4 Ways Sign Ups Coordinate Teacher Appreciation

Teachers go above and beyond and have truly earned superhero status during the past few years. No matter what challenges they faced, teachers supported their students in learning and life.  

Teacher Appreciation Week is held the first week of May each year, giving us a chance to celebrate our amazing educators as we approach the end of the school year. There are many meaningful ways to share our gratitude with the teachers who inspire our kids, from a handwritten note to a gourmet luncheon. 

Online sign ups make it easy to bring your school community together to honor teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week. Parents can sign up to volunteer their time or contribute items to support your appreciation efforts. 

Check out these four teacher appreciation events to plan and tips that will make organizing easy with online sign ups.  

Collect their favorite things 

If you don't already have a "Favorite Things" list for your teacher - send a form like these examples with questions about their favorites for categories such as restaurants, coffee orders, sweet treats, shopping spots and more. You can also create your own custom list to send in an email.  

Create a sign up with your teacher's favorite things and invite parents to contribute items like flowers, gift cards and treats on certain days throughout the week. Depending on how many parents are in your group, you can schedule slots every day or designate specific days. Provide details in each item description, such as how to deliver the product or contact the teacher to confirm preferences. 

Teachers are always thinking about others, so this is a wonderful way to make the month of May all about them!


Host a breakfast or lunch 

Give your teachers a well-deserved break and a delicious meal! Decide whether breakfast or lunch works best for your school's schedule and confirm the best location with school administrators. A catered luncheon is an option that is easy to coordinate and popular with teachers. Your parent teacher group may have the budget to fund the lunch, or you can use an online sign up to request monetary donations from parents. It's easy to set up online payments right on your sign up. 

Requesting food and drink donations from parents is also a great way to plan a teacher breakfast. Create an online sign up with slots for items such as coffee, creamers, juice, pastries, mini-quiches, donuts, fruit, utensils, cups, plates and napkins. Specify details in slots as needed for items such as "bring mini-quiches heated" or "apples, oranges or bananas" for fruit. 

In order to let teachers enjoy their lunch, create a volunteer sign up so parents can cover lunch duty.  

When you are planning an event with multiple sign ups, our tabbing feature is a convenient way to display separate sign ups in one location. This helps your audience to find the right sign up and discover opportunities that fit their schedules and interests. 

Deck the halls 

Deck out your school in decorations to celebrate your amazing teachers! Choose a theme like "Hollywood" and show teachers they are the superstars of your school. Use an online sign up to request volunteers for specific projects, such as decorating bulletin boards or creating a Walk of Fame featuring stars for each teacher.  

Decorating your teacher's classroom doorway is a great way to add personal touches, such as highlighting notes from students. Just make sure to ask the teacher in advance if they are ok with a fun surprise waiting at their classroom door!   

Help volunteers remember their decorating commitment by selecting the option to send automatic reminders. You can choose the number of days in advance to deliver the message and guarantee everyone is present for their shift 

Teacher appreciation video 

A video is a meaningful way to share how much teachers mean to students and their families! If you have a PTA leader or parent who can manage video production, create a time slot sign up for families to join for Zoom sessions. With our Zoom integration, you can include the video conference link in the address field so people can easily click to join the meeting. They can share how their teacher has made an impact, why the teacher is so special and a few of their favorite memories from the year.  

Another option is to ask families to sign up to submit their own videos for the organizers to edit into one teacher appreciation video. 

Once you've decided how you are going to celebrate your student's teachers, keep in mind how easy it is to promote your teacher appreciation sign ups on social media and in your school communication. This can help spread the word quickly and maximize the number of volunteers and donations for your appreciation efforts. 

Start organizing today with these ideas to celebrate teachers and how they make a difference every day for students and families. 

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