Cimiento Letters

Letters to Santa Cruz de la Esperanza

Why do we write letters?

  • As part of our Partnership Covenant, we promise to communicate frequently. We are building a relationship between our congregations and communication is vital to accomplishing that. 
  • The Lutheran church is small but growing in Guatemala. Santa Cruz de la Esperanza only has about 20 families in the congregation. Sometimes they face criticism from the predominantly Catholic society and they are reassured to know that around the world there are other established Lutheran congregations that believe in the Gospel of Grace and Love as they do. 
  • The members of Santa Cruz de la Esperanza in Cimiento are of the Mayan indigenous population which was displaced in the civil war and continues to be marginalized in their repatriation. Communicating with them regularly affords them the dignity of being seen and heard and not forgotten again.


Why do we want you to write letters?

  • Santa Cruz de la Esperanza is a new church and learning how to organize themselves, how to run their church, and what ministries they feel passionate about pursuing. 
  • We want you, the committees of St. Michael’s, to talk about what your committee does, how you organize or make decisions, and what projects you are working on for the benefit of the church. This will give them different examples of how to organize and function in teams.
  • Take a moment out of accomplishing actions to speak and share your thankfulness to our generous God. 


What should you include in your letter?

  • No need to get into all the minor details and please do not share any budget or cost information.
  • Feel free to share that things did not go perfect or that you had to try several times to complete a task.
  • The letters do not need to be long, a single page, double spaced is the longest it should be. (We do not want to stress our translators after all!)
  • Include a picture of the people on your committee or working on a project. Let them see who you are, your ages, what you look like when you are working, how you enjoy each others’ company. 
  • Ask them a question to encourage them to write back.



  • We ask each committee to sign up for a month to write a letter. The Guatemala Team will set up a monthly schedule and you will be reminded of your upcoming due date.
    • Completed letters can be sent to Lisa at any time, you do not need WAIT until your due date.
  • Email is the best way to communicate as there is currently no mail service in Guatemala. 
  • After we receive your letter, we will translate it and send it on to the ILAG staff (The Lutheran Synod in Guatemala) and they will forward the letter and any pictures to the congregation.       
  • A copy of each letter sent will also be shared with the St. Paul Area Synod Guatemala Committee as an archive of correspondence. 
  • Please email your letters with any attachments to [email protected]
Created by:  St. Michael's
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