If I'm contributing to the downfall of society, please let me know.

Remember The Jetsons? In the closing credits, George would always take his dog Astro for a walk on a space treadmill. Astro would start running after a cat and the treadmill would cycle out of control… leading George to yell "Jane! Stop this crazy thing!"

These days, I feel that way about life.

It seems like the treadmill of busyness has been cranked up to a breakneck pace… and none of us can get off. The intensity has seeped into every aspect of society, especially our families:

  • SPORTS: Remember when playing a sport meant you participated during one season at school? These days, playing sports means a year-round regimen of training, travel teams, camps, and tournaments.
  • CHURCH: It's no longer enough to have a nice elderly woman teach our kids with a flannel graph. They now need to have a rock band, drama team, laser light shows, and be involved in at least 4 different small groups.
  • SCHOOL: It's never a good sign when your elementary school has to send home a thick newsletter each week just so parents can keep up with all the fundraisers, science fairs, homework assignments, and field trips.
  • FAMILY: Today's kids don't have a chance to engage their imagination as we book them up solid with play dates, birthday parties, and mommy-and-me classes.

Technology plays a funny part in all this… because it can make life easier… but also accelerates the craziness. While it's a heck of a lot easier to write a report for your boss using a word processor than a typewriter… now that we all have computers, your boss raises the expectations for how many reports you can write. With digital cameras and smart phones and color laser printers and home DVD burners… the expectations are now off the charts.

So I helped found SignUpGenius.com because I was pulling my hair out with the busyness of organizing. And as thousands around the country have found… it makes coordinating events a LOT simpler.


The danger is that I now think I can plan and organize more things! Personally, I've struggled taking on too much now… and I've also seen activities grow in some organizations that use our site. Yikes! Is SignUpGenius.com just another tool that will completely destroy our society?

Man, I hope not. So, please… go out and organize your event with SignUpGenius.com and then promise me you'll take the time you save and go take a bike ride with your kids.

If you really have to… you can take along your smart phone.