How to Organize COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments Online

photo of healthcare worker preparing a patient to receive a vaccine in a sunny room

As COVID-19 vaccines reach the general public, organizations are looking for ways to efficiently coordinate appointments and administer vaccinations. SignUpGenius is here to ensure you can get your group organized quickly, safely and securely.

Whether you're looking for a way to distribute vaccinations to university students and staff, school district employees, healthcare workers, or through local health departments and other public service areas — online sign ups make the process simple and quick.

With feature-packed subscription plans, SignUpGenius can help coordinate those who are receiving COVID-19 vaccinations. It's also great for scheduling vaccinator shifts and training, organizing medical and non-medical support staff, managing points of dispensing (where large numbers of people can safely receive medical countermeasures) and more. Sign ups are customizable, available 24/7, and you can create an unlimited number.

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FAQs: Using SignUpGenius to Coordinate COVID-19 Vaccinations

Our team has already seen an influx of interest in how to use SignUpGenius for COVID-19 vaccinations. Here are a few frequently asked questions.

  • How quickly can I get a sign up online and ready for people? You can create a sign up in an easy four-step process, taking anywhere from 10-30 minutes based on complexity.
  • What support is available for SignUpGenius customers? All customers get priority email support, and Platinum subscribers can call in for phone support. Dedicated account managers help Enterprise customers set up customized accounts with features to best fit their needs.
  • What features are available to keep sign ups limited to certain priority groups? You can set security settings to restrict sign ups to certain email addresses within a group or require an access code. You can also lock sign up slots to open within a certain date range or set start/stop dates so different groups can only access your sign up during specific time frames.
  • Is SignUpGenius HIPAA-compliant? While our site is not HIPAA compliant, we recommend TimeTap for healthcare organizations that need HIPAA, SOC2, and GDPR compliance built in.

Create Sign Ups for People to Receive COVID-19 Vaccinations

You can use our time slot feature to create vaccination appointments. Simply choose the Add Time Slots option when adding dates and times in the Slots step.

From there, you can select which days of the week you want the slots to recur on, set a time range and time slot increment, then add a location.

If you'd like a spoken tutorial, here's a video with instructions on how to automatically generate dates and times through our sign up builder.

Once slots are set up, participants will be able to view slots in list view or calendar view and choose the time that works for them. You can also hide names on the sign up to protect participant privacy.

screenshot of sign up showing covid shot schedule

Create Sign Ups for Vaccinator Training and Support Staff

Easily post multiple slot options for support staff roles, and coordinate vaccinator shifts and training.

screenshot of vaccinator training

If you need to meet virtually with staff or volunteers, it's easy to add a Zoom meeting link to the sign up location field. With a premium account, you can also attach files for any participants to directly access.

screenshot of sign up coordinating vaccine support staff

For more information on creating vaccination sign ups and to get all your questions answered, reach out to our support team. We're here to help empower people to change the world, and if there ever was a time for world-changers, it's now.

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