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Be a Pro Organizer this Year!

Posted by: Kate White on 1/22/15 11:41 AM EST
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You just cracked open the 2015 planner, but it doesn’t take long for your calendar to get cluttered with volunteer opportunities, fundraising obligations, events and extra-curricular activities. 

With the New Year in full swing, you may feel like you’re already falling behind. Don’t worry. Before the year gets away from you, we are offering a stress-busting solution to your organizing woes!

Do you need to:
    Attach a document to your sign up?
   Start or close your sign up on a specific date?
   Track volunteer hours?
   Schedule emails?
   Add multiple administrators to your account?
   Hide dates that are in the past on your sign up?
   “Lock” sign ups to prevent people from making changes right before an event?

If you’ve said YES to any of the above, we have the perfect time-saving tool for you – SignUpGenius Pro. And now we’re offering an annual subscription for as low as $99.99 through 2/15/15. 

Ahhh… This is sure to be the most organized year ever!


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Introducing Sign Up Tabbing

Posted by: Kate White on 1/13/15 04:59 PM EST
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If you’re on an organizing kick this New Year, you’ll LOVE this! Sign Up Tabbing is a new feature that allows you to organize multiple sign ups using a tabbed navigational menu. Think fresh, new filing system to start off the year! 

Now you can:

  • Organize sign ups into groups for easy viewing with tab labels that look just like file folders.
  • View multiple sign ups with one URL.
  • Toggle between sign up tabs to see needs on individual sign ups.
  • Add, delete or edit tabs within a group as your sign up needs change.
  • Break up large sign ups into smaller ones that are easier to navigate. 

Tabbing is best for:
Year long tasks - Churches can schedule Children’s Ministry volunteers for the whole year, but separate sign ups by the month.

Multiple Group Sign Ups - Schools can organize parent teacher conferences for the entire school, but display separate tabs for each teacher’s class. 

Variety of Sign Up Needs - Sports leagues can show all of their volunteer needs, but break up responsibilities into multiple sign ups that can be accessed in one place. 

That's right, the ultimate in organization is now yours when you upgrade to SignUpGenius Pro. Need one more reason to try it? For a limited time, you can get an entire year of SignUpGenius Pro for as little as $99.99.

Posted by L Gaskins on Tue Jan 27, 2015 12:07 AM EST
I can not get past the Captcha Authentication process to look up a sign up event. I don't know what to do from here....
Posted by Teresa Clark on Thu Jan 29, 2015 1:23 PM EST
Hi L!
We will be happy to help you access your sign up. Please email the support team at: and someone will help you as quickly as possible! Thanks for letting us know that you are having trouble accessing the account.
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Happy (Organized) New Year!

Posted by: Kate White on 1/7/15 01:42 PM EST
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Getting organized is more than a goal – it’s a lifestyle. Want to vow to get more organized and STAY that way in 2015? 

Here are our 5 Steps to a more Organized New Year: 

1. Say Good-bye to the Past
Gone are the days of sending reply-all emails and collecting cash payments. Check out our Evolution of Volunteer Organizing Infographic to see just how far we’ve come. You’ll never look back! 

2. Jump Right In
The great thing about getting organized is that you can start TODAY. Read our Organization Tips and start incorporating little changes in to your day-to-day. 

3. Make it Your Own
Just like with weight loss, the same approach to an organized life won’t work for everyone. If your first idea doesn’t stick, try another one (or ten).  

4. Work Smart
Use SignUpGenius to take the busy work out of planning for home, church, sports or school. (With all the time you’ll save, you may just find time to start up that new hobby you’ve been dreaming of). 

5. All Aboard!
Sometimes it's just not enough to only get yourself organized. Need to introduce SignUpGenius to your group this New Year to get everyone on the same page? Check out our full list of downloadable resources.

Wishing you a productive and organized New Year!


Posted by george doering on Tue Jan 13, 2015 6:59 PM EST
My wife & I both use Sign up Genius from the same computer. We are having trouble gaining access to our respective accounts. Can you point us to a sign out or a work around to this problem. It is very frustrating.
Posted by Teresa Clark on Mon Jan 19, 2015 9:21 AM EST
Hi George,
I'm sorry you have had trouble accessing your different accounts from the same computer.
When you have finished logging in and signing up using your account (and email address), you will want to be sure to use the 'Logout' option located in the upper right hand corner of the sign up. By logging out, your wife will then be able to login to her account. If you run into any other issues, please email the support team and someone will be happy to assist.
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SignUpGenius Christmas Card

Posted by: Dan Rutledge on 12/23/14 09:09 AM EST
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Thanks to you, the SignUpGenius Crew enjoyed an amazing 2014! We're grateful to have played a small role in some of the events you organized this past year. In between opening gifts and listening to Uncle Ed's high school football memories...again, we hope you'll take one minute to laugh at some of our 2014 memories.



Posted by Kea Herron on Wed Jan 7, 2015 11:33 AM EST
I ADORE your holiday 2014 video! What fun and creativity abounds at SignUpGenius!
Wish I could work with you! (Ho, Ho, Ho, but it's true!)
Thanks for what you do and Happy New Year!
Posted by Teresa Clark on Thu Jan 8, 2015 5:00 PM EST
Thanks so much, Kea!
We really do love what we do here at SignUpGenius and it's a lot of fun for us to hear from our users as they organize events throughout the year.
Best Wishes to you for an awesome 2015!
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The Night Before Christmas [SignUpGenius Edition]

Posted by: Kate White on 12/17/14 11:54 AM EST
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christmas tree and stockings by fireplace'Twas the weeks before Christmas and all through our house,
the events were piling up - for me, the kids and my spouse.

The parties, the potlucks - for church, work and school,
Were simply in need of a handy online planning tool!

When what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But a website to coordinate events through the year!

Wish lists and class parties usually cause such a clatter,
Though next time I’ll say, “Hey! I’ve handled the matter!”

When I tell others SignUpGenius is the solution for all,
A collective sigh rings out from groups large and small.

Now I’ll coordinate those sign ups shouting hip hip hooray,
“Happy Holidays to all… SignUpGenius saves the day!” 


Posted by zaynah Welch on Fri Dec 26, 2014 6:57 PM EST
Happy new year all ya'll
thanks, dorky doo
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The Gift of Christmas Present

Posted by: Kate White on 12/11/14 12:35 PM EST
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santa girl online paymentsHarassing people for cash and tracking down money at school drop-off doesn’t exactly spread the holiday cheer. And just the thought of having to organize and keep track of who has paid how much can leave you grumpy. This year, those old money collection efforts can become Ghosts of Christmases Past!

Avoid being a real Scrooge this holiday season with SignUpGenius Payments, a low-cost alternative that can easily be activated on your sign up so people can sign up and pay at the same time! '

Use SignUpGenius Payments to:

  • Gather cash for the teacher or boss’s gift
  • Collect funds for an end-of-season coach’s gift
  • Sell holiday event tickets
  • Plan a holiday giving campaign
  • Collect money donations for a family in need

Spend less time fielding cash and spend more time enjoying the season! You may even say it’s a Christmas miracle.


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