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SignUpGenius Takes Home the Trophies

Posted by: Kate White on 08/31/2015 01:05 PM EDT
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Here at SignUpGenius we love to serve people by making it easy to organize groups. Hearing your success stories motivates us each and every day. Sometimes it’s still nice to get a pat on the back though, and we recently received some recognition that we’re thrilled to share. (After all, we couldn’t do it without you!)

SignUpGenius won a Silver Award of Distinction at the 2015 Communicator Awards for Website Application or Service. That’s the third year in a row we’ve been honored — alongside other award-winning companies that create products for bigwig companies like McDonald’s, Wal-Mart and Coca-Cola.  

The Interactive Media Awards also gave SignUpGenius a Best in Class honor for Consumer Services. We’re pretty proud since that’s not easy to obtain — only a fraction of sites receive this honor! Other winners include Green Peace and Utah’s state government.

Last but not least, SignUpGenius earned a 2015 Silver Stevie Award for Web Writing and Content at the American Business Awards. Judges said we had “outstanding content” that was “easy to read, follow and use.” We’re flattered! 

Our content marketing strategy relied on consistently producing new and varied content, paired with well-timed publication dates — basically giving you more of the resources you love. This helped us reach several major marketing milestones, such as increasing site traffic by 35% in 2014 and reaching 39.9 million visitors. The top three SignUpGenius articles in 2014 totaled more than 1.5 million page views. Receiving the Stevie Award was most certainly icing on the cake!

SignUpGenius is proud to accept all of these honors, but we can’t lie… the best reward is serving our users and helping you change the world with your genius ideas! Thanks for letting us continue to do what we love to do.


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Top 10 Reasons Moms Can't Wait for Kids to Go Back to School

Posted by: Kate White on 08/24/2015 10:28 AM EDT
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back-to-school busYessssss, it’s back-to-school they go! And while we know you adore your sweet, oh-so-darling children, there is excitement in the air for parents craving the structure and routine that fall brings. (It’s okay. We all feel this way.) 

What you may be looking forward to: 

10. You’ll finally have time to read a full book, instead of just your Twitter feed or billboards on the highway. 

9. You may finish a cup of coffee before it gets cold. Bonus: there is less chance of putting it down and forgetting where you put it. 

8. You can go to the store alone. (We give you full permission to order that venti latte and savor each delicious sip as you meander down EVERY aisle - and buy only the groceries YOU want to buy.) 

7. The mounds of laundry seem to shrink. Enjoy the break until fall sports heat up… in, you know, two weeks. 

6. You’ll at last wipe off the last bit of sunscreen spray on the bathroom walls! Hooray! 

5. You can stop funding the entire neighborhood’s snack supply. 

4. You can finally pick up the last of the wet, smelly beach towels that have been tossed on the carpet.  

3. You need not search Pinterest every night to plan the next day’s crafts and activities (which, by the way, make you feel inadequate because your kids’ projects don’t match the Pinterest pictures. #PinterestFAIL) 

2. Someone else can answer the question: “What are we going to do today?” And deal with the disapproving eyeroll. 

1. You can clean the floor – really clean the floor – in the morning AND have it stay clean… well, at least until they get home from school. 

Sure, we know you’ll be missing the long summer days before too long, but for now, celebrate!



Posted by Bob Epstein on Saturday, August 29, 2015 8:13 PM EDT
I'd like to post a short article on bicycling. Last year, we had several club members ride with us when we were the BAJA bicycling group.
While we're still associated with BAJA, There's no reason why we can't be associated with this club too..
Over the Summer, I've been asked by club members about the cycling group. I'd like permission to write a blog like the one posted here, explaining what we do, when we do it and how much fun we've had doing it..Let me know how to go about this.
Posted by Amy Tidwell 2 hours ago
Please send your request directly to our support team by clicking the "Help" tab at the top of the page. Thanks so much!
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85 New Themes for a Fresh Fall Look

Posted by: Kate White on 08/13/2015 04:18 PM EDT
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Sure, first impressions aren't everything... but you'll be sure to make great ones this fall with a polished sign up that gets the job done! Your groups are sure to fall in LOVE at first sight with our 85 super-sleek and creative new themes. Plus, when they see just how useful the site/sign up is for ALL of their organizing needs, they'll see that SignUpGenius has both beauty AND brains.

Whether you're coordinating a fall festival, capital campaign, Halloween bash, or a sports carpool, these fresh new themes are sure to start your fall off right!

