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An Organized Team is Something to Root For

Posted by: Kate White on 9/12/14 08:41 AM EST
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Sports Sign Ups!

Rah, rah, sis-boom-bah! From soccer to football and crew to cross country, fall sports are in full swing. Whether you are planning the snack schedule, organizing concession stand volunteers, coordinating carpools to away games or managing the team fundraiser, let SignUpGenius be your one-stop shop for getting organized this season! 

Let us spell out why your T-E-A-M may need SignUpGenius: 

T is for TIMELY. Often sports parents are juggling a million other responsibilities as well. Send timely email invites and reminders to help everyone stay organized. 

E is for EASY. Creating an online sign up and sending it out is super-simple. Manage your sign ups at home or on the go easily with SignUpGenius Mobile

A is for AFFORDABLE. You don’t have to spend big bucks to manage your team. Use our basic version for free, or check out our affordable PRO options to take advantage of advanced features. 

M is for MONEY-MAKING. SignUpGenius Payments can assist you in selling team merchandise, collecting money for a coach’s gift, selling tickets for games and running a fundraiser

As you can see, there is no “I” in team, but getting organized does start with YOU. We hope you have a WINNING season! Get started TODAY!


Posted by JOLINDA YAMAMOTO on Tue Sep 16, 2014 6:38 PM EST
Why can't the owner of the signup decide if they want it to be public or private? Like Eventbrite or other websites? Why do I have to have everyone that wants to sign up go through entering my email address?
I use this for a school sign up for high school and don't have everyone's email address to invite them. I want this sign up to be user friendly from the start. Let me send a link to on an email.

Also - what happened to the Recourses where there is widget code that I could copy for a button that links to my signup?
Posted by Teresa Clark on Wed Sep 17, 2014 9:55 AM EST
Hi Jolinda! Any sign up creator can determine the level of privacy and level of data needed for their sign up.
Email addresses are requested, but you do not have to require the email address for your users to sign up for any event. You also do not need to send invites from our site or have the email addresses of those you want to invite to sign up. It is not necessary to send invites from our site. When you are ready to take the sign up live, click the option to "Take my sign up live but don't send emails." The next page will show you the URL link in green. Just copy it from here and you can compose an email with and include this link.

If you ever need to locate the link again, just log into your account and click on the sign up. The URL in your web address bar is the unique link to the sign up.

To create the Web Button, you will log into your account, go to the left side of your account page and scroll down the list of options until you see: 'Goodies'. Scroll past the logo options until you see the column heading for: 'Web Button Builder'. Follow the steps to build a button. You will see the code to use if you plan to embed the button into your website.

If you wish to post the index page link, and not embed a web button, please click the created button (above the code) and it will take you to the created index page. You can copy the URL in your browser, and this will be the unique link to the index page. You can post this link, or send it through an email, FB, etc.. If you add more sign ups to the account, they will be visible on the index page as well.

If you add more sign ups to the account, they will be visible on the index page as well.
If you have any other questions, please contact our support team for additional assistance with your specific sign ups. Thanks!
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We have the antidote for stressed out organizers!

Posted by: Kate White on 9/4/14 09:02 AM EST

So you want to learn more about SignUpGenius? Look no further. Join Katie and Jeff on their journey as they seek to organize their busy lives. Now you, too, can share your love for banishing reply all emails and paper sign ups with SignUpGenius!


Posted by Jennifer Link on Tue Sep 9, 2014 11:31 AM EST
Would be nice to be able to post comments/questions for the event that show up on the event page - obviously only to people who are invited to the event. It is a lot easier to address issues/concerns/questions with one comment rather than have tons of emailing between the host of the event and the invitees. Then when people have questions, they can see other's comments and find the answer.
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Check Out Our New Fall Look

Posted by: Angel Rutledge on 8/28/14 08:18 AM EST
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With all of the fun fall fashions coming out, we couldn’t resist donning a NEW STYLE of our own just for you. It’s clean. It’s simple. It’s designed with your busy lifestyle in mind. Find all of the tools and info you need to plan any fall event quickly. We can’t wait to help you look like a fabulous group organizer! 

In a hurry? Here’s a SNAPSHOT of the feature ensembles we’ve put together. 

