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New Feature: Contact Importing

Posted by: Dan Rutledge on 4/10/14 10:20 AM EST
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Hold the phone, Joan. This late breaking news is just in. Today SignUpGenius announced new scratch-and-sniff sign up technology! Creating a church snack sign up? Now you can scratch your monitor and you’ll actually smell the cookies! Yum.  

Wait – today’s not April first? In that case, we’ve been so busy creating a real jaw-dropping enhancement we must have missed it.  

New FeatureIntroducing…easy contact importing. Now in addition to adding emails manually to our system, you can also import your group members from a variety of sources including Yahoo mail, MSN, Hotmail, Outlook, AOL, and Gmail! That’s right – getting your contacts into our system has never been so easy. Choose the service that stores your contacts, authorize the import, and POOF – your names and emails are pulled right into our system, and you can immediately invite all your contacts to your sign up. It’s that simple! Um, well, except that our legal department says we need to disclose that your computer will not actually make the “POOF” sound… although it would be cool if it did. 

In addition to importing from these major programs, we’ve also added a CSV file import to handle other contact databases. You can now export your contacts from almost any kind of database that will create a standard CSV file. Once you upload the file, we’ll pull in the names as well as the emails so that your users can immediately receive personalized invites to your sign up. It’s easier than applying suntan lotion to your dog! Eww. Anyway – take our word for it. It’s easy.  

We understand that getting all your users properly invited to a sign up is a huge part of increasing your response rate and filling up those sign up slots. With easy contact importing, sending individual email invites to everyone is now quick and simple. So what are you waiting for? Quit scratching your monitor for crying out loud and go import some contacts!

Posted by Diana Donnan on Mon Apr 14, 2014 2:48 PM EST
Is there a way to copy an already established signup and share with someone else. Or duplicate it? For example, I have set something up for AM kindergarten and need one for PM as well. Can I do that without redoing the entire signup?
Posted by Amy Tidwell on Mon Apr 14, 2014 8:53 PM EST
Hi Diana,
On your account page under "Sign Ups I've Created" you should see the "Duplicate a sign up" button. If you need further assistance, please click the "Help" tab and contact our support team directly. Thanks!
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Announcing our Fundraising Giveaway WINNER!

Posted by: Kate White on 4/4/14 12:49 PM EST
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winning ballot envelopeThank you to everyone who entered the Fundraising Made Easy Giveaway sponsored by FlipGive!

Please allow us to introduce our winning Fundraising Group:  

Mountainville Academy in Alpine, UT

The school will receive a check for $2500 to help boost fundraising efforts.

School Principal Janese Vance was notified about the prize money on April 1st, and we assured her the news of winning was not an April Fool’s joke! Vance said, “We are beyond thrilled to win this money. We are a school and we never have enough money to do what we need to do to help the students at our school.” 

mountainville academy


Mountainville Academy parent KayLynn Sims nominated the school to win the Grand Prize, and will also receive a $100 Visa gift card. Says Sims, “I nominated our school because we are always looking for creative ways to raise money. I am currently serving on the FSO (Family Student Organization) as our vice chair and we have an anonymous donor that is matching our funds dollar to dollar until the end of the year. I thought it would be such a blessing to have a bigger chunk for that!” 

SignUpGenius staff members were pleased to hear that we’ve also been able to help Mountainville Academy in their planning endeavors! The school’s FSO uses SignUpGenius for volunteer sign ups and the school registrar uses the site for setting appointments. Sims noted, “Our carnival is a logistic nightmare without SignUpGenius.” 

Here at SignUpGenius, we know raising funds can seem burdensome. That is why we want to make it easier to achieve your money-making goals. Be sure to connect with our friends over at FlipGive - they are fundraising experts! In fact, their site can help you build an online campaign and earn up to 40% when friends shop at popular retailers and brands. Also, check out the SignUpGenius Fundraising Page to get the tools you need for success!

Posted by Karen Iskandar on Sat Apr 12, 2014 8:42 PM EST
When I try to import email addresses from gmail it gives me a blank pop up box and then tells me that I didn't "accept" in a timely manner. Is this because my custom design is not yet approved?
Posted by Amy Tidwell on Sat Apr 12, 2014 9:25 PM EST
It's probably doing this because it's taking you too long to log into your Gmail account. Please try going to gmail and logging in first, then try to upload from our site. If you continue to have problems, please email our support team directly using the Help tab.
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Maximize Fundraising Potential with SignUpGenius Payments

Posted by: Kate White on 3/28/14 11:26 AM EST
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piggy bank mouseOrganizing fundraising efforts can seem daunting. Luckily, SignUpGenius has some great resources to help you raise funds online directly from your sign up!  SignUpGenius Payments makes it simple to collect money for everything from event registration and ticket sales to merchandise purchases and capital campaigns. An option to accept cash donations allows anyone to give easily!


