SignUpGenius Help

General account questions

I can't remember my password! Help me!

Can't remember your password, eh? Did you try your dog's name? How about your birthday? Oh... I see... you used a good password that no one could guess. Even yourself. Now that's smart. Seriously... it's not a problem. Within every login box there is a "Forget Your Password" link that will allow you to email yourself a link to reset your password. If you try that link and it says that you never registered... then you may have mistyped your email address when you signed up. If that's the case, contact our support staff and we'll do our best to track down your login info for you. 

If you don't receive any email response from us after using the "Forget Your Password" link, check your spam folder.  Still a no?  Contact our support team directly and we'll reset your password for you. We won't even laugh if we find out your password is "JustinBieberFan."

Change my name, email, or password

If you need to change your legal name, you'll have to contact the government and fill out a bunch of forms. I'm afraid we just can't help you with that. Oh, sorry... you meant your name on our site? Well, actually - you can update any of your profile information at any time. Log into the site with your email and password. To change your name or email, click "Settings" on the left side of your account page.  After you make the change, click "Update Profile" at the bottom of the page.  Once you log out, and log back in, the edited name will show at the top of your account page.

To change your password, click the "Password" tab on the "Settings" page.

Unsubscribe me or I will sue the pants off you!

If you received an email, it is either because someone you know specifically invited you to a sign up page or possibly someone accidentally mistyped an email address and it went to the wrong person. In either case, we're happy to either remove you from a specific sign up list or to remove you completely from the site. Look for the "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom of the email you received for the quickest way to unsubscribe. Alternately, you can contact our support staff and we'll take care of it for you. 

Do I have to register for your site to sign up for something?

You don't trust us, do you? Well, with all the crazy sites out there... we don't blame you. Let us assure you that we NEVER sell or pass on your profile information. Plus we make sure that your email is NEVER publicly displayed on the internet where someone unauthorized could grab it.

But the short answer to your question is…No, we do not require that you register on our site to sign up for something.  In most cases, you can sign up with name and email address only.   We also offer multiple security options when someone creates a sign up, and we allow the creator choose how the settings of their individual sign up. 

If you create an account and later change your mind, you can easily delete your information from our system... simply contact us and we'll take care of that right away. We find that first time users worry the most about creating an account.  After people use our service and realize how helpful it is, many people enjoy having accounts because it provides a lot of extra flexibility.  For instance, if you log into your account, you can see all the upcoming events for which you have signed up, and easily edit them if needed.

Questions about signing up for something

Using one account to sign up multiple family members

When you sign up for something, our system uses your account name by default. However, you can change the name that is displayed on the sign up so that it displays your child or spouse's name instead. Login to your account, and choose which slot you wish to sign up for.  You will have the option to 'Sign Up As' (and your name will be displayed) or you can check the box to display an alternate name and enter any other name. When you view the sign up, the alternate name will show on the sign up.


My plans changed. How do I edit my sign up or RSVP?

Well, well, well. So Mr. Busybody with the changing plans is trying to get out of your sign up responsibility, eh? Ok, ok... we'll help you.

If you signed up with an account (using an email and password) - it's pretty easy to edit or change your sign up... go to the homepage of and log in with the email and password that you used to sign up or RSVP. This will take you to the My Account page which will show you all the sign ups that you have responded to under the "Invited To" tab. Click the pencil icon to the right of the item and you will be able to edit your RSVP or revise your sign up. 

If you signed up without an account (using your name and email address), you can get to the sign up by following the link provided in your original invite or from the confirmation email that was sent after you signed up.  When you view the sign up, you'll see a link at the top of the General Details which states, "Did you already RSVP? You can Edit your RSVP."

If you signed up with your name only, there isn't a way to confirm who you are in order to allow you to edit the information. In that case, you can contact the sign up creator from the General Details area of the sign up by clicking on the envelope icon, and ask that he or she removes you from the sign up.

How do I receive my reminders via text message?

Ah... so Mrs. Fancy-phone would like to start getting as many text messages as her daughter, eh? Not a problem, we can help. You can receive reminders for the items that you've signed up for via text message. To do this, log into our site and click "Settings" on the left side of your account page. Be sure your mobile phone number and carrier are listed on your profile page. If you make any changes on this page, be sure and click "Update Profile" at the bottom of the page to save the changes.

At the top of the page, click the "Notification Settings" tab. Next, check the box that says, "Send Text Reminders". Click "Update Settings" at the bottom of the page. That's it! You'll start receiving your text messages right away, and you can even read them during dinner while ignoring your daughter.

How do I find a sign up?

You should try asking your mom first. They're always really good at finding things, aren't they? If mom is unavailable, you may want to try these suggestions.  

1. If you have the email address of the sign up creator, you can go to our homepage and click the magnifying glass in the top right corner. You can then enter the creator's email address to view all of the links to active sign ups in that account.

2. If you received an email invite to the sign up, you will see the link to the sign up in the email. Click the link to go to the sign up.

3. If you have an account with us, you can log into your account and click the "Invited To" tab to view sign ups you've been invited to, if the creator sent invites through SignUpGenius.

