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Theatre; Just Because

Waypoints Dinner Theatre



Waypoints dinner theatre produced by Theatre; Just Because

Directed by Mike Jones

Audition materials and information will be sent to auditioners prior to auditions.


DEC 19 (first read) 

JANUARY 15 – MARCH 4 (Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays 7-9 pm, and select Saturdays 12-6 pm)

Rehearsals will be held at Keyano Theatre & Arts Centre


MARCH 5 Dress/Tech, MARCH 6 & 7 (shows) – Suncor Energy Centre for the Performing Arts


It’s 1999! ULTIMATE REALITY is an annual reality TV game show filmed before a LIVE studio audience. The participants are reality TV champions from different reality programs competing for one million dollars to be donated to their charity of choice, along with the title of ULTIMATE CHAMPION. These eight competitors are as off-beat as they are hungry for victory. And who decides the winner? THE AUDIENCE! Filled with hard-hitting contests, nail-biting drama, and, of course, cringe-worthy diary confessions, ULITMATE REALITY guarantees to be an unforgettable experience! 


NOTE: Will be dressed in the most audacious and obnoxious outfits of the era – an outfit true to their character.


CHRISTOPHER SLY (M) – Christopher Sly is a charming, smooth-talking colour commentator with his co-host, Carmen Baptista. He loves Ultimate Reality, and being the centre of attention. Sly is happy, positive, full of total showmanship. Sly wants everyone to know how important it is that the event is for charity. Together, they introduce the evening, the contests, and provide occasional witty commentary. 

CARMEN BAPTISTA (F) – Carmen Baptista is a charming, vivacious colour commentator with her co-host, Christopher Sly. Baptista loves working for Ultimate Reality, and being the best at her job. Baptista loves watching competition, is keen to see who takes home the ultimate prize. With Sly, they introduce the evening, the contests, and provide occasional witty commentary.


MARLO MANFRED (M) – Marlo Manfred is the Executive Vice President of Ultimate Reality Industries, and is keen to talk-up the sponsors of the show – Health Drink. He carries himself with great importance, and often encourages the participants to make mention of Health Drink and it’s slogan (“a source of seven essential vitamin flavours!). He is often cool and confident, except when people question his motives – his cool and confident demeanour soon becomes hurried and panicked when under pressure.


These characters are inspired by hard-core participants on popular reality shows, with their direct parodies indicated in their description.

MORGAN - COST IS CORRECT (Price is Right) (M/F) – high energy, lots of adrenaline, somewhat manic/obsessed with winning, has seen every episode of Cost is Correct and knows the games in and out (can name the price of Maytag washer and dryer and VCR set in under three seconds within a ten dollar price margin). Cost Is Correct is basically a daytime TV game show, and Morgan is a stay-at-home cat parent who watches the show every day. They won the ‘Final Bidding War’ contest, and won a jet ski, a trip to Okotokes, and a ten year supply of Uncle Ben’s rice. They are addicted to competition, and wants to use their winning ways to support their charity. They are the proud cat parent of thirteen cats. They wear a cat sweater, a fanny pack, and thick glasses. Their goal is to prove they are truly the ultimate competitor.

BIANCA - MARRIED FOR MILLIONS (The Bachelor/Joe Millionaire) (F) -  Strong, powerful presence, very dry sense of humor, holds herself with grace and is always seen with a full glass of wine (“I got class, sass, and a full glass!) Bianca is still livid for winning her reality show, Married For Millions. It started out as a group of woman vying to win the hand of a wealthy bachelor, only to find out it was a trick – he was never really a millionaire, and they wanted the winner to see true love beyond the dollar signs. She was told he was a high-up oil executive, when really he just manages a gas station. She rejected him not just because she felt cheated by not winning the money, but took it as a betrayal against her character. She is quick to remind people that she did not come to make friends. She wants to win to not only support her charity, but to use the opportunity to become a true philanthropist to rebuild her image. She often speaks in third person.

PATRICK – GLOBAL RELAY (Amazing Race) (M) – Part of a duo team with HARRISON. He is very athletic, charismatic, and very proud of their skills. He often annoys other competitors with his display of bravado with his brother, HARRISON. He is focused on speed and strategy, considering himself the brains of his team. While technically gifted, they only came in second in the finals of their show – a subject of some grief amongst the pair that they don’t like talking about. They want to win Ultimate Reality to right the past wrong of their defeat, and show some major support for their charity … which they suspiciously keep secret.

HARRISON – GLOBAL RELAY (Amazing Race) (M) – Part of a duo team with PATRICK. He is strong, boastful, and enjoys trashing-talking to hype him and his brother PATRICK, and insulting the competitors. He considers himself to be the brute strength of his team. While technically gifted, they only came in second in the finals of their show – a subject of some grief amongst the pair that they don’t like talking about. They want to win Ultimate Reality to right the past wrong of their defeat, and show some major support for their charity … which they suspiciously keep secret.

GERRI - OUTLASTER (Survivor) (M/F)  – Paranoid that others are conspiring against them, proud and determined to work solo. They won the Outlaster reality show, but cannot adjust to the real world because of how hard-core they adapted to living in the wilderness (ie – still wearing rags of clothes, unkempt, looking like they just walked out of a jungle excursion). They seem to think they’re still on the Outlaster show, based on some outrageous ‘survival techniques’ they display during the show. While they seem to portray a manic disposition, some might wonder if there’s actually some true intelligence behind those wild eyes…

FRANKIE – ROBO-RUMBLE (Battlebots) (M/F) – Part of a duo team with FRIENDROID. Just returned from a trip to Japan where they won Robo-Rumble – an intense game show that pits homemade robots against each other. They are a college student and a genius, but didn’t have any friends until they assembled FRIENDROID for the Robo-Rumble contest. Since winning their competition, they have been inseparable, attesting their victory to the power of friendship. Frankie wants to win to add to their ultimate winning streak.

FRIENDROID – ROBO-RUMBLE (Battlebots) (M/F) – Note: This is to be performed by an actor dressed in a silly Robo-Cop-like costume. Part of a duo team with Frankie, who assembled them into existence. FRIENDROID is a proud machine, happy to have won the competition with FRANKIE – even if emotions are not outwardly displayed. FRIENDROID wants to win the competition because they believe that victory is what is keeping their friendship strong. FRIENDROID is operates with artificial intelligence because of a ‘free will mode’ installed by FRANKIE.

KATRINA - PICK YOUR POISON  (F) (Fear Factor) – fierce, brave, and believes in trusting her gut and her heart. She has major attitude, and a quick sense of humour. She is good natured, but not afraid to squash the competition. She is seen as something of a rebel and daredevil. She won in the finals of Pick Your Poison, and donated her winnings to charity because she wanted to support a local organization in need in her hometown. She became a hometown hero after she won, and was pegged as the underdog during her season of Pick Your Poison, endearing her as a crowd favourite. She wants to win Ultimate Reality so she can continue to support her hometown, and the people who supported her to be the best daredevil she could be.

COMMERCIAL ACTORS – An ensemble of performers that appear in ads hyping Health Drink. ACTOR 1 and ACTOR 2 may be performed by FRANKIE and FRIENDROID, and ANNOUNCER may be performed by MARLO MANFRED.

And special guest…

CHEF DANTE – DEVIL’S INFERNO (M/F) (Hell’s Kitchen) – A chef with a thick Russian accent that is keen to show what they’ve have cooked up for the competitors. They have no sense of humor, and are not impressed by competitors who refuse to participate. This role may be performed by the actor who portrays FRIENDROID.


Location: AC141 - Keyano Theatre & Arts Centre

Created by:   Theatre Just Because
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