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NEW WEBISODE: Has This Stressed-Out Mom Reformed?

Posted by: Erin Dunn on 06/22/2016 12:00 AM EDT

Ever wonder what happened to Megan Miller, our favorite frazzled mom who has a knack for causing trouble when she’s trying to organize events?

Check out our latest webisode: a tell-all interview on Dr. Lisa’s talk show with Megan and her husband Paul. You’ll hear how Megan’s Extreme Organizer Stress — or EOS — caused some trouble with other moms and eventually landed her in jail. 


Cut her some slack. Without SignUpGenius, reply-all emails and paper sign ups can be a real nightmare! Watch our first two webisodes to see how Megan landed in hot water to start.  

Webisode 1: Stressed Out Mom Jailed for Not Using SignUpGenius!
Webisode 2: Soccer Mom Jailed Again for Snack Sign Up Snafus.



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Summer Survival Guide: Dive in!

Posted by: Erin Dunn on 06/17/2016 12:00 AM EDT
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summer, activities, ideas, kids, survival guide, children, summer breakSchools are letting out, and visions of nights roasting S’mores and days by the pool are probably swimming in your head. The vibe may be more casual, but there are lots of memories to be made. Try some of our favorite ideas to make this a memorable summer. And don’t forget the sunscreen!  

No matter the season of your life, summer is a great time to relax and break from the routine. So pull up a lawn chair and get to it!


Posted by Tamra VandenBerg on Monday, June 20, 2016 2:56 PM EDT
Does anyone know how to change the reminder to people who are signed up?
Posted by Betsy Lytle on Tuesday, June 21, 2016 10:52 AM EDT
Hi Tamra,
If you want to change the default reminder setting, go to: *Step 5: Settings* to view the reminder email setting under the *Miscellaneous Preferences*. If you make any changes to this area, remember to click the *Update* button at the bottom of the screen to save the changes.

Currently we do not offer customized reminders. For now, you have the ability to send out an email manually to your group at any time.

First, login to your account and click on your sign up. You will see a button at the top called *Send Email* from the Administrator's Toolbar. If you click this button, you will be able to choose to send an email to your entire group, those that have signed up, or those that have not signed up. You can compose your email in the box provided and click *Send Email* at the bottom of the page.
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Baltimore Art Gallery Simplifies Scheduling with SignUpGenius

Posted by: Erin Dunn on 06/09/2016 12:00 AM EDT
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art gallery sitting schedule baltimoreThe Fells Point Art Gallery in Baltimore prides itself in connecting artists with visitors and tourists to the waterfront area. “We have had some amazing conversations over the years, a marriage proposal and a movie filmed in the gallery,” says gallery President Pat Baker. 

The 36 year-old co-op space relies on a “sitting” schedule where artist members open the gallery for business once a month. “I think what our visitors like the most about our gallery is that whoever is working that day is one of the artists,” she says. When Baker began coordinating the sitting schedule several years ago she found it was a cumbersome manual process. 

“When I found out about SignUpGenius, I was so excited! Finally we could have the schedule accessible online, both to view and to sign up for sitting,” Baker says. “Using SignUpGenius cut the time in half that I had to spend monitoring sitting dates to make sure we were open and that members were sitting when they were supposed to.”    

When the gallery decided to convert from handwritten labels to printed ones for the artwork on display, Baker also turned to SignUpGenius, asking artists to input the necessary information into the online system. She’ll then download the data into a file to print for labeling.   

“We have a record of what is on display for each artist each month, which has actually helped sell work when a customer asks about a piece they saw hanging months ago,” Baker says. 

Thanks to the Fells Point Art Gallery for bringing creativity to their community. That’s genius!


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SignUpGenius Wins Trophies for Web Development, Video and Blog

Posted by: Erin Dunn on 05/25/2016 12:00 AM EDT
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SignUpGenius, awards, honors, Communicator AwardsCue the light-bulb shaped balloons! We’re celebrating recent awards for web development/design, video and, yes, even this blog. 

Our team truly believes the most rewarding thing is helping you organize events and volunteers successfully, but sometimes it’s nice to know we’re on the right track. SignUpGenius, American Business Awards, Stevie Awards, video

Here are the accolades we were awarded (You know, in case you want to give your genius friends more reasons to try our sign up tools): 

  • Communicator Awards: Award of Distinction for Web Applications/Services. In the past year we’ve added new tools such as a Facebook login button, profile pictures, quantity limits and revamped account page to help users sort, archive and delete sign ups.
  • Communicator Awards: Award of Distinction for Content Marketing: Blog. We published 68 posts in 2015 that give you the latest SignUpGenius news, user profiles and resources to help you plan events and coordinate volunteers.
  • American Business Awards: Bronze Stevie Award for Video. We highlighted SignUpGenius user Bright Blessings, a North Carolina nonprofit that helps homeless and impoverished youth by providing birthday parties and other resources.

 Thanks for your continued support of SignUpGenius. We hope to keep topping ourselves!       


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2016 SignUpGenius Family Picnic

Posted by: Kate White on 05/20/2016 12:00 AM EDT

If you haven’t heard us say it before, the SignUpGenius groupies really love what we do. Knowing that our work at SignUpGenius is making a difference is so rewarding, and getting to work with fabulous people is icing on top of the cake.

As much as we love producing a great product together, it’s fun to get away from our screens for a bit and let loose. The SignUpGenius Family Picnic was a time to enjoy yummy food, games and prizes — and our crew had a blast.


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University Students Organize Mentoring for Next Generation

Posted by: Erin Dunn on 05/18/2016 12:00 AM EDT
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big jacks college charity mentor program at risk kidsPlanning a social event or sporting activity is no new concept to college-aged students. But when a clever and caring group of Texas-based students sought to use the power of socializing and event planning to make a difference in the lives of young children, a GENIUS idea was born.

Members of the Big Jacks mentoring group at Stephen F. Austin State University are on a mission to provide at-risk kids in the community with a sense of belonging and hope for their future. Each mentor commits to weekly meet-ups and monthly events, where he or she connects with a child in the Nacogdoches Independent School District. 

“To us, mentoring is not just showing them ‘the ropes,’ but rather, guiding them through their lives and answering the many questions they have — whether its homework, the abstract or emotionally,” says Vicente Sanchez, the group’s secretary. 

Big Jacks hosts events throughout the year where they pair “Big Jacks” — the college students — with “Little Jacks” — younger children. (If you’re wondering where the group’s name comes from, it’s after the Texas school’s mascot, the Lumberjacks.) 

at risk kids college giving back volunteering mentor programRecent events include a basketball outing at the school’s gym, and the Big Jacks try to integrate outdoor activities that get kids moving when possible.

“With more than 100 active members in our organization and nearly all of them paired with Little Jacks, you can see how amazing SignUpGenius is for us,” Sanchez says. “It's simplicity, practicality and efficiency is what constantly has us coming back. Using SignUpGenius has allowed us more time to focus on other tasks rather than trying to facilitate scheduling and other factors related to hosting events.”

SignUpGenius helps busy college students coordinate schedules easily, he says. “People can easily edit their time preferences without anyone needing to be there or without having to schedule a meeting for sign ups, and that's absolutely amazing.” 

Thanks to the Big Jacks for making a difference in the lives of children. That’s genius!


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