Sign Up Guide: Team Training

sign up guide team training

We all need training, right? It's what helps us learn, grow and perform better in reaching our goals. Might we offer some tips and training (see what we did there?) on a better, faster and easier way to coordinate training events? In minutes, you can create online sign ups to simplify organizing for your business, nonprofit, school and much more.

Create Sign Ups for:

Design a Training Sign Up

  • Get started by creating your sign up and selecting a title. If you prefer to list the organization instead of your personal name as the sign up creator, be sure to enter a custom contact that reflects your organization's name.
  • When adding dates, add the training location and link to Google Maps if desired.
  • On the Settings tab, select the option to hide names on the sign up so that they are only visible to the sign up administrators.
  • Create and add custom questions to the sign up to gather information from trainees.

training sign up custom questions

Customize the Sign Up to Your Group

  • Create custom designs on the sign up to match company branding. Change colors and upload images to match the company website.
  • Create a custom URL (sign up link) to reflect the organization. You can copy and paste the link to share it with your organization. Genius Tip: Use our Web Button Builder to place a web button that links to your sign up on the company website or internal web application.
  • Redirect trainees back to the company website after signing up. The Back to Website button is customizable and can direct participants to any web page you prefer. This creates a seamless sign up experience for participants.

back to website button confirmation page

Communicate with Trainees

Done! You've just simplified your training classes and you didn't even need to hire a developer. It's fun to learn new things, and it will help you better reach your organizing goals.

Create a Sign Up