3 Ways to Simplify Field Trip Planning with Sign Ups

Field trips help students connect their school lessons to the world around them. Visiting a museum brings art and history to life, while an outdoor adventure helps kids gain confidence and learn about the environment.  

There’s a lot involved in planning a successful field trip, from collecting payments to recruiting volunteers. Sign ups simplify planning and administrative work so you can focus on getting students ready to engage and explore. 

Recruit volunteers  

Parent chaperones are essential to help field trips run smoothly and ensure kids stay safe. It’s easy to request volunteers with a sign up, creating slots with details and quantities specified for different roles. You can send the sign up to your group through our site and share the link in digital communications like email newsletters. 

Sign ups help you skip the hassle of sending individual emails to remind volunteers of their commitment and keep them updated on the latest trip details. After people sign up, you can set up reminder messages to automatically send by email or text. 

Looking for ways to boost parent involvement at your school? Check out these ideas.  

Take care of paperwork 

Need parents to fill out a waiver or form for the field trip? If you’re registering field trip participants on a sign up, you can share important information or files by creating custom messagesYou’ll save time by sending the paperwork in advance, helping everyone show up ready to go on the day of your trip.  

Want to collect important information from participants right on your sign up? Include custom questions to find out about dietary restrictions, activity preferences, t-shirt sizes and more.   

Collect payments 

Are you collecting fees for the field trip? Skip the hassle of handling cash and checks by adding online payments to your sign up. It's easy to set up payment slots for specific needs with our SignUpGenius payment platform, powered by Stripe. It only takes a few minutes to set up a payments account that gives customers an easy way to pay with their credit card or digital wallet.

By collecting money on your sign ups, you'll give parents a fast and secure way to pay and have access to funds you need. 

 Let sign ups help take care of the busy work of organizing your field trip, so you can enjoy the day with your students! 

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