Hot lunch committee


We are excited to offer Hot Lunch to our Madison Students. 

The price for each lunch remains $6.50.  Extra pizza slices are available for $2.00 and Double (full) meals too for $13.00. 

This 2019 we are welcoming new vendors as well as bringing back some fan favorites! Taste of Home will continue to please the kids with their pasta/chicken combo, Jade Dragon will serve its most-liked chicken nuggets and skewers, while Giuliano's will be delivering everyone's favorite local pizza and Taquizas Jimenez will close out the school year with something new and special: tacos! A remaining part of the year you and your kids won’t want to miss!

As you may remember, we are now re-opening registration for the 4 remaining dates (Feb, Mar, Apr, May).  We hope this proves helpful when planning and budgeting.

Please be aware, the sign-ups are in order by lunch shift. Therefore, you will see 1st, 2nd and 4th are together, followed by 3rd and 5th. Scroll down to locate your child’s grade and then their teacher’s name

Step 1:  Locate Classroom then Select Dates

Step 2: Write your kids First and Last Name then select your choice from DROP DOWN MENU.

DO NOT CHANGE THE QUANTITY PLEASE. Quantity Column should remain a "1" for one full meal. Adding an extra slice of pizza is separate from this, it is still “1” for the Quantity; In the case where you want to order 2 full complete meals, you will have to select the displayed option "2 Meals". For those families having more than 1 kid in the same classroom, please DO ONE SIGN UP PER CHILD.

Step 3:  Pay using PayPal

Without payment, your sign-up will be deleted. Please make sure to complete your transaction

Deadline to sign up is January30th, 2019.

Helpful Hint:  You can use the Find function on your web browser to search for 

your teacher's last name to assist you in navigating the site once it gets full.  On


If you have questions, please contact [email protected]



Created by:   Lisa Hinchman
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