St. Alphonsus Liguori

Available Sign Ups
Title Group Earliest Date Latest Date
Confirmation Mass RSVP High School Ministry    
DOR Lesson Speaker High School Ministry 9/10/2023  5/4/2024 
Made for Mission: An evening for confirmandi and their sponsors High School Ministry 5/4/2024  5/4/2024 
Service Team Sign Up High School Ministry    
Snack Sign Up - Confirmation High School Ministry 9/10/2023  4/21/2024 
Youth Ministry Dinner Volunteers High School Ministry 9/10/2023  5/5/2024 
Nun Run 2024 High School Youth Ministry    
Spring 2024 Talk Sign Up Sheet High School Youth Ministry    
Youth Ministry is Hosting Stations of the Cross High School Youth Ministry    
Hospitality RCIA Hospitality RCIA 8/20/2023  5/19/2024 
Spring Service Day Middle School and High School Ministry    
Are you called? Serve our Middle School Youth! Middle School Ministry    
Edge Lead Presenter Middle School Ministry 9/10/2023  4/28/2024 
MS Logistics Middle School Ministry    
Rooted Lead Teacher Middle School Ministry    
Cookies for a Cause Outreach 2/26/2024  3/4/2024 
Saints & Spatulas Outreach    
SAL Welcome Ministry Outreach    
Serve at Shalom House: April 6, 2024 Outreach 4/5/2024  4/6/2024 
Family Faith Fusion Brunch Parish    
Littles and Family Faith Formation Parish 9/10/2023  4/28/2024 
Littles and Family Faith Formation Registration Parish    
Parish Mission Volunteer SignUp Parish 2/26/2024  2/28/2024 
2023-24 RCIA Breaking Open the Word RCIA 10/29/2023  3/24/2024 
Lead lesson on prayer RCIA Teacher 8/20/2023  3/24/2024 
RCIA Lead RCIA Teacher 8/20/2023  5/19/2024 
RCIA Promote Ministry and Service Opportunities RCIA Teacher 4/7/2024  5/19/2024 
2023-24 RCIC Breaking Open the Word for Kids RCIC 10/29/2023  3/24/2024 
Children's Liturgy of the Word (C.L.O.W.) Religious Education 2/11/2024  4/14/2024 
First Holy Communion 2024 Mass Selection Religious Education 4/27/2024  5/5/2024 
Pro-Life Prayer Campaign St Alphonsus Embrace Life Ministry 1/7/2024  1/5/2025 
Caring Center Food Drive: March 23 & 24 St. Alphonsus Caring Center Ministry 3/23/2024  3/26/2024 
99 Discipleship Check-In St. Alphonsus Liguori 2/20/2024  3/4/2024 
Coffee & Donut Ministry St. Alphonsus Liguori 12/10/2023  1/12/2025 
Mental Wellness Consultations St. Alphonsus Liguori 4/12/2024  7/12/2024 
St. Alphonsus Liguori Spring Service Day St. Alphonsus Liguori    
Young Family Babysitters St. Alphonsus Liguori 9/15/2023  5/17/2024 
Children's Station of the Cross Volunteer Signup St. Alphonsus Religious Education 3/22/2024  3/22/2024 
VBS 2024 Childcare for Volunteers St. Alphonsus Religious Education 6/10/2024  6/14/2024 
VBS 2024 Volunteer Sign Up St. Alphonsus Religious Education 6/10/2024  6/14/2024 
Intercessory Prayer for Middle and High School Youth Youth Ministry 9/10/2023  5/5/2024