Stocking Up on the Basics (Available for free in SignUpGenius Basic)  

75 New Sign Up Themes for Fall
Advanced Email Sending Options
Intro to SignUpGenius Flyers
Email Reporting
Increased Server Capacity 

Look Like a Pro (Available in affordable SignUpGenius Pro Subscriptions)

Attachments on Sign Ups and Emails
GeniusDrive Cloud Storage
Volunteer Hours Report
Themed Email Invites
Email Open and Click Through Tracking 



Curious to learn more? KEEP READING! 



NEW! 75 Sign Up Themessign up sheet images
We couldn’t resist showing these off earlier this month, but if you haven’t had a chance to check them out yet, here they are. 

NEW! Advanced Email Sending Options
You asked and we listened. Now you can send emails to multiple groups or individuals. While you’re at it, why not send multiple sign ups in one email? It's even possible to send an email that points people to an index page of all of your group's sign ups in one spot. 

NEW! Intro to SignUpGenius Flyers
When you realized SignUpGenius would do away with reply all emails, you couldn’t stop telling everyone you knew about our online sign up service. We get it. But we also know some people are a little hesitant about trying out new technology. That’s why we’ve created SignUpGenius intro flyers and welcome letters for you to share. Down with reply all emails everywhere!  

NEW! Email Reporting
Ever wonder if your emails are actually going out to people? We can help with that. Now you can see the delivery and bounce status of every email you send. Check out our new Message Center. 

NEW! Increased Server Capacity
Did you know that we send over 10 MILLION EMAILS a month here at SignUpGenius? Yikes… that’s a lot of messages to keep track of. We’ve greatly increased our server capacity to minimize delays in your email sending.

New! Attachments on Sign Ups and Emails
Provide additional information or forms that group members need for an event by including file attachments on sign ups or in emails. Group members can download files and use them as needed. 

cloud storage GeniusDrive SignUpGeniusNEW! GeniusDrive Cloud Storage
Our new GeniusDrive gives Pro users access to cloud file storage for their account. Upload documents AND images related to your event in your own GeniusDrive storage area and voila…you can add attachments to your sign ups, email them to your group members, or share them with your subadmins! How genius is that?

NEW! Volunteer Hours Report
Have you ever needed to know how many hours a volunteer signed up to serve? Our powerful volunteer hours report allows you to do that and SO MUCH MORE. Track volunteer hours across individual or multiple sign ups. You can even track hours by groups of people to find out how much time an entire family, classroom, or subcommittee volunteered.   

sign up sheet image themed emailNEW! Themed Email Invites
If you’re the kind of person who likes to coordinate her purse with her nail polish, this feature was made for you. Look like a true event organizing genius with themed emails to match your sign ups. Tres chic!  

NEW! Email Open and Click Through Tracking

Sometimes knowing an email was delivered isn't all of the information you need. You can view the open and click through rates for all email invites that you send for the times when you want to know who has seen your sign up and how often they've viewed it. email delivery tracking

All this and we’re just getting started. With a sleek and sassy new site design, SignUpGenius Mobile is feeling a bit frumpy. Watch for changes to Mobile early this fall. Didn’t see another new feature you were hoping for? Stay tuned for more upgrades in coming months.  

Through September 15th, SignUpGenius is offering upgrades from individual accounts to a Pro version for as little as $99.99 a year.  SignUpGenius Pro provides an advanced suite of features for power users that includes multiple administrator access, removal of ads, scheduled start and stop dates on sign ups, and more. UPGRADE NOW! Have a question? Be sure to drop us a line and we will be happy to help. Let the fall organizing begin! 

Posted by Amy Tidwell on Mon Sep 8, 2014 2:07 PM EST
If you have more than one account on our site, you have to make sure you log into the account in which the sign up was created to have Admin access. Once you do that, you'll see the sign up(s) under "Sign Ups I've Created" and you will see the "View/Edit/Delete" options. If you have any further concerns, please email our support team directly via the Help button. Thanks!
Posted by Kristin Marnie on Thu Sep 11, 2014 11:06 AM EST
I am having trouble editing 4 specific slots/dates within the schedule I have created. I need to lessen the # of slots however when checking the specific dates (future dates), it is not allowing those dates to be updated due to 1 or 2 volunteers already signed up (however the # of slots are not filled). Can someone provide feedback on what I can do?
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Stanford University Museum Raises $250000 with the Help of SignUpGenius

Posted by: Todd Bruss on 8/25/14 03:08 PM EST
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The Cantor Arts Center, Stanford University’s only museum, is a vital and dynamic institution that was founded in 1891 with the university. In the 1950’s, the need to raise funds for the museum’s collections prompted volunteers to launch Treasure Market. This renowned event is an opportunity for individuals and collectors to purchase fine furniture, china, crystal, silver, books, art works and more. 

