4 Tips for Girl Scout Cookie Booth Sign Ups

photo of girl scout cookies stacked

We know getting your Girl Scout troop organized and ready to sell cookies is no easy feat! You have shifts to schedule, multiple booths to consider, scouts and guardians to coordinate, and payments to collect. To help you along the way, check out some of the simple resources we've created to help you through the process:

Here are the four best features SignUpGenius offers to organize your Girl Scout cookie booth event!

Automatically create booth shifts  

You have a lot of people and booths to manage. Make it simpler by using our time slots feature to create cookie booth shifts in your sign up. This time-saving feature automatically generates time slots for you, saving you time to do other things.

To create time slots, simply enter the date and time range of your event and set how many minutes or hours you'd like each shift to run. Shifts are best limited to one hour for younger girls and two hours for older girls. The time slots feature will automatically populate each shift in your sign up for you! With our Hide Dates feature, you can set your sign up to automatically hide dates once they are in the past — keeping your sign up slots current.

screenshot of time slots

After creating time slots, you can assign different jobs for each shift or create separate slots for adults and scouts to sign up. We recommend at least two adults and no more than four girls for each shift. The time slots feature makes getting your sign up created as efficient as possible! For more help with creating time slots, check out our video tutorial.

screenshot of cookie volunteer slots

Tab multiple sign ups together 

If your troop has multiple dates and locations for cookie booths, you'll likely have a large sign up. To simplify your booth scheduling, consider creating separate sign ups for each location or date and linking them together using our Sign Up Tabbing feature. By tabbing sign ups together, participants can select a location tab and then view all the available slots. Breaking the sign up into selectable tabs makes it more organized and easier to navigate.

screenshot of tabs with different locations

Sign Up Tabbing also solves the issue of having to send invites for multiple sign ups. Save yourself the hassle of sending each sign up separately and prevent flooding your participants' inboxes. As an easy alternative, tab your sign ups together under a single link and send only one invite for all of them. This feature makes it simple to invite and share all of your sign ups with participants. 

Link a booth's location 

Need your participants to know exactly where to go? Skip the hassle and confusion and use our location feature on your sign up. With this feature, you can link a Google Maps address directly to your sign up or to specific slots.  

The location links to Google Maps and will appear on the sign up and in the confirmation and reminder emails that go out to participants. This makes it easy to access and locate the address for a booth. Participants will never be confused about where to go again! 

screenshot of girl scout cookie confirmation email

Remind and communicate with your troop 

Your scouts and their families are juggling a lot of important commitments on their calendars. Fortunately, it's easy to send your participants automatic reminders with details about their cookie booth shifts. You can elect to have reminders generated one to fourteen days before the event. Additionally, send custom reminder messages and additional information with our Custom Notifications feature. This is a great way to prevent no-shows for cookie booth shifts.  

Need to send last-minute messages about changes or updates to those who have signed up for a particular slot? With our Text Messaging feature, you can quickly communicate information, via text messages, to your group or to particular people on your sign up. 

These features help ensure there are smiling faces ready to sell at your cookie booth! 
Try these four tips to simplify organizing for your Girl Scout cookie booth. You are sure to save time by streamlining the cookie booth sign up process. Selling your troop's cookies has never been easier!

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