Click on the thumbnails to preview our new themes or   View ALL Themes

Appointment II sign up sheet
Appointment II - See NEW THEMES Category
Appointment III sign up sheet
Appointment III - See Business Category
Artwork sign up sheet
Artwork - See Arts & Media Category
Baby Blue sign up sheet
Baby Blue - See Family Category
Baby Pink sign up sheet
Baby Pink - See Family Category
Back to School 4 sign up sheet
Back to School 4 - See Education Category
Band III sign up sheet
Band III - See NEW THEMES Category
Basketball III sign up sheet
Basketball III - See Clubs & Groups Category
Bible Study II sign up sheet
Bible Study II - See NEW THEMES Category
Basketball V sign up sheet
Basketball V - See NEW THEMES Category
Birthday Cupcake sign up sheet
Birthday Cupcake - See Food Category
Birthday III sign up sheet
Birthday III - See NEW THEMES Category
Black Friday sign up sheet
Black Friday - See Business Category
Carnival sign up sheet
Carnival - See Clubs & Groups Category
Cheerleading 4 sign up sheet
Cheerleading 4 - See Clubs & Groups Category
Concessions sign up sheet
Concessions - See Clubs & Groups Category
Date Night sign up sheet
Date Night - See Family Category
Dinner Party sign up sheet
Dinner Party - See Food Category
Donate sign up sheet
Donate - See Fundraising Category
Donations II sign up sheet
Donations II - See Fundraising Category
Eye Appointment sign up sheet
Eye Appointment - See Business Category
Fall Scene sign up sheet
Fall Scene - See Fall & Fall Holidays Category
Family sign up sheet
Family - See Family Category
Football 7 sign up sheet
Football 7 - See NEW THEMES Category
Football 8 sign up sheet
Football 8 - See NEW THEMES Category
Football 5 sign up sheet
Football 5 - See Sports Category
Game Night II sign up sheet
Game Night II - See Clubs & Groups Category
General I sign up sheet
General I - See General Category
General III sign up sheet
General III - See General Category
General IV sign up sheet
General IV - See General Category
General V sign up sheet
General V - See General Category
General IX sign up sheet
General IX - See General Category
General VI sign up sheet
General VI - See General Category
General VII sign up sheet
General VII - See General Category
General VIII sign up sheet
General VIII - See General Category
General X sign up sheet
General X - See General Category
General XI sign up sheet
General XI - See General Category
General II sign up sheet
General II - See General Category
Get Well sign up sheet
Get Well - See Food Category
Girl Scout Cookies II sign up sheet
Girl Scout Cookies II - See Clubs & Groups Category
Girl Scouts II sign up sheet
Girl Scouts II - See Clubs & Groups Category
Give Thanks 2 sign up sheet
Give Thanks 2 - See Fall & Fall Holidays Category
Groundbreaking sign up sheet
Groundbreaking - See Business Category
Halloween III sign up sheet
Halloween III - See Food Category
Happy Birthday sign up sheet
Happy Birthday - See Food Category
Help II sign up sheet
Help II - See Fundraising Category
Help sign up sheet
Help - See General Category
High School sign up sheet
High School - See Education Category
Jack O'Lantern II sign up sheet
Jack O'Lantern II - See Fall & Fall Holidays Category
Jack O'Lantern III sign up sheet
Jack O'Lantern III - See Fall & Fall Holidays Category
Meal V sign up sheet
Meal V - See Food Category
Medals sign up sheet
Medals - See Clubs & Groups Category
Medical sign up sheet
Medical - See Business Category
Medical II sign up sheet
Medical II - See Business Category
Meeting I sign up sheet
Meeting I - See Business Category
Meeting II sign up sheet
Meeting II - See Business Category
Middle School sign up sheet
Middle School - See Education Category
Multi Sports II sign up sheet
Multi Sports II - See NEW THEMES Category
Orchestra sign up sheet
Orchestra - See Clubs & Groups Category
Party Food sign up sheet
Party Food - See Food Category
Party IV sign up sheet
Party IV - See NEW THEMES Category
Party V sign up sheet
Party V - See NEW THEMES Category
Pickleball sign up sheet
Pickleball - See NEW THEMES Category
Prom II sign up sheet
Prom II - See NEW THEMES Category
Running 3 sign up sheet
Running 3 - See NEW THEMES Category
Running 4 sign up sheet
Running 4 - See NEW THEMES Category
Save the Date sign up sheet
Save the Date - See Family Category
School Students sign up sheet
School Students - See Trending Now Category
School Supplies 3 sign up sheet
School Supplies 3 - See Education Category
School Time sign up sheet
School Time - See Education Category
School Volunteers sign up sheet
School Volunteers - See Trending Now Category
Scouts III sign up sheet
Scouts III - See Clubs & Groups Category
Soccer 2 sign up sheet
Soccer 2 - See NEW THEMES Category
Soccer Ball sign up sheet
Soccer Ball - See NEW THEMES Category
Team sign up sheet
Team - See General Category
Teamwork II sign up sheet
Teamwork II - See General Category
Thank You II sign up sheet
Thank You II - See Business Category
Thank you III sign up sheet
Thank you III - See Fundraising Category
Thanksgiving Dinner II sign up sheet
Thanksgiving Dinner II - See Thanksgiving Category
Time for Action sign up sheet
Time for Action - See General Category
Toga Party sign up sheet
Toga Party - See NEW THEMES Category
Training II sign up sheet
Training II - See Business Category
Wedding 4 sign up sheet
Wedding 4 - See Family Category
Work sign up sheet
Work - See Business Category
Worship II sign up sheet
Worship II - See NEW THEMES Category
Scholastic Monster Book Fair sign up sheet
Scholastic Monster Book Fair - See Branded Logos Category


