5 Popular Sign Ups to Create with SignUpGenius

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There are a lot of unique ways to use SignUpGenius to simplify your planning and scheduling needs. From hosting a fundraising event to collecting donation items, online sign ups are the perfect way to broadcast your event and recruit the people or items you need.

We want to share some of the most frequently created sign ups on our site to help inspire your event organizing efforts. Whether you are a PTA member, neighborhood coordinator or small business owner, these are five popular sign ups that anyone can find useful.


Fundraisers take a lot of planning and preparation, so let SignUpGenius help with all the moving parts! Whether you are hosting a 5k, planning a festival or need to collect donations for your next fundraiser, we can help organize registrations and volunteers with an online sign up. You can even collect monetary donations right on the sign up.

A super unique feature to utilize for a fundraiser is integrating a Fundly crowdfunding campaign into your sign up, which will be displayed at the top of your sign up page. With this feature, you can run a campaign outside of a single sign up in order to extend your donor base and fundraising efforts. This integration will track the progress made towards your crowdfunding goal and allow those on your sign up page to see how they can further contribute to it!

pto committee volunteer sign up with fundly fundraiser integrated

Appointment Scheduling

As a business owner, teacher or company leader you may need to schedule out appointments for your customers, parents or employees to meet with you — and we can make it easy!

With an online sign up, you can automatically generate a set of dates and times for appointments and invite a group to sign up. It's an easy way to schedule appointments. Participants can also add the appointment sign up to their calendar program.

screenshot of parent teacher conference appointment sign up

With our hide names feature, you can allow all those participating to keep their sign up private. Next time you have a parent teacher conference or meeting to schedule, use this feature to ensure only the creator knows who has signed up for specific slots.

screenshot of settings area where you can select hide names and comments from participants

Meal Sign Up

Meal sign ups are perfect for helping families in need after a birth, surgery or loss of a loved one. Coordinating the logistics of it all can be simplified through a sign up. Allow people to choose when and what they will be providing as a meal with selectable slots to keep everything organized.

You can schedule automatic reminder emails to generate days in advance and help remind people of their commitment. If you'd like to include additional information in the reminder email, be sure to use the premium custom confirmation email and reminder feature. Never forget a commitment again thanks to SignUpGenius.

screenshot of sign up organizing meals for clarkson family after surgery

Volunteer Coordination

Nonprofits, churches and schools all have a need for volunteers — no matter the event. With online sign ups, you don't need to track down volunteers but can automate this scheduling.

screenshot of scouts holiday food drive sign up

The need for volunteers is typically time-sensitive, so use sign up locking to prevent participants from deleting their entry prior to their scheduled sign up time.

screenshot of option to lock sign up slots prior to event dateAnother helpful tool when coordinating help is the ability to upload and attach documents to the sign up or related sign up emails. This allows you to share more information, or required documents, with sign up participants in a simple and easy way.

screenshot of sign up description area with related files attached

Space Reservation

Reserving a space or timeframe is essential for many events like specialty classes, sporting tryouts, training sessions and even office availability. With online sign ups you can share or promote the sign up and people can easily reserve specific timeframes.

Include pricing and payment options on your sign ups and collect money from participants for lessons or classes. Whether you have a ticket, registration fee or are collecting donations, the payment feature is an easy way to make your sign up page a one-stop shop!

screenshot of tennis court lesson registration

You can also create a more professional look by eliminating ads on your sign up page. This premium feature is a staple for any business that wants a clean look for their employees or customers.

If you're working with multiple sign up pages, our tabbing feature comes in handy. By having separate tabs for different months, separate classes or even varying locations for an event, you can keep track of all sign ups in one location. This also eliminates the need to send out multiple sign up invites and makes it easy for your audience to locate all the sign ups in a single location.

screenshot of amenity sign ups tabbed together such as fitness center reservations

Who knew there were so many great ways to use online sign ups for all your organizing needs? See the simplicity in sign ups for yourself next time you plan a popular event using SignUpGenius. Be sure to try out these beneficial tools for all types of events!

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