SignUpGenius Powers Montgomery County PTA Training

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It takes a lot of geniuses to help a school PTA run smoothly. 

The Montgomery County Council of PTAs supports all those talented people through biannual training, turning to SignUpGenius to make the process smooth and effortless. 

Training Committee Chair Frances Frost coordinated more than 200 attendees from 193 PTAs across the Montgomery County Public Schools for spring training. She needed a way to reach participants for the event — all within a short one-month time frame. 

“SignUpGenius was instrumental in getting the word out about the training, organizing the workshop attendee lists and getting people excited to come,” Frost said. 

After sending out and promoting the event sign up, Frost saw overwhelming success, so much to the point that she started worrying about event capacity. 

“We originally offered six workshops, and they quickly filled up,” Frost said. “With SignUpGenius, we realized that over 80 people signed up for one of our workshops, which was far above the capacity. Knowing this, we were able to arrange another session to accommodate the high interest.” 

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In addition to adjusting for real-time updates, Frost utilized custom email reminders and downloadable reports, along with other advanced features included in her premium plan. 

“During our planning, we had to switch a few sessions according to presenters’ schedules; however, this was easily addressed by sending out email reminders to our participants,” Frost said. “It was also really simple to export reports to an Excel so that I knew exactly who signed up to attend.” 

Frost said that because of SignUpGenius, the council was able to prepare for a larger-than-expected turnout and create a helpful training that would equip PTA members in Montgomery County. 

“Using SignUpGenius, we were able to plan for the great turnout with enough seats, materials and presenters,” Frost said. “We also could send out reminders and notices to all attendees. Being a county-wide PTA, this is an efficient, organized way to get information about events out to members and to keep track of who is attending.” 

Sometimes it takes a team to benefit community programs. SignUpGenius is proud to lend a hand to MCCPTA and other PTA programs around the country! 

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