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Your All-in-One Organizing Tool

Posted by: Kate White on 08/12/2015 02:31 PM EDT
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fall planning sign up on iPad

It’s that time again! Between sports, school activities and work during the busy fall season, trying to organize everything can make your head spin. That’s why SignUpGenius is here to streamline all your organizing in one place — from church volunteering and school fundraising to team snack scheduling and more. 

Your One-Stop Organizing Spot.
SignUpGenius can help you organize any event, and we’ve got the planning resources to prove it. 

Oh, the Possibilities!
online volunteer sign upGetting giddy yet? Just wait. SignUpGenius sign ups offer unparalleled flexibility and customization. That’s why our users include everyone from the local soccer mom to one of the largest corporate fast food chains in the world?

So, can one person do it all? YES! As long as they have SignUpGenius in their tool belt, organizing is easy. And even a little bit FUN!




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Free #MiniGenius Back-To-School Printable

Posted by: Kayla Rutledge on 08/11/2015 09:40 AM EDT
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back to school first day sign The most pressing issue for the first day of school isn't what they'll eat for breakfast, or even if you know where the bus stops in your neighborhood. It's how to get the perfect first day of school picture!

We know the first day of school can be stressful, so let SignUpGenius cross one more item off your back-to-school checklist.  This year, we’ll make it EASY to get the perfect back-to-school pic of your #minigenius with SignUpGenius’ first-day-of school printable! Get it today and breath easier.

Here's How:

  1. DOWNLOAD the free #MiniGenius sign here.
  2. FILL IN in your child’s grade level and snap a pic!
  3. SHARE on social media with #MiniGenius, and tag @SignUpGenius!

We look forward to seeing your crew! Check out some of our staff member’s #MiniGenius kids below.

back to school first day sign back to school first day sign back to school first day sign back to school first day sign back to school first day sign back to school first day sign


Share on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter!


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Back-to-School Resources Just For You!

Posted by: Kate White on 08/03/2015 11:57 AM EDT
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It seems like just yesterday you were blowing up pool floaties and watching Fourth of July fireworks, and now you’re supposed to be getting your kids ready for back-to-school? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with these genius back-to-school ideas to start the year off right!

back to school kids

Back-to-School Resources
Whether you’re a teacher, a kindergarten parent, or even a parent with older kids, we’ve got just the back-to-school resource for you. 

School-worthy Sign Ups
Sign ups can simplify back-to-school by organizing everything from carpools to class parties! Here are just a few great ideas about how to use SignUpGenius to stay stress-free.

School class supply wish list volunteer sign up form

Contests and Promotions
We're not done yet. Our fall "extras" are sure to excite! 

If you want to win some extra cash for your school, enter the Back-to-School Boost, a giveaway designed to give $5000 to one lucky school! Make sure to share with friends to, well, BOOST your chances of winning!

Get your school up-and-running at maximum potential with a SignUpGenius Pro account to track volunteer hours, assign multiple admins, customize emails to your group, and more! UPGRADE NOW!

With these resources, you’ll be sure to start the school year off organized and relaxed – until you remember that you forgot to pack lunches!


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