More Fundraising Ideas and Tips:

Boost your Fundraising Efforts with $2500:

Last chance! Nominate your favorite Fundraising Group by 3/31/14 for a chance to WIN $2500 in the Fundraising Made Easy giveaway sponsored by FlipGive!

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New Themes in Full Bloom!

Posted by: Kate White on 3/24/14 03:37 PM EST
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While we are aware that there is still snow on the ground in some parts of the country, let us remind you that it is officially Spring! The promise of warmer temperatures often stirs excitement for springtime events and festivities. Here at SignUpGenius, we couldn’t be more thrilled to announce the addition of new themes for your spring sign ups!

Whether you are planning Easter festivities, a family reunion or a spring consignment sale, we’ve got new theme designs that will inspire the planning genius in you.

Click on the thumbnails below for a preview. To view our full selection of themes, click here.

40th Birthday sign up sheet
40th Birthday - See Family Category
Food Drive sign up sheet
Food Drive - See Clubs & Groups Category
Gardening sign up sheet
Gardening - See NEW THEMES Category
Vines sign up sheet
Vines - See General Category
Easter 2 sign up sheet
Easter 2 - See NEW THEMES Category
Sale sign up sheet
Sale - See Fundraising Category
Webinar sign up sheet
Webinar - See Business Category
Business Meeting sign up sheet
Business Meeting - See General Category
Fondue sign up sheet
Fondue - See Food Category
Mowing sign up sheet
Mowing - See Business Category
Sewing & Quilting sign up sheet
Sewing & Quilting - See Clubs & Groups Category
Cross Country Skiing sign up sheet
Cross Country Skiing - See Sports Category
Spelling Bee sign up sheet
Spelling Bee - See Education Category
Alphabet sign up sheet
Alphabet - See Education Category
Muslim sign up sheet
Muslim - See NEW THEMES Category
Carnival Fundraiser sign up sheet
Carnival Fundraiser - See Arts & Media Category
16th Birthday sign up sheet
16th Birthday - See Family Category
Consignment Sale sign up sheet
Consignment Sale - See Clubs & Groups Category
Easter sign up sheet
Easter - See NEW THEMES Category
Father's Day sign up sheet
Father's Day - See Family Category
Mother's Day sign up sheet
Mother's Day - See Family Category
Graduation sign up sheet
Graduation - See Education Category
Business Agreement sign up sheet
Business Agreement - See General Category
Crossfit sign up sheet
Crossfit - See NEW THEMES Category
Training Classes sign up sheet
Training Classes - See Business Category
Soup sign up sheet
Soup - See Food Category
Zumba sign up sheet
Zumba - See NEW THEMES Category
Writing & Blogging sign up sheet
Writing & Blogging - See Business Category
Season Banquet sign up sheet
Season Banquet - See Fundraising Category
School Reunion sign up sheet
School Reunion - See Education Category
Camo sign up sheet
Camo - See NEW THEMES Category
50th Birthday sign up sheet
50th Birthday - See Family Category
Family Reunion sign up sheet
Family Reunion - See Family Category
Field Day sign up sheet
Field Day - See Education Category
Garage Sale sign up sheet
Garage Sale - See Clubs & Groups Category

Posted by Amy Tidwell on Tue Mar 25, 2014 8:24 AM EST
Thank you for your suggestions. These are great ideas and we appreciate input from users like you that help us prioritize ways to make our service even more user friendly!
Posted by Christiana Drapkin on Tue Mar 25, 2014 2:49 PM EST
GREAT to see your Garden Group signup sheet! I've been using Signupgenius for the past 4 years to organize our communal garden chores and social get-togethers. Seasonal nature pix are always fun. I had uploaded some of my own harvest pictures, which you always approved within 24 hours. That was fun and easy, too.
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User Spotlight: Girl Scouts of Citrus Council

Posted by: Kate White on 3/19/14 11:02 AM EST
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girl scouts of citrusWe recently chatted with Marcy Hutchens, the Service Unit Manager for the Girl Scouts of Citrus Council. Hutchens recently coordinated their Girl Scout cookie booths with SignUpGenius and was thrilled with the results. Check out what she had to say!

How many cookie booth shifts were you able to coordinate with SignUpGenius? 898 booth slots were created with SignUpGenius. 41 troops out of 46 troops participated over the course of 4 weekends. 

How is the money raised from cookie booths used? Each troop earns their own money. My troop earned $848.52. The girls have decided to use their money to buy supplies for local shelters, horseback ride and go to a waterpark at end of year.

Can you give us a specific example of a feature that helped you manage things better? I needed to know just how many booths a certain troop signed up for. I was able to create the [custom] report… and BAM... there it was. 

