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Invite People to Sign Up

Once you have completed your sign up and clicked the Publish button, there are several options for sharing your sign up and sending invitations to your group.  Once you have published the sign up, the Publish tab becomes the Share tab. On this tab are a number of options for sharing your sign up. From this tab you can:

Send Email Invites through SignUpGenius

At the bottom of the Share tab, click the green Compose Message button to compose and send an email through your SignUpGenius account. Email addresses can be entered manually or uploaded from most email address books. You can also choose to send emails by clicking the Messages icon from the options listed on the left of the sign up page. 

Send Text Invites through SignUpGenius

Premium subscribers have the option to Invite by Text from the Share tab or from Messages. This is a handy feature if you need to quickly communicate with a group. You can send text invites and text additional information about the sign up to your group of participants. For more information about Premium plans, visit our Pricing Page

Send Invites from your own Email Provider

From the Share tab you will see the unique link to your sign up and can easily copy and paste in an email you send using your own email program. Additionally, as long as the sign up is published, you can retrieve the sign up link at any time by viewing the sign up and copying the address from your web browser.  

Share Your Sign Up Link on Social Media

Want to post your sign up on social media apps such as Facebook or Twitter? From the Share tab at the bottom of the page, click the Share on Social option. Simply click the social site icon for the social media app you wish to share your sign up. Then, follow the steps for sharing it. Additionally, you can simply go to your sign up page to view the sign up. Then, copy the link from the address bar on the sign up and paste it into the field where you post for the particular social media application.

Create a Web Button and Place it on your Group's Website 

We offer a Web Button builder that you can use to embed a button on your own site that links to your sign up. From the Share tab, click the option to Post on Website at the bottom of the page. In addition, you can go to the left side navigation, choose Tools and access web button builder options. We also offer a Back to Website button with our Gold and Above plans. This way, you can direct users back to your website once they sign up. 

Create a QR Code

Need an easy way to promote your sign up on event flyers or posters? Starting with a Gold level plan, premium subscribers can access our QR code generator in the Share tab. Just click the green Generate a QR code button and choose the color of your QR code image. Then, download the .png or .svg file and save.