3 Reasons to Schedule Interviews with Online Sign Ups

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If you've ever been in charge of scheduling interviews, you know the hassles that come with coordinating appointments. Fortunately, managing your interview schedule online makes the process much easier.

Online sign ups are the perfect solution for communicating with candidates and streamlining your interview appointment calendar. Check out how SignUpGenius features simplify scheduling so you can focus on finding the ideal person for the job.

Automate the Scheduling Process

With online sign ups, you can list the available dates and times for interviews and invite candidates to self-select from the available options. Our sign up pages are fully customizable. Premium subscribers can remove ads from the page and even customize the images and coloring on the page to match your company branding.

Need to remove the SignUpGenius banner from the sign up? Enterprise subscribers can remove branding and even embed the sign up directly on the company website. This gives the sign up page the look and feel of your own custom software solution.

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Centralize All Company Interview Information

With an online sign up, you can centralize all your logistical information about the interview. You can provide instructions or details about the interview directly on the sign up. Additionally, attach a Google Maps link on the sign up to ensure people can easily find the interview location.

Is your interview taking place via video call? We offer multiple ways to share the link with interview candidates — giving you options to choose a preferred method for providing that video link. You can also attach forms directly on the sign up if there are any additional documents that you need to make available.

With all your interview scheduling information centralized on the sign up, candidates can easily refer back to and access any information that they need.

screenshot of sign up for Vancorp Interviews

Streamline Communication About Interviews

Online sign ups make it easy to communicate and remind candidates about the interview appointment, along with any additional information that you wish to communicate.

Confirmation emails are sent after someone signs up, and you can elect to have our site generate automatic reminder emails as well.

With a premium subscription, you can customize the confirmation or reminder emails to communicate any additional instructions. For example, you might want to let people know that the interview is business casual dress or in order to include a video link or phone number for interviewees to use.

screenshot of confirmation email for video interview

Additionally, we offer a calendar sync feature that will create a feed that attaches your personal calendar to the sign up.

This way, when a candidate signs up for an interview time, it will also show all these appointments on your personal calendar. Sign up participants can also select to have their personal interview appointment added to their calendar.

screenshot of Tools area showing Calendar Subscriptions option

See? Online sign ups really make the interview appointment scheduling process so much easier. No more playing phone tag or replying to multiple emails in order to book your interview appointments.

With an online sign up, the appointments schedule themselves and you don't even have to manually add them to your calendar. It's just that easy!

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