This year Volunteer Ticket Sales Chair Janet Tang chose to simplify scheduling with the use of SignUpGenius Pro. We recently chatted with Janet to see how the process went:

How did you coordinate event sign ups before you found SignUpGenius? Painfully… [We coordinated] manually by phone and e-mail to schedule 350 people.

How would you rank the usability of the SignUpGenius Pro? What feedback have you received from others? I have received positive responses from everyone, even the individuals that are not tech-savvy.

How has utilizing the site affected your life as an organizer?  It has saved me so much time! I just set up the schedule on the site and did not have to do much of anything. I did have to help some people sign up (ones without computers or problems with computers), change time slots, or cancel sign up. All those special attention requests were less than 10, out of 350. I was happy.

Which features of the site have been most useful to you? I was able to easily create a complicated schedule and most importantly, I can have the volunteers e-mail addresses for future contact.

How did using have an impact on the people/group with whom you work?  All the department chairs thought that I was such a techy person because everything they requested I was able to say yes, I can do it. Your site was so easy to manage.

What would you like to tell others who are thinking about using  It will save so much of your time. 

The Treasure Market will net $250,000 this year alone. Find out more about how SignUpGenius can help you with your next fundraiser HERE.

And, if you need an advanced suite of features be sure to check out SignUpGenius Pro  like Tang did. You won't regret it! 


Posted by catherine weber on Thu Aug 28, 2014 8:29 AM EST
Tope the new site will eliminate having people sign up for YESTERDAY!
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Coming Soon...A Whole New SignUpGenius!

Posted by: Angel Rutledge on 8/20/14 01:07 PM EST
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volunteer sign up sheet SignUpGenius site redesign

Wouldn't it be nice to have a little less stress this fall? We want you to enjoy the events in your life, not spend so much time organizing them. Visit SignUpGenius on August 28th to see how we're about to make group organizing even easier!

Posted by Bridgett Bruderer on Sat Aug 30, 2014 12:25 AM EST
I would appreciate seeing a feature that allows to create a sign up for every hour. I create daily signups for cafeteria and copy room volunteers and those are daily in half hour or one hour increments and although I can pick the days to recur, the time slots aren't there yet. Shutterfly does this.... hint hint!
Posted by Teresa Clark on Sat Aug 30, 2014 8:10 AM EST
Hi Bridgett, We already offer a time slot feature like you described. The time slot option allows a sign up creator to enter the beginning date/ending date, checking the days of the week for these dates and times to recur. The system then populates that range of recurring time slots for you in the increment you wish to enter. If you need help using this feature, please email our support team for further instruction, they will be happy to help!
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Look Who's Talking about SignUpGenius!

Posted by: Kate White on 8/15/14 08:38 AM EST
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green exclamationAt SignUpGenius it’s always so rewarding to hear from our users who have wonderful things to say about our sign up service! Check out what these users have to say: 

“We started using (SignUpGenius) last year for our school fundraiser and other school activities. Volunteerism is up significantly...And it's so much easier to organize.”
- Terri T., Silver Spring, Maryland 

“Been using your website for the past 6 months and what a time saver it has become!! I'm a Director of a non-profit charity (B.R.A.K.E.S.) and we have been using this tool to coordinate our volunteers, plus schedule a data base of 150 driving instructors from all over the country. THANK YOU for making my job easier - great website!”
- Matt R., Concord, NC 

“This is the most outstanding site I have found in my seven years as chairperson of our volunteers. Compared to using paper sign up sheets....NO COMPARISON! Not only did we get 20% more volunteers than in previous years, the whole process of scheduling, tracking and reporting was so much easier. Thank you!”
- Jan C., New Berlin, WI 

“I have never used an easier website or managed my Career Day speakers (all 185) any smoother than when I used Sign up Genius. I was skeptical about how it worked but every email I sent the support staff was answered quickly and with valuable suggestions on how to make my sign up exactly what I needed it to be. The spreadsheets are perfect. Now I tell everyone and use it for the PTSA meetings, my daughters Photography Booster and hope to use it soon with her soccer team. I love you guys for creating this amazing tool!”
- Jeanny L., Miami, FL 

We’d love to hear from you! Tell us what you are organizing this fall HERE.
To take advantage of our Fall Promotion, and learn more about SignUpGenius Pro, click HERE!


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