If you are still unable to locate the sign up, you may need to contact the sign up creator, school, or organization to request the link. Or, ask your mom. Seriously, she probably knows where it is.

Questions about building a sign up page

How do I set up a potluck so people can tell what they are bringing?

Great question. Because you have to absolutely make sure someone brings the deviled eggs. The ones with the paprika on the top. Yummmmm. We'll pause a second here so you can wipe the drool off your keyboard.

Ready now? Ok - our system works GREAT for potlucks. You can be as specific or as general as you want in your instructions on what people sign up to bring. For example, you can list specific dishes for people to sign up for so that you plan the menu. When you get to Step 4: Slots of the sign up creation wizard, you enter your sign up items specifically like "bread rolls" or "broccoli and cheese dish."  However, you can also make your sign up items more generic. Just have people sign up for a "side dish" or "dessert" or "main dish that feeds 8" or something generic.

At Step 5: Settings, under "Public Sign Up Comment" you can call this field "Please enter the name of the dish you are bringing."

When an invitee clicks the sign up button, the next page will have a field where they can enter the specific dish they plan to bring.  So if they sign up for "side dish" - they simply enter "deviled eggs."

Yummmm. Oh shoot... more drool on the keyboard. Sorry about that.

What security setting would you recommend for my sign up?

Choosing a security setting for your sign up is kind of like being a bouncer for an elite party…except without the muscles and tattoo requirements. You want to choose the right settings so the people who are invited can easily access the sign up but still, keep it off limits for party crashers. The default setting for any sign up is for users to give their name and email when signing up without creating an account with SignUpGenius. With this information, users can receive reminders and even edit their items.

The only way to search for a sign up on our site is using the magnifying glass icon accessible from the upper right-hand side of the homepage. From this area, the email address of the sign up creator can be entered to view active sign ups available from their account.  Key word searches by school name, organization, etc are not allowed which makes it difficult for a random person to just happen upon a sign up. If you still think you need to beef up the security, we have a few enhanced security options available. 

Requiring Accounts
If this setting is selected, users will have to create an account (email & password) at in order to sign up. We make this optional since some of your users may complain about having to setup an account at a site they are not familiar with. Having an account does benefit the user by making it easier if they ever need to modify their item or sign up multiple times - but users can still receive reminders and perform the tasks they need without an account. If you do NOT check this setting, users can still create accounts if they want to.

Require an Access Code
This setting makes it so that your sign up is only visible when entering a specific access code. While this provides great security for your sign up, keep in mind this option can make it slightly more challenging for your users to respond. If you send invitations through our system, the access code will be sent automatically. However, if you send invites from your own email, you will need to make sure that your users know the access code. 

Reject Sign Ups Outside Group
Only people who can sign up are those with emails listed in your group. It's a good way to prevent people from outside your group from signing up. That said, keep in mind that users have to sign up with the exact email you list in your group. If users have multiple email addresses and try to sign up with a different email address than the one you have in your group, they will be rejected and often confused. It is also not possible to use a group email alias with this setting because there is no way to know which emails are part of the group email.  This setting is typically best when used with a small group where you need to restrict access from anyone outside the group. 

I added my dates, but they aren't showing up in the preview. Am I going crazy?

You may, in fact, be going crazy, but please don't put the blame on us. It's probably your kids' fault. Anyway, if you have entered all your dates in the sign up creation wizard, but don't see them all on the preview screen or the actual live sign up... then you probably have not assigned slots (at Step 4: Slots) to all of your dates.

Log into  Click the "Created" tab and click the pencil icon (edit) to the right of your sign up.  First, go to Step 3: Dates & Times and make sure all your dates/times are represented. Then click Step 4: Slots.  This page shows all the items or slots that you want people to sign up for. The "Show for date time" area shows which dates/times you assigned each slot to.  You can click "Edit" next to a slot, and then "Edit Selected" at the top of the page to adjust the assigned dates/times.

How do I add my logo or custom image to my sign up page?

Piece of cake. Not literal cake, of course - because no one really eats that stuff anymore except at birthdays and weddings. But it shouldn't be too hard. When you are creating a sign up, you have the option at the end of Step 2: Themes to load your image, photo, or logo onto any one of our existing themes.

First, select a theme that has the background colors you would like to use. Try the "Colors" category for lots of color combinations. Click: "Use my own custom image with the selected theme" to upload your image to our site. Your custom image will be used in place of the stock image in the theme. We currently allow five uploaded images per account, and any image can be used with multiple sign ups.  If you need to use more than five images you can upgrade to one of our paid plans.

Still have questions? Contact our support team and we'll do our best to make sure you... um... can have your cake and eat it too.

Can I save the sign up I am working on and finish it later?

When you are in the process of creating a sign up, anytime you advance to the next step the sign up draft will be saved up to that point. If you are in the middle of your list of items needed, just be sure you click "Continue" or "Update" at the bottom of the page so you can save those entries.

Once you are ready to continue working on the sign up, simply go to and log into your account.  You should see the sign up under the "Created" tab.  If you don't, click the gear icon in the top right corner and make sure the settings are set up to show unpublished sign ups.  Click the pencil icon to the right of the sign up to enter the edit mode where you can choose a step and keep going.

