100 Ways to Say I Love You

i love you cookie valentineLooking for creative ways to celebrate Valentine's Day with the perfect gift, romantic gesture, or date with your significant other? Browse our 100 fun and memorable ways to show your love for that certain special person in your life - with 50 ideas for her and 50 ideas for him. You're sure to find a few winners. 


1. Be a romantic scientist by custom-making a perfume especially for your sweetheart. 
2. If you have a keen sense of your lady's fashion style, you just can't go wrong with a black dress. 
3. Make her an omelet for breakfast. On the top, spell out I Love You with thin slices of red pepper. 
4. Purchase online a custom-made temporary tattoo with your sweetie's name in a heart and wear it proudly. 
5. If you are talented musically then write her a song. 
6. Make her a movie from photographs and videos of your relationship together. 
7. Relieve your partner of a chore she dreads for a week. 
8. Frame a picture with song lyrics from your wedding song or a special moment together. 
9. Make her a basket with her favorite goodies such as favorite perfume, bath soaps, candles, and treats. 
10. Instead of jewelry, give her a jewelry box to house your previous gifts to her. 
11. For those active women, give them a gym membership or renew their old one. 
12. Pamper those tired tootsies with a gift certificate for a pedicure. 
13. Can't go wrong with roses, but add a twist. On each stem, attach a romantic message. 

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14. Go on a dinner date to a new restaurant you haven't yet tried. 
15. Present your valentine with IOU coupons to include: I will make dinner, I will clean up after dinner for a week, or I will serve you breakfast in bed. 
16. If you can, recreate your first date. 
17. A homemade card is more special instead of a store bought generic one. 
18. If it's out of character, take the reigns on making dinner one night. PS - you're on clean up duty too! 
19. Create a playlist of her favorite songs to download on her smartphone or computer. 
20. Explore your adventurous side together by doing something daring that both of you have never tried before such as bungee jumping, sky diving, and hot air balloon ride. 
21. Treat her to a day at the spa. Women love to get pampered. 
22. Create an indoor picnic with tablecloth, paper goods, finger foods, and dessert. 
23. Leave a note on your significant other's pillow expressing your love. Add a single rose.  
Valentines classroom party volunteer sign up 24. Take a salsa or tango-dancing lesson together. 
25. Hit a music club to hear a live band and dance the night away. 
26. Say it from the heart - write a romantic poem for her. 
27. Design a customized t-shirt online for your sweetheart. 
28. Treat her to a shopping spree. 
29. A leather handbag is a luxury option for a serious relationship. 
30. You can't go wrong with a bottle of French wine. 
31. A woman always appreciates a box of her favorite chocolates. 
32. A nice piece of jewelry is something that will keep reminding her of you. 
33. For a coffee lover, a personalized coffee mug with a photo of the two of you. 
34. Try something luxurious, like a silk robe.  
35. Pamper your loved one with a bath gift set of scented bath oils, bubbles, and body lotion. 
36. For those ladies who love to cook, gift her a cooking class. 
37. Create a packet of 12 pre-planned dates that gives you and your sweetie something to look forward to each month for a whole year. 
38. Lingerie is another favorite for many women.  
39. Fast changing technology is hard to keep up with, so get her the latest smartphone or tablet. 

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40. A message in a bottle makes for a great keepsake. Write a romantic message on a piece of paper and place into a gorgeous bottle. 
41. Create a day of surprises. Enlist help from friends and family to help you create a Valentine's Day she will never forget. 
42. Give her a gift card to her favorite store. 
43. An item she has been saving up to purchase. 
44. Order her a magazine subscription for the magazine she is always picking up while in line at the grocery store.  
45. Take her down memory lane by watching old home movies together with popcorn, sodas, and candy. 
46. Venture out to your favorite part of town for a glass of wine, appetizers, and dessert. 
47. Purchase her a new scarf or fashion accessory. 
48. For the fabulous cook in your life, a new kitchen appliance might help her time spent in the kitchen easier. 
49. Rent some chick flicks and snuggle the night away. 
50. Whatever you give her, don't forget to say a simple and sincere I love you. The words truly speak volumes. 



