Why I refuse to buy an iPad

So you've probably heard of the iPad… unless you've been hiding under a rock for the last month. And even then, the rock probably had an Apple advertisement painted on it.

Yes, the iPad is here. Three million people have already shelled out $500 to say that they desperately need this electronic device, even though a few months ago the product category of tablet computers didn't really exist.

Now, don't get me wrong. Apple is an innovative company and this thing looks incredibly slick. It plays music and games, runs apps, shows movies, and is perfect for browsing the web and checking Facebook. Look, if someone wants to gift me one, I'm not going to complain or anything. And I'm not saying no one should get one. But I personally won't be spending any money for one. And here's why:

First, this thing is the definition of "toy." Tons of fun, but basically doesn't do anything I already can't do with a more practical device… my laptop. I need a laptop for work as it has a better processor, larger storage, solid keyboard, and more advanced applications for getting work done. Yes, the iPad would be nicer for chillin' on the couch, but I can't see dropping $500 for that kind of difference. 

Secondly, for me, the iPad would be an unhealthy addiction machine. The last thing I need is some new ultra-portable device that enables me to spend MORE time on a computer. Seriously… if I had to make a list of all the things the iPad does best and all the things that I really need to be doing less of in my life… it would be the same list!


  • Reading about sports
  • Watching movies & TV
  • Checking Facebook
  • Playing video games
  • Browsing the web
Honestly, what we all need much more than an iPad is a little unplugging! Is it just me or has our society gone a little overboard with "always on" tech devices? I have all these cool communication/entertainment devices, but am I really more connected to people? Am I more happy? Here's the kind of stuff I really need:


  • Going to dinner with my wife
  • Playing basketball with my kids
  • Visiting my parents
  • Going to coffee with a good friend
  • Playing board games with my family
Ok, you get my point. Maybe it's a little stretch to call the iPad a symbol of all that is wrong with our materialistic, web-connected, tech-worshiping, entertainment-focused society. But it's close. And besides -- if you disagree, you can always buy me an iPad to change my mind. Preferably the 64GB version, ok?