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NEW: Upgraded Custom Theme Builder

Posted by: Erin Dunn on 12/01/2016 12:00 AM EST
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Your first holiday present is officially here! We’re unveiling our newest feature just in time to help you design the most festive sign ups for your holiday potluck, office training, volunteer events, class parties and more. 

We introduced our Custom Theme Builder this fall, and now we’ve packed it with an extra punch. You’ll still be able to upload your own custom images and pick color schemes, but we’re also adding the ability to select from more than 1,600 stock images and textured backgrounds in our image library. 

Talk about happy holidays! 

Your annual holiday cookie exchange can have a sign up that looks as yummy as all the sweets that will be there. Pick a scrumptious cookie image from our stock library, and then a favorite background image while you’re at it. You can still pick your favorite button and text colors to coordinate. 

Plus, custom themes can be saved to use across multiple sign ups.   

The Custom Theme Builder gives you one more brilliant reason to try SignUpGenius Pro. Pro Silver members can create one custom theme. Gold and Platinum users can create an unlimited number. Get started with your 14-day free trial today!  

Have a genius holiday season! 


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SignUpGenius donates $40,000 on Giving Tuesday

Posted by: Ashley Kaufman on 11/29/2016 12:00 AM EST
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SignUpGenius Celebrates Giving TuesdayMove over Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Today is Giving Tuesday, a day we annually celebrate in a big way at SignUpGenius. Giving Tuesday is a movement that encourages us to pause during the holiday rush and give back to nonprofits that are changing the world. And at SignUpGenius, we're all about shining a spotlight on world changing organizations.

To celebrate Giving Tuesday, SignUpGenius donated $40,000 ($10,000 each) today to our four key giving partners, Brookstone Schools, Samaritan’s Purse, Christian Adoption Services and African Christians Fellowship International

SignUpGenius Donates to Brookstone SchoolsWe welcomed our partner nonprofits to the SignUpGenius headquarters in Charlotte, N.C. this morning where representatives shared their nonprofits' highlights from the past year and received their $10,000 donation checks. One thing all four of these organizations have in common is that they provide crucial services to vulnerable and at-risk children in Charlotte and across the globe. Check out the other great organizations that SignUpGenius supports on our giving page.

SignUpGenius Donates $40,000 for Giving Tuesday

Of course, we aren't the only ones participating in Giving Tuesday. Many of you, our favorite group organizers, are as well. If you haven't already signed up to let us know which of your favorite nonprofits you're supporting today, we'd love to hear from you on our Giving Tuesday sign up. Thanks for all you do with your time and money to encourage the spirit of giving during the holidays! 


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The Perfect Thanksgiving Celebration

Posted by: Erin Dunn on 11/21/2016 12:00 AM EST
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Thanksgiving, dinner, prep, Friendsgiving, ideas, games. tips, ideasWhether you’re hosting a formal family dinner or a potluck-style Friendsgiving meal, we want to ensure your group has an unforgettable get-together.

We can’t cook a perfectly golden brown turkey for you, but at SignUpGenius we do have the planning tools and resources to give you more time to be grateful and enjoy the season.

Keep Them Entertained

Last-Minute Prep

Help Those in Need

Get ready to break out the stretchy pants. Here’s to a genius Thanksgiving!


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Genius Hack: Gather Information with Custom Questions

Posted by: Erin Dunn on 11/15/2016 12:00 AM EST
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Genius Hack, tips, ideas, custom questions, FAQsIf you are planning the annual school or community festival and need just a little more information to make the event perfect, SignUpGenius can help!  

Whether you’re trying to collect T-shirt sizes for volunteers, sort fun run participants by age or gather participant waivers, adding custom questions on your sign up will help you gather the information you need right when participants commit. 

You can begin to create your online sign up like usual, entering any slots and dates/times that are needed for your event. Basic users receive one custom question, while SignUpGenius Pro accounts receive between five and 25 depending on their level

During Step 5, sign up creators should scroll down to Advanced Settings and turn the Custom Questions field to “on.” Once you click “Add Custom Question,” you’ll see a pop-up that allows you to “select an existing question” or  “add a new custom question.” 

custom questions, SignUpGenius, how to,

You can choose to require an answer or make it optional. Your participants will see the question during their sign up process. 

FAQs, how to, SignUpGenius, tips, ideas, events, planning

Ready to review the data you’ve collected? Log into your account and select the “Created” tab, and then select the related sign up. Click on the “Reports and Stats” button at the top of your sign up in the Administrator’s Toolbar. 