What have others thought about SignUpGenius when you recommended it to them? I had numerous leaders thank me for making cookie booths sign ups so easy this year. They loved that they had the ability to look at the entire weekend and then choose a location on their own time. When a booth was slow, they looked to see if there were any booths near by that were available to move to. Also the leaders were able to print out their schedule and have one sheet of paper with all their booths. They loved that! 

How has using SignUpGenius affected your life as an organizer? SignUpGenius gave me freedom from being tied to my leaders all weekend. It allowed me to be confident that the leaders could locate another booth location if needed. 

What does selling these cookies mean to your group and to the girl scouts? Cookies enable girls to grow their 5 skills: Goal Setting, Decision Making, Money Management, People Skills and Business Ethics.  I can tell you I saw my little 6 year olds courage and confidence grow over their time at the booths. Being able to speak to customers, look them in the eye, give your opinion… this is something that is hard for adults to do... yet after an hour at a booth, they become pro's!

Thanks, Marcy, for sharing with us about your sign up success! It's excited to see your girls be able to flourish under great management. So honored that you chose to use SignUpGenius to help save time and improve efficiency. Save a box of Thin Mints for us next year!

Share with us below how YOUR group uses SignUpGenius, and don't forget to enter our Fundraising Made Easy Giveaway for a chance to win $2500 for you Fundraising Group!

Posted by Susan Meiselman on Mon Mar 24, 2014 10:32 AM EST
As a Troop Leader, I used Sign Up Genius for girls and adults to sign up to work our cookie booth sales. It was easy to set up and worked really well!
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New Feature: Sign Up Locking by Date!

Posted by: Dan Rutledge on 3/12/14 08:58 AM EST
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SUG new feature!The weather is getting warmer… at least in some parts of the country… so at SignUpGenius we want to help you make a ‘spring forward’ in your volunteer organizing! Today we’re unveiling an exciting new feature for SignUpGenius Pro users: sign up locking by date. You asked for it and we listened. Now you can create multi-date sign ups and prevent users from either signing up or changing their sign up as it gets close to the day of the event!  

How does it work? After entering all the dates of your sign up, Pro users have two new settings they can choose. You can choose to stop people from signing up as it gets close to the date of the event and you can also choose to lock people from editing or deleting their slot as it gets close to the date of the event. Chose one or both options and customize the number of days before the event that you want the lock to take place.  

Locking Settings

This feature is a lifesaver for organizers that want to prevent their group members from making last minute changes. Say that you are a professor at an elite university known for its prestigious 'Puppetry Major' and that Puppetry Sign Upyou are in charge of signing up students for their grueling application interviews, which of course include an intense sock puppet improv section. With the new locking by date feature, you can create an ongoing sign up with available interview slots on every day of the week and set it up so that once someone signs up, they cannot cancel their slot within two days of the interview. That way you can make sure that prospective puppateers can’t cancel their appointment after you’ve already gone through the work of washing all the socks. 

Then again, maybe you are in charge of bringing the snacks to the weekly meetings of your Dendrophobia Support Group for those with an intense and overpowering fear of trees. The meeting is on Mondays but you always go shopping on Saturdays for the snacks becauseSample locks your favorite grocery store (the only one in the city without landscaping) is closed on Sundays. You have created an online sign up page where people sign up and confirm each week who is coming to the support group. With the new locking by date feature, you can also put a ‘lock’ on sign ups so that no one can sign up the day before the event after you have already purchased your yummy snacks and stored them in the refrigerator of your home with the paved yard and no vegetation.  

These, of course, are just the most common uses of the feature – but I’m sure that you’ll find lots of new ways to use this exciting upgrade!  It’s available now in all levels of SignUpGenius Pro. You can try SignUpGenius Pro today with our easy 14-day free trial!

Start Your Free Trial of SignUpGenius Pro!

Posted by St Fabian PIP on Thu Mar 20, 2014 6:56 PM EST
I have contacted you guys many times about different features that would be helpful to schools, like mine, who require parents to work a certain number of volunteer hours. I have requested before that I be able to LOCK a signup to editing, but that it still remain ACTIVE. For example, I no longer want people signing up to work lunch duty in February, but it would be nice if I had the option to leave the signup "Active" for a period of time so parents can still VIEW it, but also have it LOCK for editing. As it is now, I have to add a fake date to the Feb signup, say Mar 31, so that parents can view if their hours have been approved. Then after Mar 31 passes, I have to go back in and delete that fake day. Would be really nice on the home page of My Account, under each signup where it says, Edit, View, Delete, some kind of little check box that makes the signup still visible on my main page. It would also be helpful to lock a signup AFTER the event, and not just prior, which I understand is not one of the current options. Thank you!
Posted by Amy Tidwell on Fri Mar 21, 2014 12:58 PM EST
St. Fabian PIP thank you for your input. You'll be pleased to know that the feature you are describing was added to the site in Feb of this year. You can lock a sign up now with any of our Pro levels. Please take a look at more information about how our Pro features will help you manage your volunteers even better!
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