listed on my sign up?
How can I send my signup to someone for approval before making it live?
Do my group members have to become members of SignUpGenius in order to sign up?
How do I add my logo or custom image to my sign up page?
I left your site for a minute to check out the latest grumpy cat video on You Tube, and now I can't find the sign up I was working on!
What format should my custom image or logo be in?
Why does my custom image say "Pending"?
I know I have to wait for my custom image to be approved, but why can't I go to the next step and continue working on my sign up?

Questions about emails and invitations

How can I invite people to my sign up?
How do I import emails from my address book?
This stupid system won't accept the emails I am entering for my group!
Can I use a group email alias for my sign up?
Help! I think that my email invites are not going through!
How do I link to my sign up page? What is the URL?
How can I invite people to multiple sign ups without sending multiple emails?
How do I send more email invites after my sign up is live?
Can I send my invite to another group without having to re-enter their email addresses?
Can I send emails to my group other than invitations?
How do I send a thank you note to my volunteers?
My colleague created a sign up in her account and needs to send it to a group in my account. Can we do this without entering all those emails again?
I entered the wrong email address for someone and now the wrong email is part of my group. How I can fix this?
How can I make sure reminder emails are being sent? Sally Jo did not show up for her volunteer job and says she didn't get a reminder and forgot all about it.

Questions about editing a sign up page

How do I edit my signup if I have a date change?
How do I delete a sign up or delete a date from a sign up?
Can the administrator edit a participant's sign up slot?
How do I remove someone's name from my sign up?
Can I make my sign up inactive or locked from sign ups?
I misspelled the group name on my sign up. How can I fix it?
I need to change some of my dates and times on the sign up I created.
I wanted one person to bring a pack of 24 napkins to the class party. Why are three people signed up for napkins?

Questions about administering my sign up page

Arrrg! I can't find my created sign up in my account you scurvy dogs!
Can I sign people up myself as an administrator?
Can I print my sign up and then sign people up on paper?
How do I sign up people that don't have emails?
Can I download or export a list of everyone that signed up?
How can I see who I invited to the sign up? Did I already email my Uncle Earl?
How am I supposed to see who is in my group? Where are all the names?
How can I tell who has viewed my sign up?
If my users don’t have to set up an account, will they be able to update their sign up slots? Will this require more work for me as a sign up creator?
How can I tell if my email invites have been sent out to my group members?
Is there a way to remove past dates so that only upcoming dates show on my sign up?
I can't see the phone number, address, or answer to my custom question.
I already have some slots filled on my sign up from people who have offered to help. How do I enter their names before I send the sign up out for more volunteers?
Can I hide the names of my volunteers on the sign up?
I created a sign up for an event, but I want to transfer it to someone else.
Our Fall Festival has several committee heads. How can I assign them all as Administrators to my sign up?

Questions about SignUpGenius Payments

Can I collect a payment from someone when they sign up?
Is there a cost associated with using SignUpGenius Payments?
What's the benefit in creating a sign up to collect payments instead of using a direct link to Paypal from my website?
How do I start collecting payments for my sign up?
Everyone has paid on my sign up... HOW DO I GET MY MONEY?!
Will my users be required to have a PayPal account in order to pay?
I registered for payments. Now, how do I create a payment sign up?
How do I remove a sign up for a payment item and refund the user?
What do I do if my schedule changes or a user wants to change slots for a paid item?
Someone just registered and paid in person. Can I get them onto my sign up so others know the slot is taken?
How do I change or update my credit card that is associated with SignUpGenius Payments?
How do I change or update my PayPal account information related to SignUpGenius Payments?
Where can I go to see the details related to any payments or refunds that have occurred?
Can I create a payment sign up slot for donation amounts or varied contribution amounts?
Can I create payment items that have several different price levels to choose from?
How and when am I billed for my SignUpGenius charges relating to payments?

Questions about SignUpGenius Pro

What is SignUpGenius Pro and how much does it cost?
If I purchase Pro, will the features be available on my current sign ups?
Will I be charged automatically when the free trial of Pro is done?
Which version is the free trial?
Help! My free trial expired before I purchased Pro. If I purchase Pro now, will the options I put in place with the trial be restored?
Does my paid Pro subscription rebill automatically?
What are No-Ads Licenses? Will my users see advertisements on my sign ups?
Can I buy No-Ads licenses separately if I need more?
How do I assign my No-Ads licenses to sign ups?
I have No-ads licenses but ads are still showing up on my sign up. Help!
What features are available in SignUpGenius Pro that are not in the free version?
How do I set up an additional administrator in Pro?
What are the hidden fields that come with the Pro Version?
How do I specify who gets notifications when using the Pro version?
How do I upgrade my Pro account?

Questions about SignUpGenius Features

Where did the transferred sign up go?
Can I have more than one sign up administrator?
I'm creating the sign up, but I want someone else to receive the notifications and questions about the sign up. Is that possible?
Can I duplicate or copy one of my sign ups?
How long will my sign up stay in my account?
Can I attach a document to my sign up?
I love your service, but my group can't have advertisements on the pages!
If a user doesn't create an account, can they still swap their slot with other members?
Can I hide who has signed up on my page?
I selected “Reject sign ups outside group” as my enhanced security setting, but then someone outside my group visited my signup!
Why is an UNKNOWN person viewing my sign up?
It sure would be nice if people could pay for their item when they sign up.....
The Custom Report keeps coming up blank even though people are signed up on my sign up! What is going on?
How can I block my volunteers from signing up for more than one slot?
Can I have more than 5 custom images in my account?
I need to collect information on my sign up that I don't want others to see. Is there a way to do that?
How can I add more than one custom question to my sign up?
Do you have an app for SignUpGenius?
Can I track volunteer hours from my sign ups?
Can I choose my sign up URL?


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