4 Easy Ways for Schools to Simplify Payment Collection

Throughout the year schools have countless events and happenings where they need a fast, secure way to collect payments. Keeping money organized and accounted for is a big responsibility for whoever takes it on, and there's no worse feeling than making an error along the way. Cash pouches, third party services, and person-to-person transactions can lead to lost funds or cluttered bookkeeping.  

Luckily, our SignUpGenius payments feature, powered by Stripe, takes the guesswork out of accepting payments, so you can focus on making your event a success. This feature offers a number of customizations, and the reporting allows you to easily keep track. Here are some cool ways that schools can make collecting payments as easy as 1-2-3! 

Sports equipment fundraisers

Schools raise money for sports in all kinds of ways from hosting car washes to selling BBQ. Coordinating fundraisers is easy with online sign ups. You have access to features such as locking time slots, so volunteers aren't able to cancel without notifying you. This ensures you'll have the help you need to make the fundraiser a success. 

Our collect money feature gives you the ability to collect money directly on the sign up. You can choose to make payment required or optional. Whoever you share your sign up with can donate by using their digital wallet or credit card.  

Read through our fundraising checklist to make sure you're prepared for the big day! 

Band instruments and fees 

Learning to play instruments is great for student enrichment. The band is also the heartbeat of school pride.  Band programs that rent out instruments  and have uniforms need ways to collect money that doesn't leave them disorganized.  

Create a sign up and list the instruments along with a payment option for parents to easily pay the fee for renting for the season. You can add multiple slots for other items you have on hand that students may need to purchase, like reeds for clarinets or violin bow rosin. Parents can easily rent and reserve band equipment on the sign up and simultaneously pay the associated fee. 

Need to schedule fitting for band uniforms or collect fees for renting the uniform? Online sign ups can cover it all from appointments to rentals to payments. Help create more harmony this band season by collecting money online!  

School photo days 

Picture day is often hectic and memorable for parents, students and teachers. Sending payment slips home and placing the responsibility of money collection on kids normally leads to frustrating mishaps. Instead, share a sign up with a variety of picture package options to select and set up slots so parents can pay online. 

Our custom reminders feature gives parents a heads up - in addition to the ordinary email they get from school that may be easy to overlook. If picture day at your school means schedule changes, you can include that message in your notification. Plus, you can add a custom question so parents can enter the name of their child (or children) which makes recordkeeping even easier.  

Online payment collection takes care of the busy work so students are ready for their close up! 

Field trips 

A busload of students at an exciting new place is guaranteed fun, but teachers need all the help they can get organizing field trips. Permission slips are often forgotten until the last minute and cash can be a tedious method of payment collection for the trip.  

Our tool removes the complexity by giving you the option to attach files and choose to post them directly on the sign up or deliver them in sign up confirmation and reminder emails. When you create your field trip sign up, include a slot for payments so it's easy to collect and track payment for any field trip fees. Create a slot for parents and guardians to sign up as field trip chaperones. 

You'll be ready to explore and learn with our helpful payment tools! 

It's simple to automate organizing events with online sign ups. Our collect money tool is just another way to knock tasks off your planning checklist without missing a step! 

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