Questions about emails and invitations

How can I invite people to my sign up?

Have you considered just walking over to their houses and talking to each person personally like people used to do before all this new fangled technology? Ah... too much work, eh? There are several options for sending invitations for the sign up. You can enter the individual email addresses as part of the sign up creation process - and we will send the invites for you.  Email addresses can be entered manually or uploaded from most address books. After the sign up is published, you can invite additional people by logging in, viewing your sign up, and clicking "Send a Message" from the Administrator's Toolbar at the top of the page.

If you don't want to send emails via the site, you have the option to publish the sign up without entering any emails and email the invitations from your own email program. When you complete the publication of your sign up, you will be given the web address of the sign up or you can retrieve the sign up link at any time by logging into your account, viewing the sign up, and copying the address from your web browser.

You can post the link to your sign up on Facebook, send it through your own email system, or link to the sign up from your website. You can also hire a pilot and have them fly a plane with a banner over the Super Bowl or the White House - although you should probably check with security on that first.

We also offer a "Web Button" builder that will help you build a button that points directly to your sign up. After your sign up is published, you can log in to our site, click the "Goodies" button on the left side of your account page, and scroll down to the "Web Button" area.

How do I import emails from my address book?

So you don't want to re-type 1500 emails by hand, eh? Sounds like you're kind of lazy. Well, I suppose we can help. How you do this depends a little on how you have your contacts stored, but if you have the emails in any kind of electronic format, you can generally get them in without typing. It's as easy as 1-2-3. 

From both the "Groups" page and the "Messages" page you will see the option to "Import from Address Book."  If your contacts are not stored in one of those listed options, you can export your contacts to a CSV file and use that option to upload instead.

If you need further assistance, you can contact our tech support and we can help you get your emails into the system.  

Help! I think that my email invites are not going through!

Email can be extremely frustrating these days... particularly for a site like ours.  Even though we only send legitimate emails that people want, sometimes virus software and server firewalls still block our emails because of over-aggressive protection.  Here is what you should do:

  1. Click "Messages" on the left side of your account page.  On the "Dashboard" tab you will see a log of "Recently Sent" emails.  Click the "Stats icon" to the far right of a row to access Message Details to view the text of the email, and Message Analytics to view Delivery Details.
  2. Verify that you have the correct email addresses in your group.  To do this, log into the site and click "Groups" on the left side of your account page.
  3. Have your users check and see if the message was accidentally diverted into their JUNK email folder.  Most email programs will let you "white list" an email address so that it won't get sent to JUNK.  All our emails come from either or
  4. Check and see if all the emails you are having problems with are from the same source.  For example, if everyone that is not receiving the email is from a specific company... then that company may be blocking our emails with an over-aggressive firewall. You can then put in a request to the IT department to make sure that emails are allowed through.
  5. If you would like further assistance, please contact our support team and tell us the emails that seem to be having the problem so that we can investigate it.

How do I link to my sign up page? What is the URL?

What? You want people to actually VISIT your sign up page after you create it? Ok, if you insist. You can always use our email invitations to invite people. But if you want to do the inviting yourself, you are welcome to send out the URL to your sign up by sending your own emails, posting a link to Facebook, tweeting it, texting it, or even sending it out by carrier pigeon. When you publish your sign up, you will be told the link to the sign up page on the completion screen. In addition, you can log into our site and find the web address for your sign up at any time. Simply click the "Created" tab on your "My Account" page and click on the title of the sign up.  When the sign up displays, copy the URL in the web browser address bar and this is the unique link to the sign up.

Just because we like to be super helpful, we also offer a "Web Button" builder that will help you build a button that you can embed in your website. After your sign up is published, you can login to our site, click the "Goodies" button on the left side of your account page, and scroll down to the "Web Button" area.

How do I send additional email invites after my sign up is live?

I see. You forgot to invite your mom, didn't you? And now she's doing that whole guilt thing where she sweetly says, "Well, if you don't want me to be there, I understand." I'm afraid that you may need a counselor to work through everything completely - but we can at least help you send that extra invite. To add more invites, log into your account on the site. Choose the "Created" tab and click on the icon for the sign up. At the top of the sign up page there is an "Administrator's Toolbar" with a button for "Send a Message" that will allow you to invite more people. Enter the new emails in the box and click update at the bottom of the screen to send additional invites.

Can I send emails to my group other than invitations?

Absolutely!  You can email your group or selected members of your group at any time. Log into the site with the username and password that you used to create the sign up. Choose the "Created" tab and click on the icon for your sign up.  At the top of the screen locate the Administrator's Toolbar and the "Send a Message option". Click here and you'll see our really nifty bulk email tool that will let you email everyone in your group that hasn't signed up or specific participants associated with the sign up!

You can also go straight to the "Messages" button on the left side of your account page to compose and send an email.  Oh... and when you write your email, make sure you use lots of those little emoticons like :) and :0 and use multiple exclamation points after each sentence!!!!!! People love that.

How can I be sure reminder emails are being sent?

