Genius Reflection: Simplify the Holiday Season

katie signupgenius simple holiday organizing
Katie Bobo
Genius Operations Assistant
As SignUpGenius operations assistant, Katie knows how to plan events, constantly corralling invitations, food and décor for office functions. Along the way, she's picked up quite a few tips for how to keep planning simple. Here's her advice for a smooth and happy holiday.

 It's a challenge not to rush through the holidays. Whether you are attending festive parties, shopping for the perfect gift or volunteering for good causes, time seems to fly by faster each year. But there are ways to make the season more joyful and to appreciate everything you have. 

Here are five things I'll be keeping in mind to simplify the holidays this year:

  1. Go for quality over quantity: It is tempting to buy the best gifts or have the prettiest decor, but that isn't really what the holiday season is about. Keep your gifts heartfelt and within your budget. Use those decorations you have stored before thinking of buying new ones. The more you focus on quality, the more time you have to celebrate and enjoy the season!
  2. Say "no." It's OK: Pick the events and opportunities that matter most to you and pass on the rest. You'll be more focused, and you will be surprised how easy a polite, "No thank you" is to say! holiday gifts simple wrapping meaning of the season
  3. Make time for yourself: Between work parties and school programs, you know there will be a lot of time and planning involved with the holidays. This year, pick one thing that you really want to do: Stroll through the mall with no gift list and enjoy the decorations and music or take an afternoon and reminisce with your favorite holiday movie with no interruptions. You'll be well rested and better able to help other people.
  4. Be prepared: If you know that you go through twice the milk during these weeks, buy a couple extra gallons to have on hand. Always run out of wrapping paper? Stock up when there is a sale and save the unused portion for next year. Plan ahead so there is no opportunity for chaos. Also, it never hurts to bake an extra pie, right?
  5. Focus on why we celebrate: It can be easy to forget why we throw parties and give gifts this time of year. Where would we be without the faith, family and freedom that we are celebrating? Keep focused on what you are thankful for and realize all the rest is extra. Love is something that is free to give — and another reason we should be kind to each other this time of year! 
That's certainly advice we agree with! Don't forget to create an online sign up for your guests to contribute food for the holiday potluck or coordinate volunteers for a Christmas toy drive. Keeping things simple is genius!