50 Small Group Games and Get to Know You Questions

small group games get to know you questions fun icebreakers church sunday schoolChurch small groups are a great way to build community and get to know people on a deeper level. Build community with the following questions and games that are applicable for a various ages and genders. Enjoy getting to know your group! 

Small Group Questions 

  1. What is your favorite memory as a child?
  2. What is your favorite family vacation or activity as a child?
  3. What is your favorite family vacation or activity now?
  4. If you could be any Biblical figure, who would it be?
  5. What characteristic or trait do you most appreciate from your parents?
  6. What are you working to change/grow in?
  7. Where are you from and what makes your hometown unique or special?
  8. How many cities have you lived in?
  9. What was your favorite city to live in?
  10. What is your favorite state in the U.S. and why?
  11. If you could visit any country, what would it be and why?
  12. If you could take a road trip with your best friend(s), where would you go?
  13. What one item would you have on a deserted island with you?
  14. Who is your hero?
  15. If you could meet anyone past or present, who would it be and why?
  16. What is the best concert you have attended?
  17. What attribute do you most value in a friend?

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  1. What is your favorite hobby or activity to do in your free time?
  2. What is your favorite book?
  3. What is your favorite movie?
  4. Do you have a most embarrassing moment (that is appropriate to share)?
  5. What TV show family and/or cast would you like to join?
  6. Who is your favorite fictional character (movie or book) and what about them would you like to apply to your life?
  7. Have you had a great "mountain top" spiritual experience? If so what was it, and how does it carry you through the hard days?
  8. What is the best piece of advice you received and how did it impact you?
  9. If you could relive a year of your life, what year would it be?
  10. Do you have a life verse and if so, what is it?
  11. What is your favorite or most impactful Bible study you've done and why?
  12. If you could ask God anything, what would it be?
  13. Who has positively impacted you and/or inspired you the most and why?
  14. What quality or talent do you have that is unique or quirky?
  15. Where did you go to find adventure as a kid?
  16. What are traits your grandparents had that you wish you had?
  17. What is the biggest risk you've ever taken?
  18. Which of the 12 disciples are you most like?
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Small Group Games 

  1. Play Classic Group Games - Start small group with a fun, simple game that will break the ice for everyone. Many classic group games even have Bible versions — so you have two options for each of the following: Scattergories, Pictionary, Taboo, Outburst, Guesstures, Apples to Apples and Cranium.
  2. Compete at Bible Trivia - You can buy a Bible trivia set or consider having your group work in teams to make DIY trivia cards. The questions can relate directly to your study or be general trivia. Genius Tip: Get started with these 50 Bible trivia questions for kids, youth groups and adult small groups.
  3. Make Mad Libs - Create your own Mad Libs that relate to the topic your group is studying. Use an online generator to make the process simple. Your group will get a good laugh.
  4. Share Highs and Lows - Have each person share a high and low from the past week. This is a good way to see what excites and frustrates people, and if you use it periodically in the group, people will share more as they get more comfortable.
  5. Try the Newlywed Game - This is a fun game to play in a couple's study. Come up with a list of questions to have spouses answer individually — from where they went on their first date to what is their spouse's favorite food is. Have a moderator read responses out loud to the group. It's fun to see how similar or dissimilar they are depending on how people remember things.
  6. Play the Bible Name Game - Go around in a circle, with each person naming a Biblical figure, starting with the letter A. The next person must name a character starting with the letter B and so on. Play until your group runs out of names!
  7. Go on a Bible Scavenger Hunt - Divide into teams, and go on a scavenger hunt through the city or neighborhood. Have a couple of people meet beforehand to decide what items everyone is looking for. Bonus points if they tie into your Bible lesson. Meet at a restaurant or someone's home after the hunt to see what everyone found. Genius Tip: Try these 100 scavenger hunt ideas.

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  1. Try Telephone - Put a twist on this classic game by asking the first person to recite a memory verse that each person must pass along by whispering into the next person's ear until the verse has made its way through the entire group. It is always funny to see how sentences get confused from the original teller!
  2. Name That Song - Play five- to 10-second clips of popular hymns or songs on Christian radio, and see who can quickly identify them. Split into teams to make it a competition.
  3. Guess Who - As group members enter the room, have the leader tape a card to their back with the name of a Biblical figure. The person must figure out who they are by asking group members only "yes" or "no" questions.
  4. Make a Match - Make cards of notable Biblical pairs/couples and time group participants to see how quickly they can make the matches. Some ideas: Adam and Eve, Jonah and the whale, David and Goliath, Mary and Joseph, etc.
  5. Solve a Bible Scramble - Create jumbles or a word search based on your small group's lesson of the week. Break into pairs to see who can come up with the solution first.
  6. Do a Bible Drill - Ask members to bring their Bibles to group (if they don't already). Have everyone place the Bible on the floor, and the leader will call out a verse. The first person to pick up the Bible, turn to that verse, stand up and read aloud wins.
  7. Don't Speak - Pick a common word or phrase that group members must avoid that night — for instance, Bible, worship or pray — and see who can successfully make it through group without slipping up. Not speaking the whole night isn't an option!
  8. Recreate David and Goliath - OK, don't literally re-enact this Bible story. Get a slingshot and set up a target in a backyard or church grounds. See who's most accurate and most likely to take down the fearsome giant.
Good questions and fun, engaging games are a great way to get to know people in your small group. Start brainstorming, and have fun! 

Andrea Johnson is a native Texan now living in Charlotte, N.C., with her husband and two daughters. She enjoys running, photography and good chocolate.