You can check to see if you set up your sign up to send automatic email reminders.  Log into your account and click the "Created" tab. Locate your sign up and click the pencil icon to the right of the sign up. Click 'Step 5: Settings' to view the reminder email setting under the 'Miscellaneous Preferences'. If you make any changes to this area, remember to click the 'Update' button at the bottom of the screen to save the modifications.  If you choose to have reminders go out, this will happen automatically.

You can also view the details of emails and reminders sent from your account. Go to "Messages" located on the left side of your account page. From "Messages", click the "Sent" tab. Click the column heading for 'Sent' and your messages will sort by the date order that messages were sent from your account. When you click on the 'Gear' icon to the right of the 'Sent Messages', you can choose from the 'Display Options' to show reminder emails only. You can then click on the 'Stats' icon to the far right of each reminder notification to see who signed up and received a reminder for the event.

We have no control over spam settings, so some of your users may have reminders that end up in their spam folder.  Occasionally we also have problems with email providers completely blocking a reminder because they think it's spam (that means it won't even show up in the spam folder). The user would then need to make sure to add to their contacts program.

Questions about editing a sign up page

How do I edit my signup if I have a date change?

We understand. Your event got rained out... or snowed out... or postponed because of a massive alien invasion. That's no problem. You can edit your dates and sign up slots at any time! Simply log into the site using the email address and password for the account in which the sign up was created. From the "Created" tab on the "My Account" page, you will see a listing of all the active sign ups that you have created. Click the pencil icon to the right of the sign up, and then Step 3: Dates & Times. If this is a live sign up page and people (or aliens for that matter) have already signed up... it may be tricky to adjust. If you're worried, feel free to contact us for help so that you don't accidentally lose your sign up data when adjusting things.

Can the administrator edit a participant's sign up slot?

Absolutely! As the administrator, you are all powerful! You can even fly and lift cars with one hand! Um... well, our lawyers say that we need to retract that last statement... but you certainly can edit a participant's sign up slot.

Go to and log into the account in which the sign up was created.  From the "Created" tab, click on the sign up icon.  Click the  "Add/Edit/Delete People" button in the Administrator's Toolbar at the top of the page.  This page will give you the ability to edit any of the sign up slots. Unless, of course, you are weakened by Kryptonite. 

How do I remove someone's name from my sign up?

Hmm. Did Susan forget about Jimmy's dentist appointment when she signed up to help in the fourth grade class again? It puts you in a real pickle doesn't it? Well, we can help with your sign up. To delete someone's name from a standard sign up, log into your account, and click the "Created" tab.  Click on the sign up, and the top of the page, you'll see an Administrator's Toolbar where you can click on the "Add/Edit/Delete People" button. You can then check the box(es) next to the signed up names that need to be  deleted and click "Delete Selected" at the top of the page. 

If your sign up is an RSVP format sign up, after you click "Add/Edit/Delete People" from the Admin Toolbar you will click "Edit" next to the slot you need to remove.  Under "Attending the event?" click "Delete This RSVP" and then click "Update RSVP" at the bottom of the page.  

Now, to find another parent who wants to keep 35 ten-year-olds under control for a couple hours. Unfortunately, that dilemma is out of our league.

Can I make my sign up inactive or locked from sign ups?

As part of our advanced features, we offer the ability to add start and stop dates to a sign up, as well as lock a sign up to shut down a user's ability to edit or delete their name from the sign up.  There are settings for single date/event sign ups as well as sign ups with multiple dates. To learn more about this feature, and the other options we offer, please click here.

I wanted one person to bring a pack of 24 napkins to the class party. Why are three people signed up for napkins?

So, you don't want 24 people to each bring 1 napkin?  When you enter the # wanted for a slot, you are choosing the number of people you want to allow to sign up for the item.  For example, if you want one person to bring 24 napkins, your slot should read "24 pack of napkins" with a # wanted of one selected.  If you choose quantity of 24, you are actually allowing 24 people to sign up for that slot.

To edit your slots, please go to and log in.  From the "Created" tab, click on the sign up.  At the top of the page click "Edit Content" from the Admin Toolbar.  Go to Step 4: Slots.  Click "Edit" next to the slot you need to edit.  Then, click "Edit Selected" at the top of the columns.  Here you can edit the slot info and then click "Update" to save the changes.

If you already have people signed up on it, this could get tricky.  If you have three people signed up to bring napkins, you can't change that # wanted to one unless you first delete two people from that sign up slot.  The system won't let you reset that quantity to a number less than the number of people signed up.  Contact our support team for further assistance and they'll be happy to help you.

Questions about administering my sign up page

Arrrg! I can't find my created sign up in my account you scurvy dogs!

We'll help you, but first you're going to have to promise to stop talking like a pirate. If you created a sign up previously and you came back to our site and no longer see it in your account... it could be that you are logged in under a different account than the one you created the sign up with. Try to remember if you used a different email address when you created your sign up originally. If you are already logged in, then click on the "Logout" button in the upper right hand corner of the site. Then try logging in again using the address that you used when creating the sign up.  Click the "Created" tab.  If the sign up has active dates you should see it now.  If the sign up is not yet published and you don't see it, you will need to change the settings by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner of the table and making sure you check the option to "Show Unpublished Sign Ups."  You can choose to "Save" that setting as well.

