Committed Adorers

24-Hour Eucharistic Adoration

A "Holy Hour" brings us closer to Christ and we bring everyone else along with us as we make a gift of time and prayer. Thank you for your part in making it possible!

Signing up

You do not have to commit to a regular time although this is VERY helpful. We are making slots availabel in 4-month seasonal stretches, so at the start of each one, you might sit down with your calendar and get it all set up . . . if that doesn't work, then just sign up each week by Wednesday if possible. 

Friday afternoon and evening is the hardest window to cover, particularly 3p and 9-11p.

The Elizabeth St. entrance remains open throughout the night.

Ladies - do not sign up in a late-night or wee hours slot unless there is another woman or a man you know also signed up at the same time.



You will find information and other prayer aids at the adoration station on the baptismal side of the church, near the Elizabeth Street entrance. IF YOU ARE SIGNED UP ON THIS SIGNUP PAGE, YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO SIGN IN WITH THE GUEST BOOK. (That is for people who would like to be added to our email list.)

To indicate that you have arrived per schedule, just put a checkmark on the sign-in sheet on the top shelf of the station. (If the sheet isn't out, you can find a copy on the bottom shelf with the St.Michael prayers.) 



If you cannot make your time, please find your own sub. If you can't find anyone, be sure to let us know as far in advance as possible.

If the next adorer doesn't show up, you can look up his/her number on this page and call or text. If the number is not given, then see below.

For emergencies, questions, and concerns, or last-minute cancellations, contact us any time during the 24 adoration period.

Text or call James Kachman first: 916.297.1602

Text or call Michelle Kazanjian if you can't reach James: 734.660.6268

Put these numbers into your cell phone!

For emergencies, questions, and concerns, contact us any time during the 24 adoration period.

Text or call James Kachman first: 916.297.1602, [email protected]

Text or call Michelle Kazanjian if you can't reach James: 734.660.6268, [email protected]

Related files:
Regular Adoration Station.jpeg (2MB jpeg)
This is how the station looks EXCEPT during 24-hour adoration. The cards and the check-in sheets are on the bottom with the St. Michael chaplet handouts.
24 Adoration station set-up.jpeg (2.2MB jpeg)
When 24-hr adoration begins, pull a check-in sheet and pen from the bottom shelf and put it on top. Move the Book of Intercessions and the cards to the small table kept by the doorway. At the end of Adoration, you can throw away the check-in sheet.

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