100 Fun Activities for Kids

Summer Fun for KidsSummer is finally here! Now what? Keep your kids busy with some fun activities and save this list as a quick go to if you get stuck. With 100 ideas, we’ve got your covered all summer long!

Day Trips
1.  Check out a new park.
2.  Visit an amusement park.
3.  Look for a waterfall to go see.
4.  Go to the zoo.

5.  Find a lake where you can rent a boat or jet ski.
6.  Go hiking and bring along supplies for a picnic.
7.  Find an interesting halfway place to meet a friend for a visit.
8.  Try a different pool or swim spot (lake, pond, ocean).
9.  Find a place to paddle boat, canoe, kayak, or paddle board.  

Learning Activities
10.  Learn a foreign language as a family.
11.  Take a sewing class.
12.  Organize a summer book club for kids.
13.  Try a couple new on-line educational games.
14.  Each week plan a meal based on a state or country and prepare it together.  Try the books Eat Your Way Through the USA or Eat Your Way Around the World.
15.  Buy or build birdfeeders and document the different kinds of birds that visit in a nature journal.
16.  Plant a vegetable garden.
17.  Travel the USA through books. 
18.  Visit the library.  While you are selecting books, check out their free classes.
19.  Build and launch a rocket.
20.  Learn to play a new instrument.
21.  Create an animal book: pick a new animal each day and print out a picture. Research and write notes about the animal.
22.  Have kids plan, budget, and shop to prepare a meal.
23.  Try some science experiments.  There are many you can do with items in your pantry.
24.  Plan an hour each day for a quiet reading time.
25.  Take advantage of free classes at your local home improvement or craft store.
26.  Hang a map of the world and choose different countries to study.

Book club or school reading volunteer scheduling online
Neighborhood Gatherings
27.  Plan a block party.
28.  Create a backyard obstacle course.
29.  Make the perfect bonfire (with S’mores of course!)
30.  Start a neighborhood drama club, and put on a play.
31.  Plan a parade. Sign Up Example.
32.  Create a band and have free concerts.
33.  Plan a weekly neighborhood meet up for moms to chat and kids to play. Sign Up Example. 
34.  Play flashlight tag.
35.  Put on old white t-shirts and have a water gun fight with colored water.
36.  Host ice-cream sundae night. Sign Up Example.
37.  Plan a neighborhood field day.

Check out this potluck example!


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