If the date(s) on the sign up have passed, then you'll want to make sure the setting "Show Sign Ups in the Past" is checked.  If the sign up is over 14 months in the past, you'll need to choose the "Archived & Deleted Sign Ups" option at the bottom of the "Created" tab.  You can move an archived sign up to "live" on this page.

If this doesn't solve the problem, contact one of the landlubbers on our technical support team, and they can assist you further. If you have a link to your sign up (from an email invitation), be sure to include it in your support ticket. If you do discover that you have two accounts at our site, you can always merge them together by logging into our site and clicking the "Settings" link on the left side of your account page.  You'll find the merge options there. Then you can get back to swabbing the deck.

Can a sign up be transferred to someone else?

We offer the ability to transfer a sign up from the account of one person to another if one person creates the sign up, but wants someone else to manage it.  To do this, log into and under the "Created" tab click the dots icon to the right of the sign up to select the "Transfer" option.

If you transfer the sign up, the recipient will become the "Sign Up Creator" (or Admin).  All email notifications and questions about the sign up will go to the person to whom you transfer the sign up.

Can I download or export a list of everyone that signed up?

Can you export a list of sign up users?  Can monkeys drool?! YES, of course! Have you never dangled a banana in front of them at the zoo? You're missing out. Anyway, we have a handy-dandy utility called "Reports" that lets you build a list of people that have signed up for one or more sign ups and export them to Excel. To check it out, log into the site with your email and password.  You'll find the "Reports" link on the left side of your account page.

How can I see who I invited to the sign up? Did I already email my Uncle Earl?

I sincerely hope you included Uncle Earl, because the event won't be quite the same without him there. Here's how you check. Log into the site with the email and password that you used to create the sign up, and click "Messages" on the left side of your account page. From the "Dashboard" tab you can view a log of "Recently Sent" emails. Click the 'Stats' icon for a particular row to view Message Details and Message Analytics for the send. 

If you need to send more email invites, go back to your account page. From the "Created" tab, click on the sign up. At the top of the sign up click "Send a Message" from the Admin Toolbar, and enter more email addresses to send the invites. Our system will automatically add these emails addresses to the group that is assigned to the sign up.

Please tell Uncle Earl we said hello... and that he owes us five bucks.  

How do I see who is in my group?

So you're having a little trouble figuring out who owns the email address

If you upload contacts from your address book, the names you have assigned to the email addresses will display when you view a specific group on the "Groups" page.  Should one of your peeps have an account on our site with the email address you enter, and the name on the account is different than the one you have in your address book, our system will over-ride the name you have.

If you manually enter the email addresses, the only entries that will have a name displayed are for those email addresses that have accounts on our site.

It may be helpful to know that you can sort the email addresses alphabetically by clicking the word "Email" in the top left column.  This may help you locate specific addresses if necessary.  Still have questions?  Please contact our support team and we'll be happy to help. The onecrazylady mystery may have to go unsolved.

How can I tell if my invites have been sent?

No one’s responded to your invite to help you pack your valuable gnome collection, so you can move out of your parent’s house? That’s weird. If you want to check to make sure the email invites were sent to your group members, you can log into your account and click "Messages" from the left side of your account page.  Click the "Sent" tab, and you will see a list of emails sent from your account.  From the "Dashboard" tab you can view "Recently Sent" emails.  Click the "Stats icon" for a particular row to view Message Details and Message Analytics for that specific email.

We bet if you offer to have your mom bake brownies for the group, you’ll get a lot of people to sign up. Those brownies are tasty.  

Remove past dates from a sign up

You're one of those people who used to put the big red "X" on every day of your calendar once it was over, weren't you? No, really, we get it. We recognize it's a bit of a pain to scroll through a bunch of past dates to get to openings on a sign up.  We offer  the ability to "hide" past dates and future dates for our Pro users.   If you are interested in finding out more about our Pro options you can click HERE.

To "hide" dates that have passed or dates in the future, you will log into your account, select the "Created" tab, and click the pencil (edit) icon to the right of the sign up. You will then go to Step 3: Dates/Times.   At the bottom of this page you will see  "Advanced Settings."  You can click on this to expand the section.  Click on the button to turn the option "on." Now choose to hide past dates, future dates, or both.  

Generally, we don't recommend that you keep more than one year of information on a sign up since managing it with all those dates can be a bit cumbersome.  You can use the "Reports" option on the left side of your account page to run a report including all of the sign up data to save to Excel.  After you save that data, you can return to your sign up and click "Edit Content" from the Admin Toolbar.  At Step 3: Dates/Times you can remove old dates from the sign up, and the data associated with them.

I can't see the phone number, address, or answer to my custom question.

No, it's not time for a new set of bifocals. We just need to direct you to the right spot to see that info. When you request a phone number, address, or answer to a custom question from the people who sign up, you can find that information in the reports and stats for your sign up. To view that, log into your account, choose the "Created" tab, and click on the sign up. Click the "Reports and Stats" button on the Administrator's Toolbar at the top of your sign up.

