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Food Bus 2018-19


You now have access to update our PTA file! Kindly follow the below link to the file dubbed "Weekly Food Bus Donation Tracking" to enter the weight of the donation you drop off to AFAC each week.

You can also drop any photos you take that you want to share publicly into the photo folder!

Many Thanks!!

Interested in some more info on what you're really helping to do when you drop off that delivery? Check out AFAC's fact sheet at the link below for some inside knowledge into how they help over 2,300 Arlington Families each & every week! Go, AFAC!!


Thank you for helping our neighbors in need!

Discovery students are learning how to give back to our community and reduce waste in their lunch by collecting items that have not been eaten and would normally be thrown out. Thank you for volunteering to deliver these food items to Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC)!

We love spreading the word in hopes to get others excited & engaged so if you document the donation or drop off at AFAC and would forward any photos, a story about your experience, your child's drawing, etc, we will share them online and hopefully start that buzz for doing good!


Please don't forget to update our Google sheets file with the donation weight (and any photos, etc) after delivery at the above links.


Food must be dropped off to AFAC on Friday by 4:30 pm

(AFAC closes at 4:30). Since we generally collect between 75-100 pounds of food each week, please be sure to allow enough time to bag the food, bring to your car, and drive to AFAC (allow for a 20-minute drive). If you are running late, please call ahead to inform them - 703-845-8486.

FYI - In addition to emptying the refrigerator, please collect the non-perishable food in the bin on top of the refrigerator. You may want to bring grocery bags with you in case you run out of bags that are also in the bin. There should be a red folding cart near the refrigerator or you can borrow the gray cart from Extended Day, located under the main stairwell, to bring the food to your car - you may park in the loading dock in back of the cafeteria for loading the food. When you arrive, AFAC will weigh the food and provide you a receipt. 

Please note you can also email the weight to our Food Bus Coordinator if you run into any Google sheet issues. 

Please contact our DES Food Bus Coordinator, Mrs. Dimitry Beauchamp @ [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

Thanks again!

Location: Dining Commons to AFAC
2708 S Nelson St, Arlington, VA 22206

Created by:   Dimitry Beauchamp [email protected]
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