The Covenant School Parents Association

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4th Grade Class 2019-2020
4th Grade Parents Signups 2019-20
5th Grade Signups 2019-20
5th grade Classroom Signups
6th Grade Parents 2019-20
6th grade Classroom Signups 2019-20
Ms. Wilson's Pre-K Class 2019-20
Mrs. Wilson's Pre-K Class 2019-20
Kindergarten Parents 2019-20
Ms. Andreotta's Class Signups 2019-20
Kindergarten Parents 2019-20
Ms. Robertson's Class Signups 2019-20
5th and 6th Grade Parent Signups 2019-20
Ms. Short's "Happies" signup 2019-20
3rd Grade Parents 2019-20
3rd grade Classroom Signups 2019-20
Pre-K Parents 2019-20
Ms. Madrigal's Pre-K Class
Pre-K Parents 2019-20
"Happies" for Ms. Roberts
2nd Grade Parents 2019-20
2nd grade Signups for Ms. Price's Class