Make sure the date ranges include all dates on the sign up, and select the sign up for which you want the report.  Click on the circle next to "List of Sign Ups for Export to Excel" and "Show All Fields."  Click "Create Report" at the bottom, and you'll see the information displayed.  You can export it to Excel, and then save that spreadsheet and/or print it.

I already have some slots filled on my sign up from people who have offered to help. How do I enter their names before I send the sign up out for more volunteers?

Because you know Aunt Betty will make snarky remarks about the dryness of the turkey unless she gets to make it, right? We'll help you set it up so no one else can nab the turkey. First, you want to take the sign up live but do not send out any invites in the last step of the sign up creation process. Go back to your account page, and click on the sign up icon. At the top of the sign up you should see the Admin Toolbar.  Click "Add/Edit/Delete People," and then click "Sign Someone Up." You will then be able to choose to add "A New Person" or choose someone from the existing group, select the item/slot for the person, and submit the entry. You can then either "Save and Continue" or "Save and Add Another Person."

When you have finished adding people, go back to the Admin Toolbar and click "Send a Message."  You will then be able to send email invites to your sign up. Just a hint: sign up for green jello.  You can't mess up green jello.

Can I hide the names of my volunteers on the sign up?

Sure, you can hide their names.  We understand...this is a covert operation, and all volunteers must remain anonymous.  Please go to and log into your account. From the 'Created' tab, click the pencil icon to the right of your sign up.

Go to Step 5: Settings, and just before the 'Preferences' heading, you will see a 'Note' that reads: Only name and comment are seen by participants.  When you click the gear icon to the right of that note, check the box that populates to "Also hide the names from group members." When you check this box, names and any comments entered by the user will not be visible on the sign up to other users. Click the green 'Update' button at the bottom of the screen to save that change. As the sign up creator, if you are logged into the site, you will be able to see the names and comments.....which is because you are logged in and the system recognizes you as the creator.

Of course, if you really want to go covert, what would be cooler is to instruct your peeps to use their alias names...008, or maybe Mockingjay? Just don't use Scarface Genius. That one's already taken.

Questions about SignUpGenius Payments

Can I collect a payment from someone when they sign up?

So you think a lot of people want to sign up and pay to see you do your Elvis impersonation again, huh? While we can't guarantee ticket sales, we can help you create a sign up to collect payments. Check out our SignUpGenius Payments functionality and let our support staff know if you have any questions. Thank you...thank you very much. Get's an Elvis imper-...yeah, nevermind.

Is there a cost associated with using SignUpGenius Payments?

In order to use SignUpGenius Payments, you will need to let one of our staff borrow your Ferrari for a weekend road trip to the beach. What? You don't own a Ferrari?! Well, in that case, the total fee charged to those who sign up and pay is equal to 5% of the transaction amount plus $0.50 per transaction at checkout. This fee is noted as a convenience fee when participants sign up for items on your sign up. There are no additional fees charged to the creator of the sign up/organizer of the event. There are also no set-up fees to activate payments for your account.

Everyone has paid on my sign up... HOW DO I GET MY MONEY?!

Easy there... no need to type in all caps! We'll help you out. After your users make a purchase, the money they've paid is deposited directly into your WePay account. Once your money is deposited in your WePay account, you can access it in several ways: 1) You can transfer the money to your bank account by setting your preferences for daily, weekly, or monthly deposits.  2) You can request a check be mailed to you.  It's that easy!

I registered for payments. Now, how do I create a payment sign up?

We've embedded electromagnetic technology into your sign up that is synced with your brain waves, so when you create a sign up... what you envision for payment slots will already be there! Pretty cool, huh? Unfortunately, NASA recently asked to borrow this technology indefinitely, so for now, you'll need to follow these steps instead...

Create your sign up, following the same steps, you would when creating any sign up with SignUpGenius. When you get to 'Step 4: Slots', add the title for your slot, the # wanted, any additional comments, and assign the slot to the dates/times that apply to that item. Next, click on the box to the right beneath the 'Pay $' heading.

Choose the type of payment - fixed price or no set price, such as a donation. Determine whether the payment will be optional or required and choose whether or not to show the names of those who sign up.  Go through these easy steps again if you want to add multiple payment items on the sign up. When all items have been added to Step 4, complete 'Step 5: Settings' before previewing the sign up. It may not rank up there with mental telepathy between you and your computer, but it's pretty simple. Long live space travel!

How do I refund the user who has signed up and paid?

So you want a fancy-schmancy system that makes your life ultra simple, huh? Done. If a user decides they need to cancel or delete an item they have signed up and paid for, they will need to contact the sign up administrator.  No problem! You can log into your SignUpGenius account and fully or partially refund a buyer by accessing the 'Admin Toolbar' at the top of your sign up and clicking the 'Add/Edit/Delete people' button.

You think that's our next version, we hope to develop a way for your sign up to pour your coffee and put cream and sugar in it, too.  Of course, then you would probably want a latte option, wouldn't you? Sigh. We'll keep working on it.