51. Add valentine-colored candies in a jar along with notes, which are redeemable for a back rub, 10 passionate kisses, etc. 
52. For the guy who loves to be clean-shaven, give him a customized shaving kit. 
53. A simple gesture as a handwritten love note makes a very thoughtful valentine. 
54. Make Sweetheart S'mores with heart marshmallows, graham crackers, peanut butter and strawberries. Or go the traditional way with marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate bars. 
55. Make a framed group of photographs that put your relationship in chronological order. 
56. Place a love note in your mate's briefcase as a surprise when he's at work. 
57. Bake heart-shaped cookies and decorate. 
58. Give a gift of multiple dates with a movie gift card loaded with a year's worth of flicks! 
59. Create a red and white meal using food and drinks in just these two colors. 

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60. Have a surprise lunch delivered to his office or even better deliver it yourself. 
61. Dip fruit into melted chocolate for a special indulgence after dinner. 
62. Leave a red-hot lipstick message on the mirror or shower wall. 
63. Purchase tickets to an upcoming concert or sporting event. It's a great way to create a new memory. 
64. Decorate a leather-covered flask with a special message. Wrap the flask with a valentine-themed message. Cut the paper to fit and secure using tape. 
65. Keep your sweetie warm and cozy with a terry cloth, fleece or flannel bathrobe. 
66. Take your honey on a scavenger hunt around the house to find his Valentine's Day gift. 
67. Surprise him with that special something he has been eyeing regardless of how big or small it might be. 
68. Stock his favorite beer in the fridge and his favorite snacks on the shelves. 
69. Personalized a set of beer or wine glasses with your names and a special date. 
70. Design coupon gifts for your special someone to redeem for activities as tame or as spicy as you'd like. 
71. Turn a pair of plain pillowcases into a romantic gift by using stencils and fabric paint to write a message of love. 
72. Plan a couple's massage. 
73. Surprise him with a jersey or cap from his favorite sports team. 
74. If your partner is a bookworm, a hardback book or ebook are great choices. 
75. It's the perfect time to splurge on an item he might never purchase for himself, like a bottle of nice cologne. 
76. For the bow-tie loving guy, give him a valentine-themed bow tie. 
77. How about a retro gift, a pair of vintage Chuck Taylor shoes - make it a red pair. 
78. Your guy loves to maintain his appearance, purchase a grooming kit to keep him looking good. 
79. If he's into music, buy a high tech wireless headphone. 
80. Most guys love to lounge around on lazy weekends, you can't go wrong with a pair of comfy pants. 

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81. Book an unforgettable experience. Take him on a couple's retreat. Find a place exclusively for couples only. 
82. Do something active. Plan a day of hiking, biking or kayaking. 
83. Dress up like you are going out, but make him a romantic dinner at home. 
84. Leave love notes all over the house. With his every turn, he will be reminded of your love for him. 
85. Cover the inside of your love's car with cut out hearts with love notes written on them. 
86. Make him a scrapbook filled with loving memories of your time together. 
87. Take him on a distillery or beer factory tour in your area. 
88. If he loves speed, then take him go-kart racing at an outdoor or indoor arena.  
89. If he has always dreamed about soaring high in the sky, then give him an introductory flying course. 
90. For some good laughs, take him to see a live comedy show. 
91. Make a mix of songs from all the highlight moments in your relationship. Create a dance floor in your living room to dance to all your favorite memories. 
92. Pack him an empty lunch and show up at lunchtime with his favorite foods or reservations for two. 
93. Text your sweetie at work during the day and tell him what you love about him. Give him a set of ringtones for all his friends, family, and a special one for you. 
94. If he loves his morning cup of joe, then a gift certificate to his favorite coffee shop is in order. 
95. If a weekend round of golf is his thing, then new golf accessories would come in handy. 
96. Find some great love quotes and text him throughout Valentine's Day. 
97. Dress completely all in red for Valentine's Day including down to your undies. 
98. Exchange foot rubs. 
99. If you don't have time to make a special meal, make or pick up a wow dessert. 
100. Start a tradition you can do every year, so choose one of these ideas that you can relive every Valentine's Day with your special Valentine.

Sara Kendall is a freelance writer and mom of two daughters.