Next, select the correct sign up, followed by “List of Sign Ups for Export to Excel" and "Show All Fields." After you click “Create Report,” you’ll see all the information displayed and have the ability to export to Excel and save as a spreadsheet if desired. 

Need more advice or tips? Browse our FAQs for answers to common questions or contact our award-winning customer support staff. And stay tuned for more weekly Genius Hacks.    


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SignUpGenius Helps Casting Director Coordinate Auditions  

Posted by: Kayla Rutledge on 11/07/2016 12:00 AM EST
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Lights, camera, action! Brayden Hade is giving SignUpGenius a close up.  

A creative director for a Bruth Media, as well as a casting director for Ten Thirty One Productions, Hade has a lot of moving parts and people to coordinate. Not to mention that both companies are based in different cities — New York and Los Angeles — and you’ve got an organizational issue of epic proportion. 

At Ten Thirty One Productions, Hade holds auditions frequently, cycling through hundreds of actors for many different productions and roles. Before using SignUpGenius to coordinate audition slots, he was constantly rescheduling actors and dealing with cancellations. “For actors, plans change last minute all the time,” Hade says. “They may book other work, have to pick up a shift, etc.”  

SignUpGenius takes the scheduling worries off Hade’s shoulders. “With SignUpGenius, they can change their times easily, without having to worry that we won’t be able to see them. They can pick an open slot, and move themselves easily with no hassle.”  

Plus, with exported spreadsheets, Hade has a list of everyone he will see, with their emails included. 

As a creative director at Bruth Media, Hade also uses SignUpGenius for scheduling headshot sessions. SignUpGenius Payments allows actors to pay directly on the sign up, and Hade can easily contact actors to communicate information like what to wear to set.  

“It makes the whole process more laid back, and that is especially helpful when taking photos,” Hade says. “Everyone is already nervous when having his or her picture taken, so having one less thing to worry about really minimizes everyone's fear.” 

We can’t wait to see the new generation of stars that Bruth Media and Ten Thirty One Productions are going to discover. That’s genius! 


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Genius Hack: Collect RSVPs with SignUpGenius

Posted by: Erin Dunn on 11/03/2016 12:00 AM EST
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Rounding up people for events that call for more than a simple headcount requires smart coordination.  

Want to organize a potluck? You probably need to know who can bring which dishes and supplies as well as who is attending. 

SignUpGenius can help with our RSVP format that lets you see who’s coming — and what they’re able to contribute.  

To get started, log in to your account, and begin creating your sign up. You’ll be able to select the RSVP format as long as you’re planning a one-time event (chosen in Step 3 of the sign up creation wizard). 

During Step 4, select “Party or potluck RSVP” at the bottom under “Layout Settings.” 

RSVP, events, sign up, online, potluck, planning, SignUpGenius, FAQs, hacks, how tos

That will give you the ability to collect RSVPs, as well as additional information such as “Dish you’re bringing.” 

Ta-da! No more worrying that five people will bring pumpkin pie to the work Thanksgiving potluck. Plus, you can plan for how many people to feed when you’re ordering the turkey that the company is providing. 

RSVP, event, online sign up, potluck, FAQs, how to, help, SignUpGenius, tips, ideas, hacks

Need more advice or tips? Browse our FAQs for answers to common questions or contact our award-winning customer support staff. And stay tuned for more weekly Genius Hacks this fall.   


Posted by kris carpenterzyla on Wednesday, November 09, 2016 11:31 AM EST
Can anyone tell me how to include a second email address for notifications, please? I have a co-worker who would benefit from knowing when our volunteers have signed up to assist us in the office. How do I loop her in to the information once a volunteer signs up?
Posted by Betsy Lytle on Wednesday, November 09, 2016 7:13 PM EST
Hi Kris,
We offer the ability for multiple administrators to share responsibilities for sign ups as part our "Pro" options. You can learn more about these options by going to the link below:

If your co-worker simply needs to know who is signed up, you can always pass along the sign up link to her and she can bookmark it in her browser so that she can easily view the current status of the sign up at any time.

To find the link to your sign up once it is published, go to and log in with your email and password to the account where the sign up was created. When you view the account page, you will see the tab for 'Created' and will be able to view your sign ups created on that account. Click on the image or title for your sign up. When the sign up page displays, copy the URL from your web browser address bar. This is the unique link to your sign up.
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