Questions about Advanced Features with SignUpGenius

Will I be charged automatically when the 14 day free trial ends?

No. Absolutely not. We understand how frustrating it can be to feel like you were tricked into making a purchase you didn't want. We don't even collect any credit card information from you when you initiate the free trial. If you decide you want to subscribe to a paid plan at the end of your free trial, you can purchase at that time. If you don't initiate a purchase, your free trial will expire. All sign ups will remain intact, but any advanced features will no longer be available.

Does my paid subscription re-bill automatically?

Paid subscriptions will automatically renew. The option to auto renew can be disabled at any time by logging in and clicking "Billing" from the left side of your account page.  You will see the "Disable Auto Renew" option under "Active Products." Advanced features will continue until the expiration date listed in the far right column of the "Active Products" area. Once this date passes, your account will revert to a basic account. All sign ups, groups, and data collected on the sign ups will remain in your account.  If you want to later upgrade back to a paid subscription, simply click "Billing" on the left side of the account page and then click "Upgrade."

Why are ads still showing on my sign up? Help!!

Each paid plan includes a set number of No Ads licenses which allows you to remove advertisements from your sign ups. Therefore, if you have 5 No Ads licenses, you have the ability to choose 5 sign ups in your account that will display without advertising. The No Ads licenses can be moved from one sign up to another at any time during your subscription. For example, you could assign a No Ads license to a sign up you create for a potluck - and then after the party is over, you simply move that No Ads license to a new sign up for a new event. You can assign No Ads at Step 5: Settings when creating or editing your sign up.  For sign ups you've already created, you can quickly assign No Ads to several sign ups from the "Billing" tab on the left side of your account page.  You will see the area to assign No Ads under "Active Products." Our Platinum plan will automatically display all sign ups without ads. 

How do I set up an additional administrator with my subscription?

Delegating is a good thing! Managing the cake walk, cotton candy, and prize table might be biting off a bit more than you can chew. To add an additional Admin to your paid account, log in to the account and click "Tools" on the left side of your account page. Click "Manage Admins" to view current roles, edit roles, add new roles, and assign Admins. The subscription level you have will dictate the number of additional Admins you can assign. If you want Peggy to manage the cotton candy sign up, then you can designate her as the Admin at Step 1 for that sign up under "Advanced Settings."  If Bill throws his back out again and can't spin the sugar, Peggy will get the email about it.

How do I specify who gets notifications when using the paid version?

After you have assigned sub-administrators to the account, you will be able to specify which admins. should receive notifications for a particular sign up. This feature is set up in Step 1: General Details. On this page, scroll down to "Advanced Settings." You will then turn on the 'Custom Sign Up Contact' option so that you can specify the contact name(s) and check the boxes for which of the administrators should receive notifications for that specific sign up. 

How do I use Sign Up Tabbing to organize sign ups?

Sign Up Tabbing is a paid feature that allows a sign up creator the ability to group separate sign ups together so that their participants can go from one sign up to another seamlessly.  To add a tab group, you will first create and publish your sign ups.  Go to "Tools" on the left side of your account page and choose, “Manage Tabs.”  Choose to “Add New Tab Group.”  Enter a name for the tab group.  Click “Create Tab Group.” “Add a Sign Up” by clicking that option.  Once you have added sign ups to the tab group, click “Update Tab Group.”

At the top of the page choose the orange button that says, “Back to Tab Groups.”  Here you will see the URL link that has been assigned to your tab group.You can either post this link, or send it in an email.  If you want to send the email through our site, you will need to use the “Messages” area on the left side of your account page.  You can also send the link via your own email program.

Questions about SignUpGenius Features

Does SignUpGenius offer API integration?

You bet, thanks to our brilliant (and attractive) development team! They have created an easy-to-use programming interface to make it simple for you to pull data from your SignUpGenius account and use it in other applications. See our API Portal for details.

Can I duplicate or copy one of my sign ups?

We figure if we can clone a sheep these days, we certainly should be able to duplicate a sign up page. No problem. Log into your account, and click the "Created" tab.  Click the paper icon (duplicate) in the top right area of "Sign Ups I've Created." Follow the directions to duplicate. The duplicate copy will NOT include any names in the sign up slots. When you return to your account page, make sure your "Created" tab settings (gear icon) are set to "Show Unpublished Sign Ups."  You should see the duplicate sign up under "Sign Ups I've Created."

Click the pencil icon (edit) to the right of the sign up,  and you can edit the dates/times/slots and any other step for this new sign up. Also, if this sign up is going to a different group than the group assigned to the original, you'll want to change that at Step 1: General Details. At the top you will either enter a new group name, or choose an existing group.  Click "Update" at the bottom of the page to save that change.  When you take it live, it will be given a unique URL link that is different than the original.  See - I told you duplication wouldn't be too baaaaaad. Get it... sheep? Nevermind.

Attach a document with my invite

Our advanced features offer the ability to store documents in the account GeniusDrive to be added as attachments directly to a sign up or an email sent from the account. 

