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Thank you for signing up to provide componets for our Thursday Evening Bagged Lunches and Bonus Bags. Here you'll find slots to sign up to bring fruit, water, juice boxes, cold cuts, slice cheese, string cheese, chips, cookies, fruit cups and pudding cups to our Thursday night meal program. These items will need to be brought to the United Memorial Methodist Church at 2 Dane Street in Beverly between 3:15-4:30pm, as we need to pack our dinners and serve the TO GO dinner bags promptly at 6pm. If this time doesn't work, please send an email to make arrangements an alternate drop off time.


Please deliver all food donations directly in to the lower level of the United Methodist. There will be a table set up were you can drop off and go. If you are ordering a non perishable item for us you can have it delivered to us one week before your Thursday.  Any donation left outside of the church and unattended for any period of time cannot be served due to food safety concerns and will be disposed of.

Each donation should provide 55 servings unless other wise noted on the sign up slot.


  • FRUIT: A typical fruit donation is 55 ripe bananas or 55 oranges or tangerines. Many of our diners have dental difficulties that do not allow them to eat apples, so we ask you to refrain from donating them. THESE MUST BE DELIVERED DAY OF BY 4:30pm. We start taking donations at 3:15pm. Our diners also enjoy peaches, plums and soft pears all we ask that it be 55 pieces of the same fruit and not a mixture. In the summer we can switch out one of the above fruits for 3 large Watermelons.
  • Beverages: We need 55  16oz bottles of water and 110 juice boxes.
  • Cold Cuts: We need 110 slices of non spicy cold cuts, just ask the deli to count out the slices and do 2 packs of 55. Once again we ask that the cold cuts be all the same kind. For example 110 slices of turkey, or ham or whatever cold cut you wish to buy. THESE MUST BE DELIVERED THE DAY OF BY 4:30pm. We start accepting donations at 3:15pm.
  • Sliced Cheese: We require 55 slices of cheese that isnt spicy, just ask the deli counter to count out the 55 slices. PLEASE DO NOT GET US INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED CHEESE SLICES. This slows us down immensely and we have a short window to make our sandwiches and pack up our bags. The person in charge of Cheese will also pick up 55 cheese sticks. 
  • Cheese Sticks: We need 55 individually wrapped cheese sticks, it can be any type but we cannot accept anything spicy. THESE MUST BE DELIVERED THE DAY OF BY 4:30pm. We start accepting donations at 3:15pm
  • Fruit Cups/Applesauce/Pudding Cups: We need 55 fruit cups or applesauces and 55 puddings. We once again must ask that they all be the same, if you decide to go with fruit cups bring us 55 fruit cups, if you decide on apple sauce we need 55 applesauces and if you decide on pudding cups 55 of the same flavor please. Our diners are not fans of the squeezable applesauces.. they prefer either pull tab cans or the cups with the peel off tops.
  • Chips: Altogether we need 110 bags of chips, you can sign up for 55 or you can sign up for 110 by signing up twice. All we ask is that they are individually prepacked bags by the manufacturer. We cannot accept anything packed in a ziploc bag from home. We also do not care what type of chip it is but we must stress that they CANNOT be spicy.
  • Cookies: Altogether we need 110 individually packaged cookies prepacked by the manufacturer. You can sign up for 55 or sign up twice to donate 110. We CANNOT accept any cookies baked at home. Unless they are baked in a Board of Health inspected and qualified kitchen from a Servsafe Certificate holder. 
  • Cheese & Crackers: We need  packs of individually wrapped cheese & crackers or 55 packs of peanut butter and crackers. 

If you are a member of BJs or Costco we suggest you clip the coupons, order online for curbside pickup or you can have your donation shipped for free to us. Please email us for the shipping address at [email protected]

Remember: we are always here for guidance, questions, and logistics help! If you want to donate we are ready and willing to help make it happen. You can always email us at [email protected], or inbox Ellis Square Friends or Brenda Mattos through Facebook Messenger. We're grateful for your generosity! 

Created by:   Brenda Mattos
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