Genius Hack: Build a Custom Form

build a custom form hack

Need to register people for events? Or gather information from a group? Creating a sign up form is a great way to easily compile participant information. Try a couple of our easy-to-use tools to help you collect data and information right on your sign up!

Create a form on your sign up to:

How to Create a Simple Form

  • Get started by creating a sign up form: entering the general details, choosing a theme and entering dates and times for the sign up form.
  • When you get to the slots step, create at least one slot that defines the purpose of signing up. For example, if you need a form for participant information, add "Participant" as the title of slot. If you need an additional slot, such as "Vendor," add it here as well. Then, select the maximum number of people you need for the particular slot. You can also add the option to collect money on the slot if needed.

selecting quantity of number wanted in slot

  • Proceed to the next step and select the information you wish to request from your participants. For privacy, only participant names and comments appear on the sign up, and any other information will only be visible to you. Hide participant names and comments by selecting the gear icon next to "Only name and comment are seen by participants." You can generate a report to compile the data collected on the form and export it to a spreadsheet.

participant info in a sign up

  • If you need to request additional information on the form, create custom questions and select parameters for responding to the question. Under the "Ask Participants For" section, click on the More button and select the Add a Custom Question box. Basic plans can add one custom question and Silver, Gold and Platinum subscribers can add 2-10 custom questions depending on their plan level.

build a custom quesion

Additional Features for Your Form

  • If you are creating a form for a festival or event registration, you may need to create multiple sign up forms for different participants (volunteers, various types of vendors). Use the tabbing feature to combine multiple sign up forms into one location.
  • If you are selling items, you can list each item as a slot and collect money and sales-related information (like shipping addresses) on the sign up form. Genius Tip: You can also add images to slots to show the items being sold.
  • If you are booking clients or appointments, you can use the time slot generator to create time slots for appointments and automatically hide past dates. You can also sync sign up appointments to a personal calendar application.
  • Consider whether there are additional steps for registration. You can customize confirmation emails to provide additional instructions and attach documents for participants to complete.
  • If you embed the form link directly on your organization's website, you can use the Back to Website Button to direct participants back to your website after they complete the form. Participants can easily locate the form, complete it and then return to your organization's website.

back to website button  

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