Top 10 Reasons Moms Can't Wait for Kids to Go Back to School

back-to-school bus

Yessssss, it’s back-to-school they go! And while we know you adore your sweet, oh-so-darling children, there is excitement in the air for parents craving the structure and routine that fall brings. (It’s okay. We all feel this way.) 

What you may be looking forward to: 

10. You’ll finally have time to read a full book, instead of just your Twitter feed or billboards on the highway. 

9. You may finish a cup of coffee before it gets cold. Bonus: there is less chance of putting it down and forgetting where you put it. 

8. You can go to the store alone. (We give you full permission to order that venti latte and savor each delicious sip as you meander down EVERY aisle - and buy only the groceries YOU want to buy.) 

7. The mounds of laundry seem to shrink. Enjoy the break until fall sports heat up… in, you know, two weeks. 

6. You’ll at last wipe off the last bit of sunscreen spray on the bathroom walls! Hooray! 

5. You can stop funding the entire neighborhood’s snack supply. 

4. You can finally pick up the last of the wet, smelly beach towels that have been tossed on the carpet.  

3. You need not search Pinterest every night to plan the next day’s crafts and activities (which, by the way, make you feel inadequate because your kids’ projects don’t match the Pinterest pictures. #PinterestFAIL) 

2. Someone else can answer the question: “What are we going to do today?” And deal with the disapproving eyeroll. 

1. You can clean the floor – really clean the floor – in the morning AND have it stay clean… well, at least until they get home from school. 

Sure, we know you’ll be missing the long summer days before too long, but for now, celebrate!