To attach the files, please log into the account and click "Tools" on the left side of the account page. Choose "Manage Files" and then you can upload your document(s). You can attach a document at Step 1: General Details under "Advanced Settings."  You can include the document as an attachment to an email when you use the "Messages" area of the account (accessible from the left side of the account page) to send the email. If you have any questions, please contact our support team and we'll be happy to help you.

How can I block my volunteers from signing up for more than one slot?

Sometimes a sign up creator wants to keep that overzealous volunteer from over-committing and burning out, or spreading themselves too thin.   Our paid versions offer the ability to limit the number of times a participant can sign up for a particular slot, or across the entire sign up itself.  This restriction can be added at Step 4: Slots. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and expand the "Advanced Settings" area. Turn on the "Quantity Limits for Users" option and enter your parameters. Remember to click the green "Update" button at the bottom of the page to save your settings. For more information about Pro, please click here.  

Add a custom question to your sign up

Sign Up Creators have the option of adding one custom question for basic accounts. To add a custom question, go to Step 5: Settings, click the 'More' button under the general contact information and from there, you can check the box to add a custom question to your sign up. 

Should you need to ask more than one custom question, you have the ability to purchase a paid plan. To view more details about these options, please click here.  If you have additional questions you can contact our support team for direct assistance.

Can I track volunteer hours from my sign ups?

With SignUpGenius Gold and Platinum Packages, you have the ability to generate Volunteer Hours reports across individual sign ups, or mutliple sign ups in your account.  If you would like to see a short video tutorial for our Volunteer Hours report to see the options and screenshots, please click here.

If your current plan is Gold or Platinum, go to and log in to create a Volunteer Hours report.  On the left side of your account page, click "Reports."  Choose the "Volunteers" tab.

Does SignUpGenius offer a calendar view format?

We offer the ability to view sign ups with multiple dates in a calendar view. On the live view of the sign up your participant will see a button called Calendar View on the right side of the header of the table. When they click that button, the sign up will be displayed in the Calendar View.  As the creator, you can also set your sign up to default to the calendar view at Step 4: Slots under "Advanced Settings." If you do that, the participant will still have a button giving them the option to view in the "List View" if they prefer.

How can I add all of my appointments to my personal calendar?

Are you one of those people who has 50 post it notes on their desk? Color-coded? Well, adding your appointments to your calendar might be a better solution. With a paid plan, you can actually create a Calendar Feed that syncs to your calendar program. This way, when participants schedule appointments, they will automatically sync with your personal calendar. You can access this feature by clicking on "Tools" from your account page.  Click here for a tutorial on managing your calendar subscription.

Integrating time zones with sign ups

The default setting for your personal account is found by logging in to your account and locating "Settings" on the left side of the account page. Click: "Other" to make any changes. Remember to select "Update Settings" to save any changes. This setting is used as a default for anything under 'Item's You've Signed Up For'.  If you want to change the time zone for a specific sign up that you created, log in to your account and locate the sign up you created. Click the pencil icon to the right of the sign up and go to "Step 3: Dates and Times". Click the orange underlined option for "Time Zone or Date Format".  The pop-up will display so that you can set the time zone and date format for that specific sign up.
If you have any additional questions regarding the time zone settings for your sign ups, please contact our support team. 

Where can I set up custom reminders and custom confirmation emails?

Our paid subscriptions offer the ability to create custom confirmation and custom reminder emails. You can include specific details in an email that will go out right after participants sign up, and you can also compose a custom reminder email that will automatically go out to your participants right before the event.  

While you are in the process of creating your sign up, you can set these up at Step 5: Settings. You can also access the "Messages" area from the left side of your account page and choose the "Compose" tab to create your templates.

It seems like no one is reading my emails. Can I send text messages instead?

Is this thing on? Seriously, we hear you! Administrators of paid accounts have the ability to send text messages to group members that opt-in for texts. To set this up for your sign ups, you’ll need to log into your account and use the "Messages" link on the left side of the account page. Choose the "Compose" tab and select the option to send an opt-in email to your group. For those group members who choose to opt-in, you can return to the "Messages" area any time to send them information via text.  If you are on the go, you can also use our mobile version to send a text message. On mobile, the link is located on the toolbar under "Tools" and the tab "Messages."

Can I create my own theme to use?

Hello, Picasso! We miss art class, too. SignUpGenius subscribers have the ability to build a custom theme using multiple images and layouts. If you are in the process of creating the sign up, at Step 2: Themes, you will see different premium themes. If you select an existing premium theme, you can then choose  'Customize Selected Theme" in the top right corner, and you will be directed to the theme builder area where you can customize the theme you selected.  You can also start from scratch by clicking "Tools" on the left side of the account page and choosing the"Manage Themes" option.

If I send a text message to my group, can they reply back to me?

When you compose the text message you will see the option to include your reply-to info.  If you have a phone number entered on your account "Settings" page, the system will pull that as the reply-to.  If you do not have a phone number in your settings, the system will list your account email address as the reply-to.

Can SignUpGenius integrate with other applications?

Sure we can! Check out how you can pass data from your SignUpGenius account to Constant Contact, Salesforce, MailChimp, and other popular web apps using Zapier.  You can also post your sign up directly to social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, as well as upload contacts from supported address books.

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